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Campaigner Climate and Energy – Greenpeace Africa

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Job Profile

The campaigner will need to lead the strategic planning and execution of the project/campaign work in an integrated approach that enables both fundraising and engaging audiences to effectively build counter power. The role includes the ability to be responsive to emerging opportunities and the effective engagement with key stakeholders, including from government, business, our lawyers, the farmers, media and civil society and coordination of campaign work. The campaigner will also need to coordinate work with consultants and researchers, along with the global Greenpeace network

Key Results Areas/Main Duties

Planning and implementation of project work
▪ Plan and execute: Non-violent direct action, public communication and engagement activities, media work, research, political and corporate work and the use of legal and scientific approaches to issues, in collaboration with relevant teams. And contribute to developing and implementing the strategy.
▪ Project activities are effectively planned and executed in line with the campaign strategy
▪ Project activities are communicated in a way that resonates with target audiences
▪ Litigation is developed and implemented in an integrated way to maximize fundraising and engagement potential
▪ Reports/scientific outputs/submissions of a high quality are produced and used as campaign tools
▪ Work as part of the project team to contribute to developing a strategy and its implementation plan.
▪ Analysis and evaluations of the external political, socioeconomic reality are provided to consistently improve the campaign strategy.

Strategic planning and input
▪ Develop and continually evaluate an effective overall project / campaign strategy (in collaboration with the rest of the integrated team/line manager/SMT).
▪ Prepare and implement an individual work plan with measurable performance objectives.
▪ Ensure campaign project strategies have realistic objectives, and are innovative and effective
▪ Contribute to the development, planning and implementation of the engagement and fundraising strategy related to relevant project work.

▪ Responsive opportunities are identified and campaign activities are planned and executed in a timely manner to advance on the ToC.
▪ Ensure that Greenpeace Africa can respond effectively to strategic opportunities, and influence the development of relevant national and international legislation and practices

Building external networks
▪ Establish communication and ensure collaboration with local authorities, international bodies, NGOs, partners, lawyers, community leaders and all other important stakeholders within each project as required.
▪ Represent Greenpeace Africa at meetings, coordination bodies, and within local communities as required.
▪ Develop, build alliances and maintain good relationships with other NGOs and other relevant groups.
▪ Establish communication and ensure collaboration with local authorities, international bodies, NGOs, partners, lawyers, community leaders and all other important stakeholders within each project as required.

▪ In conjunction with Greenpeace Africa engagement team, design, create and use a range of communication tools (direct actions, direct communication, traditional and new media, briefing sheets and public information) to communicate with target audiences and to achieve campaign objectives.
▪ Prepare substantive briefings and updates to inform staff, media and stakeholders on specific campaign issues, progress and outcomes.

Campaign administration and MEL
▪ Administrative processes are executed timely to enable campaign activities, this includes managing budget allocations for activities.
▪ Reporting is produced accurately and on time.

Detailed Job Description

Application Deadline: 31st January 2024

How to apply

For further information and to apply visit our JobBoard at: https://recruitment.interlinkmanagementltd.com/jobs/greenpeace/754694000000501033/Campaigner-Climate-and-Energy—Greenpeace-Africa?source=CareerSite

Deadline: 31 Jan 2024

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