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Oxfam is implementing a 3-year project titled: Strengthen refugee leadership and LHL advocacy in the Horn of Africa. It is funded by Conrad N. Hilton Foundation to a total tune of $3,250,000 USD and its geographical scope covers Ethiopia, Uganda, HECA, US, and Global level.

The overall objective is that local actors experience a shift in national and international humanitarian systems, whereby they have access, space, and power to hold donors and intermediaries to account and they experience improved quality and quantity of funding, involvement in coordination mechanisms, and meaningful partnerships.

Based on the background above, Oxfam would like to establish a volunteer Refugee Advisory Council (RAC) to provide guidance, insights, and recommendations for the Hilton project focused on refugee leadership and LHL advocacy. The RAC will serve as a vital platform for refugees to actively participate in decision-making processes, ensuring their voices are heard and considered.


  • To provide advice, feedback, and recommendations to the project teams, based on their lived experiences, expertise, and knowledge of refugee leadership and LHL advocacy.
  • Advocate for the rights and interests of refugees within the project’s scope.
  • Enhance the project’s ability to address refugee-specific issues and promote inclusivity.

Composition and Membership:

  • The advisory council shall consist of a diverse group of individuals, including refugees, representatives from refugee community groups and/or refugee lead organizations.
  • The council should strive for balanced representation in terms of gender and national background, ensuring inclusivity and fair participation.
  • The council will be composed of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 members, ensuring representation from different refugee gender, backgrounds, demographics, and geographical locations.
  • Members will be selected through an open and transparent process, considering their willingness to volunteer and commitment to the objectives of the council.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Attend regular meetings, which will be scheduled at a frequency determined by the council, to discuss project-related matters and provide feedback.
  • Review and analyse LHL advocacy initiatives, providing advice, constructive feedback, and recommendations to improve their impact on refugees.
  • Collaborate with the project teams to identify and address gaps, challenges, and emerging issues for refugee advocacy.

Governance and Decision-Making:

  • The advisory council will operate on the principles of inclusivity, equality, transparency respect, and consensus-building.
  • Recommendations will be made through a participatory process, considering the perspectives and expertise of all council members.
  • The project teams will support the council’s work by providing necessary information,

Confidentiality and Data Protection:

  • All members of the advisory committee must adhere to strict confidentiality and data protection protocols.
  • Confidential or sensitive information shared during meetings or through project-related documents must not be disclosed without proper authorization.


  • The advisory council will remain active for the duration of the project, which will be determined by the project timeline. Regular reviews of the council’s performance and effectiveness will be conducted to ensure its continued relevance.

Meeting Frequency and Procedures:

  • The council shall meet regularly, with the frequency determined by the project team and council members’ availability, but typically not less than once every quarter.
  • Meetings may be conducted, via teleconference, or through online platforms, ensuring accessibility and participation for all members.
  • The project team will provide an agenda and necessary materials before each meeting, allowing council members sufficient time for review and preparation.
  • Meeting minutes, including decisions, recommendations, and action points, shall be documented, and shared with all council members and relevant stakeholders.

Reporting and Accountability:

  • The advisory council will provide regular reports/meeting notes to the project team, summarizing their recommendations, and achievements.
  • These reports will be used to inform project stakeholders, donors, and the wider community about the council’s contributions and the project’s impact.

Review and Evaluation

  • The effectiveness and impact of the advisory council will be periodically reviewed and evaluated by the project team.
  • Recommendations for improvements or modifications to the advisory council structure or functioning will be considered based on the evaluation outcomes.

We are inviting individual refugees from Uganda and Ethiopia to express interest in becoming members of the refugee advisory council members.

Application Requirements

  • Letter of expression of interest and a Curriculum Vitae. Female refugees are highly encouraged to apply.
  • Note: This is a voluntary role that is geared towards enhancing refugee participation in decision making and amplifying their voices.

How to apply

If you believe your qualifications meet the requirements, please send your CV and Letter of Expression of Interest to [email protected]

Oxfam International is an equal opportunities employer, committed to diversity within the workplace.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

deadline: 6-Feb-24

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