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Senior Political Advisor – Greenpeace Africa

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Job Profile

The Senior Political Advisor at the Executive Director’s office plays a crucial role in providing strategic political counsel and support to the ED and Senior Management Team. This role typically involves advising on political and policy matters, as well as helping shape and implement the organization’s political strategy.

This newly created role of Senior Political Advisor oversees analytical overview of the pan-african political and socio-economic landscape especially in seeking leverage for our campaigning work and steering strategic interventions by our campaigns across the continent. The Senior Political Advisor at the Executive Director’s office is a senior-level position responsible for providing expert political advice and strategic guidance to the ED and senior management. This role helps navigate complex political and policy issues, provides analysis, and contributes to the development and execution of the organization’s political strategy.

The Senior Political Advisor at the Executive Director’s office plays a pivotal role in guiding the organization through complex political and policy landscapes, ensuring that it remains politically aware and strategically positioned to achieve its objectives while managing political risks and opportunities.

Key Results Areas/Main Duties

Political engagement strategy and implementation
● Develop and implement political strategy for the EDO in alignment with GPAf’s goals and objectives for each of our offices and provide recommendations on political and policy initiatives.
● Lead the development and implementation of the political components of our campaigns across Africa and advise on the legislative and socio-economic components for EDO and senior management.
● Contribute to the definition of positions on relevant issues and development of global political policies at Greenpeace taking into account Greenpeace Africa’s approved strategic direction.
● Lobby key political targets/institutions, influence the development and implementation of environmental legislation on behalf of EDO.
● Monitor and evaluate the success and learning from our political strategy to ensure the success of campaigns, the successful implementation of Greenpeace Africa’s approved strategy and transfer of knowledge.

● Represent the ED and/or lead delegations to local/ national/ regional/international political fora, specifically on political engagements as directed by the ED.
● Develop, maintain, and nurture extensive contacts and relationships with all relevant political bodies and civil society partners in order to build effective networks and partnerships to promote GPAf’sl strategic political objectives,
● Develop and maintain a political engagement database
● Proactively identify and act upon opportunities to establish new internal and external political engagements for the ED

Political analysis, government relations, stakeholders engagement, research, monitoring, reporting and documentation
● Analyze political, legislative, and regulatory developments that may impact GPAf’s workon climate change at national and continental levels and assess the potential consequences and recommend responses.
● Establish and maintain relationships with key government officials across the continent, lawmakers, regulatory bodies, and other relevant stakeholders while advocating for GPAf’s positions.
● Engage with external stakeholders, such as advocacy groups, industry associations, and community organizations, to influence and shape public opinion and political decisions on climate change..
● Conduct research on political issues, policy matters, and political trends for the benefit of the ED. Provide data-driven insights to inform decision-making of the ED.
● Develop and oversee the organization’s political communication strategies, including messaging, public relations, and media relations.
● Provide guidance and support in managing political and public relations crises that may impact GPAf.
● Monitor and track legislative initiatives, draft legislative proposals or amendments related to climate change in GPAf’s countries, and provide input on policy, advocacy and campaign efforts.
● Reporting and Documentation: Prepare reports, briefings, and recommendations on political aspects of climate change at national and continental levels for the executive director and senior leadership team

● Prepare and/or, where appropriate, commission reports, substantive briefings, updates, and talking points for the ED
● Represent ED as directed in political engagements through media, both proactively and reactively

Detailed Job Description

Application Deadline: 31st January 2024

How to apply

For further information and to apply visit our JobBoardat: https://recruitment.interlinkmanagementltd.com/jobs/greenpeace/754694000000494912/Senior-Political-Advisor—Greenpeace-Africa?source=CareerSite

Deadline: 31 Jan 2024

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