Revenue (Sales) Enablement

Sana Commerce

Job DescriptionWith our revenue team growing rapidly our ambitious growth goals for the company, we want to make sure that everyone is reaching their full potential. In order to achieve this we provide extensive training and coaching to our team. To help bring this to the next level, we are looking for a Revenue Enablement Specialist who will collaborate with the different department managers (business development, sales, customer success and marketing) to make sure that we are enabling everyone to be at their best.As Easygenerator s Revenue Enablement Graduate you will:��� Support the revenue department managers with training their teams��� Accelerate the initial onboarding of the revenue roles (BDRs, AEs and CSMs)��� Develop materials to support training and coaching, such as role plays and courses��� Collaborate with marketing to create sales assets that will help close more deals��� Select and implement a sales enablement software

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