5 trick questions in a job interview, don't fall for them

5 trick questions in a job interview, don’t fall for them

We have talked a lot about the questions that recruiters ask, but this time we want to touch on a very interesting topic that will help you stand out in the selection process: trick questions in a job interview.

You have probably already had to answer them; in that case, you will be able to remember your answer and reflect on it. But if you’ve never heard them before, you can prepare to answer them successfully by following these tips.

5 trick questions in a job interview

1. Why do you want to work here?

This question is classic, however, it is a clever plan. The recruiter doesn’t want to hear that you want to work with her because “it’s a great company” or because it’s “very important in the industry”, blah blah.

What they are really looking for is how much you know about the company. Remember that on previous occasions we have advised you to investigate the company before applying for a vacancy to identify if it matches your expectations and it is precisely with this question that you can tell if you did the homework or not.

2. What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

Companies are not looking for perfect metahumans. The recruiter knows that you have Weaknesses, so a response like “my biggest Weakness is that I have no Weaknesses” is totally out of the question.

The purpose of this question is not to highlight your negative characteristics or intimidate you, but to explore your ability to recognize your areas of opportunity and, more importantly, how you work on them to improve them.

Therefore, the best answer will always include a solution. For example: “I am a very disorganized person, but I am already using weekly planners to better organize my activities”.

3. Why did you leave your previous job? / Why do you want to change jobs?

These questions can be a death trap for those who have had negative experiences in their previous or current employment. If this is your case, when you listen to them, do not rush to talk about everything that is wrong with the company or your former boss.

The point is not to hide the bad, but to show that you are mature enough to handle negative situations and transform them into opportunities.

The best answers to these trick questions in an interview usually include talking about having more responsibility or work challenges, seeking a better quality of life, or job growth opportunities.

4. What has been your greatest work achievement?

Many candidates minimize their achievements. The recruiter does not want to hear that you changed the world from a desk, he wants to know how you value your daily work, your passion for what you do and if you know the real impact you have on the objectives of a company.

Mention those occasions in which you managed to save some resources (even reducing the use of photocopies in the company is very important), finding an excellent supplier, closing the deal with a small but constant client…

5. What has been your worst work mistake?

This question is focused on knowing your ability to admit mistakes and learn from them. Therefore, if you have had terrible mistakes in your working life, do not ignore them! Describe what happened and what you learned from the situation.

It doesn’t really matter how fatal the mistake was, but tell the recruiter that it was a terrible experience and it gave you great learning or, why not? Multiple lessons that have helped you on your journey.

Which of these trick questions in a job interview have you already answered and which were new to you?