Unemployment insurance in the USA are programs that the Government has to support any person who becomes unemployed through no fault of their own or any responsibility. In these plans, protection is only temporary, considering that the person must find a new job in the short term. What does unemployment insurance cover in the USA? Unemployment …


Personal Accident Insurance

What Is Personal Accident Insurance

Characteristic It can be contracted individually or collectively. Their hiring is voluntary. You can pay a one-time compensation or reimburse the expenses incurred for the treatment of injuries caused by an accident. It has a defined validity. A health declaration is generally required before joining the policy. The insured must take into account if there …

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Health Insurance

What Is Health Insurance

Health insurance is a legal agreement you make with a health insurance company. That agreement includes a health plan that helps you pay for certain medical care and services, so you don’t have to pay all the costs yourself. How does health insurance work? Health insurance helps reduce the amount you would otherwise have to pay …

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survival g6b7daec42 1280 What Is Life Insurance

What Is Life Insurance

Life insurance is a policy that covers the expenses caused by the death of the policyholder or so that he obtains a return on his money There are 2 types of life insurance: savings life and risk life Life insurance is the provider of protection against death and disability . Due to its coverage, it is a very …

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Most Common Interview Questions

Most Common Interview Questions

You already got them to call you, it’s time to talk about you! An opportunity to stay with the job opens up and the first question is whether you are prepared to answer these 25 key questions in a job interview. Have you ever walked out of an interview thinking you didn’t give 100%? Feeling that you failed …

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How to make a Curriculum Vitae (CV)

How to make a Curriculum Vitae (CV)

On this page we are going to advise you on the steps you must follow for the correct preparation of your Curriculum Vitae, with examples of it. The Curriculum Vitae The professionals dedicated to the hiring of personnel expect that the Curriculum Vitae is the clear and concise expression of information on personal data, training and professional experience …

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