MEDICAL PROGRAM MANAGER (Bangladeshi National ONLY) Reposting: Rolling Recruitment

Community Partners International


Job Title: Medical Program Manager

Department: Programs

Employment status: Full time

Location: Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Travel: 50% to field

Reports: Program Director

Reporting to this position: Health System Support Coordinator, HSS- Medical Officers, Medical Team Lead

Community Partners International (CPI) is a U.S. based nonprofit organization that is working with a local partner organization: Green Hill (GH), to expand access to quality health services and generate the resources, local capacity and coordination necessary for partners and the people to meet their own health and community needs.

Context analysis / Strategy / Development: You will participate in the development of the operational strategy in Health and contribute to the design of new relevant Health interventions on the mission based on the identified Health needs in the country, and in line with GH-CPI’s intervention framework. In coordination with all relevant stakeholders, you will lead and manage the Health programs, analyze strengths and weaknesses from a public health and clinical perspective and lead the way forward under guidance of the Senior Management Team.

Program quality: You will provide technical support in your field of expertise to the program teams, in particular to the Managers and Coordinators, and ensure the quality and effectiveness of the mission’s Health programs.

Representation / Coordination: You will ensure GH-CPI’s external representation for the Health sector to partners, donors, national authorities and local actors. You will represent GH-CPI in the Health Cluster / Health sector coordination group meetings. You will contribute to the good information sharing within the Health sector.

Human Resources/ Training: You will provide technical support to the project teams and in particular to the Health teams. You will provide support for the recruitment of technical staff. Working under the guidance of Program Director, you will identify key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and gaps within Health departments. You will supervise the content of Health training and the quality of Health activities and ensure proper implementation on the basis of identified needs.

Logistics and Administration: You will ensure the teams under your responsibility follow logistic and administrative procedures and keep the logistic and administrative departments informed of any relevant developments.

Security: You will contribute to the compliance with security rules on the mission and share all information related to security with your line manager. You will develop security reporting avenues for your teams. You will contribute when necessary to the choice of referral options for the health care of the staff and mission’s expatriates.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Lead all clinical projects under GH/CPI: Health Systems Support, Health Post & any additional projects within GH/CPI health programming
  • Assist in strengthening relationships with partner organizations and stakeholders for successful design and implementation of health programs/services
  • Build capacity of health program staff and partners to provide quality health services according to humanitarian standards’ Package of Essential Primary Health Services
  • Ensure that relevant information is shared/communicated between GH/CPI, local partners, and all relevant stakeholders in a timely manner
  • Conduct regular field visits for monitoring and supervision of health programs and staff
  • Lead the overall grants management of health projects/program including development of ideas, planning, design, concept note/proposal development, budgets, workplan, cost plans, implementation: lead the full cycle of program management according to donor requirements as well as staff capacity building
  • Work with M&E team to create M&E flow and tool kits for all health projects
  • Plan accordingly in relation with the project goal and objectives
  • Support higher management in decision making and future planning/expansion
  • Prepare list of medical supplies and logistics prior to budgeting for all health programs
  • Manage health program budgets/expenditure closely working with team members and operation team
  • Guide task distribution among all health project staff health post, HSS flow and process
  • Attend all sectoral or other relevant meetings for organizational representation as well as better project planning
  • Provide technical support to Health Outreach Manager as and when required
  • Lead process of strengthening and integration of all health projects through change management as well as expansion as per need and organizational strategy

Regular Responsibilities

  • Managing team and deadlines for timely submission of quarterly data reports, monthly program performance report, interim/narrative reports, monthly field stories from all projects and any other relevant program reports as required for grant management
  • Upgrade mechanisms regularly to fit project goals and objectives
  • Ensure that the weekly program meetings/task lists, monthly work plan is being reviewed and checked by direct supervisors
  • Empower and support leadership teams on all levels
  • Lead induction plans for all staff under health systems support & health post initiatives with support from operations team
  • Attend and participate in coordination meetings, staff meetings and trainings as necessary
  • Dissemination of information related with the program to Senior Management in a timely manner
  • Keep track of all health project security concerns/risks, develop mechanisms for security incident reports etc.
  • Assist M&E Coordinator in streamlining data collection process and M&E systems for health programming
  • Facilitate discussion/support visiting medical consultants as needed
  • Remain flexible to carry out any other responsibility as requested by Senior Management within health programming
  • Create training schedule for all clinical and non clinical staff under health programming in coordination with training coordinator

Essential Skills/ Requirements:

  • Priority preference: MBBS or equivalent degree with proven experience in coordination, management and leadership of health projects.
  • Secondary preference: MPH or equivalent degree with proven experience in coordination, management and leadership of health projects.
  • Experience: You are strengthened by minimum 5 years of experience in the field with international NGOs in medical project coordination.Minimum 1 year FDMN Camp experience. Previous experience as Medical Coordinator or in an equivalent position would be an asset.
  • Skills: You master humanitarian project management and team management, you have a detailed knowledge of donors prerequisites. You also have excellent writing skills. You are a good communicator, both in writing and orally. You demonstrate good team spirit, the ability to make decisions, trustworthiness and a sense of responsibility, organizational skills, reactivity, ability to be thorough and to adapt. You have a strong ability to resist stress and particularly in unstable circumstances.
  • Languages: Excellent English and Bangla, reading writing and verbal.
  • Good presentation and analytical skills
  • Advanced communication skills for fostering respectful relationships with team members and stakeholders
  • Excellent software skills for MS Word, Excel, Power point
  • Strong interpersonal skills, empathy, patience, capacity to manage multiple programs and priorities, able to work autonomously and/or participatory as required
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Experience in process development/change management and implementation
  • Ability to establish priorities in a time sensitive environment and meet deadlines with strong attention to consistency, standardization, detail, and quality
  • Looking for a dynamic individual with ambition to be a leader
  • Able to multitask in a high volume, fast-paced and complex work environment
  • Team player with a high level of self-motivation and ability to set and meet goals
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities under pressure, trouble-shoot, and to meet short- and long-term deadlines
  • Evaluating risk and planning to overcome risks

How to apply

Please submit your CV’s with cover letter to [email protected] with subject: MEDICAL PROGRAM MANAGER

  • Candidates are required to declare in advance should there be any relative or family member currently employed in CPI. Failure to do so can lead to termination of the employment contract even after successful selection.
  • Only Bangladeshi NATIONAL candidates will be considered
  • Candidates that do not meet the essential skills requirement will not be considered
  • This Green Hill Contract and position is contingent upon successful award of the project and final approval by the donor CPI.

Salary range: 126,000 – 148,000 BDT