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Service Provision/Consultancy for Revision of Core Structure of Myanmar Red Cross Society

Myanmar Red Cross Society

The MRCS Strategic Plan underlines the need for “developing a strong, well-functioning and resourceful National Society” through an improved Human Resources Management and a strong focus on the Financial Sustainability of the National Society.

Findings from recent assessments focused on organisational capacity and institutional preparedness highlight the Revision of MRCS Core Structure and an improved Workforce Planning as urgent priorities. This revision and planning should establish a clear distinction between core and programme staff to ensure the development of an efficient organisation capable to deliver relevant services in a sustainable manner.

MRCS will rely on the support of an External Service Provider for a time-bound service that can be conducted via a combination of remote and face-to-face modalities.

The Service Provider (HR Practitioner) will be responsible for the following objectives/deliverables:

  1. Revision of MRCS organizational structure, comprehensive of a revision of MRCS Departments Terms of Reference and of a revision of the core structure based on MRCS core services and functions.
  2. Updating job descriptions for positions in the organizational structure, revising, as needed, MRCS Staff Job Description Template and Job Advertisement Template.

Service Provider/ Consultant with minimum five years experiences of services in the relevant area and/or team of HR Practitioners are invited to submit their expression of interest to participate in the respective pre-qualification / Tender for the area of services described above.

How to apply

Interested Contractors are requested to submit in English language:

  • Letter of expression of interest, if applicable indicating their preferred region of operation
  • Official document showing the Service Provider/ Consultancy services**,** valid for the current year.
  • List of previous relevant services of a similar type or complexity or in the project region

Myanmar Red Cross Society (Yangon Office)

Red Cross Building, Fourth Floor,

No. 42, Strand Road, Botahtaung Township,

Yangon, Myanmar.

Attn: Logistics and Supply Chain Management Department

Telephone: +95 1 8392028, 8392029, 8392030 (Ext: 119)

Email: [email protected]

By post or by hand in SEALED ENVELOPE ONLY to the above MRCS address.

Closing date for submissions is the 26th January, 2024 at 16:00 PM Myanmar Time.

Deadline: 26-Jan-24

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