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Regional Coordinator, East Africa – Greenpeace Africa

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Job Profile

The Regional Coordinator is the representative in the specific region.The position is responsible for the administration of the Regional Office and work with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to ensure proper governance and accountability by:

  • Providing oversight and overall management of the Greenpeace Africa Regional Office and its operations in accordance with Greenpeace’s core values and purpose and in cooperation with other relevant Greenpeace departments.
  • Leading the development of annual country/regional workplan with budget in consultation with Directors and approval from ED.
  • Develing regional strategic options for SLTs endorsement, consideration or approval
  • Preparing the regional components of the ODP, delivering the objectives set out in the ODP through delegation of specific responsibilities, and active business / organizational management
  • Preparing, operating and or implementing sets of policies and procedures as agreed with the SLT, which have the effect of both motivating and realizing the potential of regional staff in GPAf
  • Designing and operating arrangements to secure the proper and effective control of GPAf’s regional resources
  • Constructing effective relationships with national and regional partner organizations within the region, and maintaining good communications with the public and other stakeholders,particularly at the sub-regional level.
  • Implementation of the vision and strategy of GPAf, as set out by the SLT, and reporting progress on same to the Executive Director
  • Providing effective collective day-to-day leadership and direction of the work of GPAf within the regions and ensuring that the organization delivers on the objectives and key performance requirements set out in its regional development/strategic plan.
  • Participating in the planning and execution of programmes within the Region in order to achieve the objectives of Greenpeace Africa.
  • The position is responsible for brand visibility and profiling of Greenpeace Africa within the sub-regional context based on a solid understanding of the cultural and social context and audience dynamics.
  • Overseeing licenses, permits, taxes, dues, approvals required for smooth execution of GPAf from concerned government agencies within the region.
  • Spearheading restructuring and change management processes in the country as required

Key Results Areas/Main Duties

• In partnership with the SLT set the framework for the staff based in the Region to work according to GP Africa’s mission, strategic objectives and strategic priorities for the organisation, develop and nurture its philosophy and core values.
• Provide motivation and inspiration to staff and volunteers in the Region, and work with senior management to ensure a common vision and sense of purpose at every level.
• Ensure that management systems in the Region are appropriate to meet the organisation’s objectives and enable staff to carry out their work effectively and efficiently.
• Ensure that the recruitment, management, training and development of staff and volunteers in the Region are in line with good employment practice and directed towards achieving the organisation’s objectives.
• Ensure that directly managed staffs are clear about their roles and responsibilities, held directly accountable for their work, achieve the highest possible standards and are appraised regularly. Provide adequate support.
• Take overall responsibility of day-to-day strategic leadership of GPAf within the region,
•Lead management of GPAf in the region within parameters established by the SLT,
•Review and report regularly to the SLT and relevant regional stakeholders concerning GPAf’s status and progress as well as all material deviations, including updating and making changes as required, and involving the SLT in the early stages,
• Keep the SLT and relevant regional stakeholders fully informed of all significant physical progress, financials, and other matters relevant to GPAf, including legal, regulatory, and policy issues,

• Take responsibility for the implementation of aneffective security management plan, including risk assessments, security protocols and safety measures in the Region, in line with the GPAf Security Policy and in collaboration with the GPAf Security Team
• Ensure that all staff are trained in security and first aid.
• Ensure that emergency protocols are in place.

• Ensure that Greenpeace fulfills all its legal statutory and regulatory responsibilities in the base country of operation .
• Ensure that organisational risks are identified, understood and monitored and that there are systems in place to mitigate the risks, without compromising the organisation’s brand and identity
• Ensure that the SLT are kept informed of developments that might significantly affect the organisation, and kept abreast of legal actions affecting the organisation or individuals within it.
• Take responsibility for the financial health of the Regional Office and ensure that appropriate financial and auditing systems are implemented, so as to safeguard the organisation’s financial and other assets, and ensure the organisation is run efficiently and effectively.
• Provide the ED with regular reports as to the status of the office and progress against agreed plans, strategic objectives and policies.

• Overall responsibility of all aspects of the operations in the Region, including the implementation and evaluation of policies, financial, logistics, Human Resources and administrative programmes.
• Ensure that the facilities and infrastructure in the region are fit for purpose. This includes internet access and communications equipment.
• Ensure that all equipment and Greenpeace assets are kept secure and maintained ready for use.
• Ensure that proper financial controls and practices are adhered to at all times.

• On the guidance of the ED, formulate strategic plans/ODPs and recommend to the SLT for approval, •Ensure, within the region, timely and high quality implementation, management performance and successful completion of programmes by effective management of risk, time and cost, Support programmes teams in identifying and optimising responsive opportunities in the specific region
• Review and report regularly to the SLT and relevant regional stakeholders on the overall progress and results against implementation and financial plans and initiate courses of action for improvement, Manage and coordinate administrative, financial, legal and logistical issues related to the Regional Office and programme development and implementation in the Region.
• Align Regional Plans with GPAF programme priorities for alignment in delivery of ToC
• Undertake specific campaign project work as agreed.- Project work is likely to involve all or some of the following techniques: non-violent direct action, public communication and engagement activities, media work, political and corporate work and the use of legal and scientific approaches to issues.
• Provide input, as a member of a team, on the development of global programme strategies, projects, and funding proposals.
• Keep abreast of external movements and trends, in the context of the agreed global programme strategy, in order to identify local/regional opportunities.
• As directed by the ED, prepare strategy to maintain and improve project management information systems (MIS) that keep track of project schedules and implementation performances within the region,

• Establish communication and ensure collaboration with local, national and regional authorities, UN, NGOs, INGOs, partners, community leaders and all other important stakeholders within each project as required.
• Maintain accurate information management systems and procedures to ensure open access to the campaign by othercampaigners.

• Work openly and co-operatively with other team members.
• Communicate effectively with other team members.
• Respond to challenge, explore new ideas and take initiatives in all aspects of teamwork.
• Adapt role within the SLT as appropriate, including playing supportive role to other members of the SLT as necessary.
• Take full part in the self-evaluation of programme initiatives/projects at their completion.
• Accept joint responsibility for the administration of programme teams in-region and take on specific tasks asagreed with Programme Unit Heads in the Pan-Africa Office.

Detailed Job Description

Application Deadline: 31st January 2024

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Deadline: 31 Jan 2024

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