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Supporter Journey Manager – Greenpeace Africa

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Job Profile

The Supporter Journey Manager will be responsible for the strategy, management and execution of all email and instant messaging (WhatsApp) for the organisation. Working closely with Digital Engagement Strategists, the Supporter Journey Manager will come up with clear supporter journeys across campaigns and work with said colleagues to build and execute these and measure success. They will also be responsible for ensuring GPAF is adopting best practice on our email and WhatsApp platforms, keeping up with industry best practice and managing our database of supporters on these channels. The candidate will be responsible for defining objectives, targets and KPIs for these channels and ensuring that their strategy achieves the objectives set out by the broader Greenpeace Africa strategy.

Key Results Areas/Main Duties

Strategic leadership across email and direct messaging platforms
▪ Design and delivery of email and WhatsApp strategy
▪ Efficiency and efficacy of these channels (relative to defined benchmarks/metrics) – with a specific view to increase action taken across our campaigns and fundraising asks
▪ Management of our marketing database of supporters on HubSpot (email platform) and contacts on Turn (WhatsApp platform)
▪ Strategic leadership on HubSpot, Turn and ownership of that platform in tandem with Head of Insights, Creative and Digital Strategy and Digital Engagement Strategists
▪ Clearly defined and optimized audiences and segments for email engagement to increase uptake on our work in tailored manner
▪ Measurements plans: defined metrics and reporting clearly identified and benchmarks used
▪ Improved data quality and integrity
▪ Better quality and increased output speed relative to defined benchmarks

Supporter journey management, planning and execution
▪ Closely works with Head of Insights, Creative and Digital Strategy and Digital Engagement Strategists to deliver dynamic and integrated supporter journeys that escalate, deepen engagement and help GPAF use digital to win campaigns
▪ Personalized and effective email journeys that adapt to user behaviour and customer insight
▪ Delivery of welcome and re-engagement journeys
▪ Weekly management of email schedule in coordination with Head of Insights, Creative and Digital Strategy and Digital Engagement Strategists
▪ Compelling messaging and email design that is constantly evolving
▪ Efficient organisation, structure and management of customer data
▪ On-going improvement and incremental growth in performance of direct channels

Testing, measurement and reporting
▪ A/B testing email is a given with deeper longer term tests to increase uptake on our work delivered with passion and diligence
▪ New ideas on email and WhatsApp regularly tested to increase results
▪ Contribute to maintaining a strong testing culture, regularly testing your ideas across digital channels, using data to inform your decisions and strengthen our campaigning
▪ Optimize our digital products’ performance through identifying areas for development and running tests to assess your hypothesis.
▪ Monitor performance of campaign output, regularly evaluating and iterating your approach in line with the data, learning as you go
▪ On-going reporting on optimizations and performance
▪ Regular and consistent reporting on defined metrics and objectives

Training and collaboration
▪ Relevant colleagues have guides and are upskilled to build supporter journeys and deliver email and WhatsApp content for their campaigns
▪ In line with the above training completed for colleagues in Turn (WhatsApp) and HubSpot (email)
▪ Quality of understanding of staff on importance of these channels, CRM and database management and tools
▪ Organisational understanding and investment in these channels
▪ Outstanding and consistent narrative between all channels and supporter touchpoints

Team working
▪ Help to guide colleagues and the wider team on best practice, and encourage collaborative working to maintain a strong digital presence
▪ Contribute to a positive team culture by building strong working relationships within the team as well as with colleagues from teams across the organisation, including programme, fundraising, mobs (volunteer management)
▪ Respond to challenges, explore new ideas and take initiative in all aspects of teamwork
▪ Work collaboratively across the organisation to ensure our digital strategies and output are helping to win campaigns and engage target audiences
▪ Ensure you always represent the team and its work effectively, and that you work constructively to come up with mutually agreeable solutions when conflicts between different objectives or ideas arise

▪ Undertake any other duties, appropriate to the post, as delegated by the Heads of Unit and Department
▪ Working closely with devs to make sure our offer on email and digital is top tier in the sector

Detailed Job Description

Application Deadline: 31st January 2024

How to apply

For further information and to apply visit our JobBoardat: https://recruitment.interlinkmanagementltd.com/jobs/greenpeace/754694000000494916/Supporter-Journey-Manager—Greenpeace-Africa?source=CareerSite

Deadline: 31 Jan 2024

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