About US Institute of Peace

Jobs by US Institute of Peace

      Events Coordinator - EVENT002040-00001
      Program Assistant, International Partnerships - PROGR002031-00001
      Publications Production Coordinator - PUBLI002035-00001
      Media Specialist - MEDIA002024-00001
      Publications Editor - PUBLI002027-00001
      Writer / Editor - WRITE002028-00001
      Senior Program Specialist, Russia and Europe - SENIO002022-00001
      Program Officer, Executive Office Strategic Partnerships - PROGR002026-00001
      Senior Program Officer, International Partnerships - SENIO002030-00001
      Program Officer, Libya - PROGR002021-00001
      Training Specialist, Tunisia - TRAIN002009-00001
      Chargé de projet JSD, Dakar, Sénégal / Project Officer, JSD, Dakar, Senegal - CHARG002016-00001
      Program Officer, Iraq - PROGR002014-00001
      Research Assistant, Overseas Safety and Security - RESEA002005-00001
      Senior Audiovisual Specialist - SENIO001849-00001
      Program Assistant, Congressional Relations - PROGR002004-00001
      Project Officer, Nigeria - CONTR002000-00001
      Administrative Assistant, Tunisia - ADMIN001995-00001
      Procurement and Contracting Assistant - PROCU001997-00001
      Administrative Assistant, Religion and Inclusive Societies - ADMIN002001-00001
      Administrative Assistant, Youth Program - ADMIN001993-00001
      Program Assistant, Burma - PROGR001990-00001
      Congressional Relations Officer - PROGR001904-00001
      HR Staffing Specialist - HRSTA001982-00001
      Research Analyst, South Asia Program - SENIO001880-00001
      Audio-Visual Operations Lead
      Senior Program Officer, Conflict Management Training Peacekeepers (PM) - SENIO001973-00001
      Technical Lead, Social Cohesion/CVE - TECHN001970-00001
      Program Officer, Burma - PROGR001971-00001
      Business Development Officer - PROGR001805-00001
      Technical Lead, Peace Processes - TECHN001969-00001
      Technical Advisor, Political Processes and Civil Society Engagement - TECHN001968-00001
      Program Officer, Climate, Environment and Conflict - PROGR001965-00001
      Senior Program Specialist, Learning Evaluation and Research - SENIO001963-00001
      Program Officer, Governance, Justice and Security - PROGR001962-00001
      Administrative Assistant, Nonviolent Action and Peacebuilding - ADMIN001964-00001
      Receptionist & Administrative Assistant - RECEP001967-00001
      Senior Program Officer, Countering Violent Extremism - SENIO001955-00001
      Request for Proposal: Ombuds Services - REQUE001925-00001
      Global Human Resource Manager - GLOBA001946-00001
      Safety and Security Officer, Sudan - SAFET001953-00001
      Publications Production Associate - PUBLI001884-00001
      Research Assistant, Russia and Europe - RESEA001952-00001
      Research Assistant, Gender Policy and Strategy (GPS) - RESEA001951-00001
      Administrative Assistant, Asia Center - ADMIN001927-00001
      Program Officer, Conflict Management Training for Peacekeepers - PROGR001944-00002
      Research Assistant, Public Education and National Outreach - RESEA001950-00001
      Project Specialist, Tunisia - PROJE001937-00001
      Research Analyst, Middle East - RESEA001949-00001
      Program Officer, South Asia - PROGR001929-00001
      Senior Expert, South Asia Programs - SENIO001932-00001
      Administrative Assistant, Public Education and National Outreach - ADMIN001943-00001
      Scope of Work Contractor: Instructional Designer - SCOPE001948-00001
      Research Assistant, Conflict Management Training for Peacekeepers (CMTP) - RESEA001945-00001
      Senior System Administrator - SENIO001898-00001
      Sr. Budget Assistant - SRBUD001908-00001
      Senior Expert, Negotiation & Ceasefires - SENIO001916-00001
      Program Officer, Congressional Relations - PROGR001904-00001
      Program Specialist, China - PROGR001923-00001