Human Resource trainee


Roles with Responsibilities:

Profile 1: HR-Trainee:

● Adding new hiring information to our employee records, evaluating resumes, and scheduling


● Managing the team and ensuring that your team meets weekly business engagement metrics.

● Working with the management of IFORTIS WORLDWIDE to coordinate initiatives (this involves

representing the company and speaking on its behalf).

● Managing leadership and accountability for your own group.

Duration: Minimum of 4 weeks and can be extended upon mutual interest.


● Virtual Workplace

● Traineeship Program

● Sponsored International Corporate Training Program

● Performance based stipend minimum of INR.1000 upon successful completion of all the SOPs

within given time.

● Certificate of Excellence

● Certificate/Letter of Recommendation

● Monthly Awarding System

● An exciting environment to express your passion and talents, develop your skills.

● An opportunity to contribute to a leading company, and grow personally and professionally.

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