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Podcast – Voice for Resilience series

Netherlands Red Cross

1. Background

Netherlands Red Cross (NLRC) is expanding its communication footprint in the digital space outside to disseminate its experience in WASH and Water Management projects highlighting key aspects that have been learnt, both in terms of content and process. A wealth of information has been collected within the different projects. Due to the relevance of the work for the red Cross/Red Crescent (RCRC) actors, and the importance for donors and stakeholders working in this field, dissemination of the projects results and learnings are paramount.

A number of learning products are being developed for different audiences based the results and lessons from projects around the world. In addition, the NLRC is seeking to develop three podcast episodes to be used as a dissemination tool.

2. Overall objective

To produce three podcast episodes of 15 minute each which explains clearly, and in a simple and engaging way, the different approaches used in WASH and Water Management by the Red Cross, and outlines the major results achieved in selected target countries.

3. Target audience

The primary target audience for the podcast is Red Cross Red Crescent National Society and IFRC staff, who are involved in WASH and Water Management but also other cross cutting areas such as CEA, PGI, Innovation and public health. Secondary audiences include external partners, organisations and donors who work in those sectorial areas.

4. Specific tasks

The successful completion of the assignment will include the following:

  1. Develop the script (together with NLRC) to be used in the three podcast episodes, with a focus on clear and effective communication of the approaches used and country based results;
  2. Brief and coach the podcast hosts and guests so they can deliver an engaging communication piece;
  3. Support the voice recording, voice & music editing and final production of the three podcast episodes;
  4. Present three draft podcasts to the NLRC for review [see note below];
  5. Produce the three final podcast; podcast cover art for social media and podcast platforms and text with podcast description.

Draft content will be provided by NLRC to be used as a base for the script. A short summary (3 – 4 pages) which provides an overview of the approaches used and main country based results will be shared.

It is expected that the review process will be flexible with several iterations and opportunities for feedback, to ensure a high quality end product.

The podcast will be in English and compatible with contemporary media equipment and applications.

5. Style

The podcast is a conversational, co-hosted podcast with several different member voices that follow a pre-fixed script. The script should be simple, clear and engaging.

Each host will play a specific role in the conversation, highlighting major accomplishments achieved in each country, challenges encountered and solutions applied. This can be complemented with stories, anecdotes or testimonies from real experience. Hosts are briefed, prepared and coached so they are able to create an entertaining, friendly environment. The final product is easy to listen and feels like an organic conversation rather than a prepared script.

The podcast should be of good quality. NLRC will look into forms of securing high quality recording equipment to the people selected to co-host the podcast however heavy editing (levelling out the audio, removing background noises, and making voices sound more full) might be needed.

6. Budget

The entirety of this assignment will be done online (remotely). Payments to the consultancy firm shall be based on the agreed terms and conditions of the consultancy agreement to be signed.

7. Ownership/Intellectual property

The podcast as well as all draft design elements, voice recordings, etc. for this assignment will be the sole property of the NLRC.

How to apply

Interested individuals/firms should submit their proposals to [email protected] that include:

  • Technical Proposal (including all components, e.g. storyboard, animation, revisions, voiceover)
  • Timeframe for production
  • Examples of previous work (including online links, if possible)
  • Financial Proposal

To apply for this job please visit