Senior Infrastructure Engineer


Communication is our business!unifonic provides solutions for better customer engagement through a cloud-based platform. We empower businesses to engage with their people through a variety of channels, making their communication conversational, more personalized, fun, meaningful, and with ease.Engineering principle: We ship robust, high-quality code, written for humans to read and maintain!Senior Infrastructure EngineerThe Senior Infrastructure Engineer is keeping all services running smoothly including scaling our systems horizontally and vertically as needed to deliver service to our customers at all times. The Senior Infrastructure Engineer is passionate about details, an investigative nature, and understand when and why things are working – or not working – as they should. The Senior Infrastructure Engineer has a solid background in development, debugging, and fixing issues when the situation requires it. The responsibilities of the Senior Infrastructure Engineer include but are not limited to:��� Play a critical role in the day-to-day operations of services.��� Adopt and apply SRE best practices to products you support and identify areas of automation.��� Work to harden products through the load, stress-test as well as chaos engineering.��� Assist in the rollout and deployment of new product features and installations to support our growth.��� Build, manage, and monitor our extensive infrastructure to continuously make sure that it can scale with us as we grow.��� Introduce and test new technologies, tools, and systems that enable fast and safe code deployment.��� Implement Infrastructure as Code (IAC), defining cloud infrastructure in reusable, composable building blocks using tools like Terraform.��� Measure and improve the performance, uptime, cost, stability, and other operational characteristics of our cloud-based systems.��� Define and support operational process and enforce structure, including documentation, training and policies, escalations, RCAs, and post-mortems to ensure systems are well understood and work smoothly, and recover gracefully in case of an unexpected failure.��� Debug production issues across services and levels of the stack.

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