Protection Senior Officer

Hand in Hand for Syria

Brief description of HIH:

Hand in Hand for Aid and Development (HIHFAD), previously operating as Hand in Hand for Syria, was established as a UK registered charity soon after the start of the Syrian crisis in 2011 by a group of British Syrians in order to deliver humanitarian assistance to civilians impacted by the conflict in Syria. From humble beginnings the charity has grown to become one of the leading humanitarian actors serving Syrian communities both inside Syria and in neighbouring countries, employing over 1100 staff in Syria, Turkey and the UK. As the organization grows, it now handles multiple institutional donors such as UN, International NGOs and bilateral governmental agencies.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Setting the field and scheduled plans to implement the project activities in cooperation with the team and according to the direct manager instructions.
  • Verification of the team Implementing of the project activities according to the adopted schedule in coordination with the direct manager.
  • Updating and amending working plans and schedules when needed in cooperation with the team according to the direct manager instructions.
  • Coordination with HR department regarding the recruiting processes which the project needs according ‎to the direct manager instructions.
  • Coordination with MEAL team regarding their visits to the projects locations and providing feedback about the project activities and the provided service for beneficiaries.
  • Suggesting solutions for feedback cases related to the project in cooperation with the team and coordination with the direct manager.
  • Coordination with the security and safety department regarding any security ‎emergency and preparing ‎reports about it in cooperation with the team in addition to ensuring the ‎compliance of the team to ‎adopted security and safety standards and plans during all their movements ‎and activities.‎ ‏ ‏
  • Ccoordination with the supporting departments and programs such as HR, logistic department and finance department regarding the protection department projects to ensure providing all requirements and projects’ needs.
  • Following up the reports of the team, ensuring the compliance with project reports schedule, and overseeing applying ‎quality standards and verify the accuracy of information and data.‎
  • application of all quality standards during all the project activities and during providing all the project ‎services in coordination with the direct manager.‎
  • Representing a focal point with the partner and communicating with them, attending meetings and workshops in coordination with the direct manager and reporting on them for the manager when needed.
  • Preparing and Formulating all the periodical projects reports according to the adopted reports schedules ‎plans ‎and ensuring the quality and accuracy of these information in cooperation with the team according ‎to the direct ‎manager instructions.
  • Contributing to writing proposals for protection projects and the protection-related section in multi-sectoral projects.

Technical Supervision:

  • The technical supervision on the team and taking responsibility of the required technical quality for work.‎
  • Working to promote the team capacity building through providing the required technical support and ‎sharing the ‎acquired experience and direct the team in a proportionate with the assigned tasks.‎
  • Establishing working plans for all assigned activities to the team within the adopted schedule from the direct manager.
  • Providing the continual response for any inquiries from the team and provide the required ‎technical ‎guidance required for the team to accomplish their work.‎
  • Participation in formulating and updating the job description for the team members.
  • Establishing effective communication mechanisms through integrated tasks allocation depends on completion of the team assigned tasks life cycle.
  • Setting the training plans for the team members promote the level of their technical capacities in cooperation with the team and according to the direct manager instructions.


  • Representing a program focal point with the involved parties in protection sector or the related parties such as protection cluster or the different working groups such as mental health group, PSS group and MRE groups.
  • Representation of the protection sector in any meeting with donors according to the direct manager instructions and reporting about them for the direct manager.

Capacity Building:

  • Capacity building for all the organization staff in general and protection staff in particular regarding PSS principles and communication skills.
  • following up and updating the organization’s policies on child protection in humanitarian response in collaboration with partners and stakeholders such as the Protection Cluster.
  • Identifying the training needs of the team from the technical side.
  • Setting the training schedules in cooperation with the team and according to the direct manager instructions.
  • Preparing and organizing the training materials for all technical trainings assigned to him from the direct manager.
  • setting a schedule for repetition of all technical trainings that the team needs to ensure technical skills proficiency and concentrating to support those members of the team who need more technical support than their colleagues in the team.

Knowledge and Qualifications:

  • Relevant academic background (social sciences / educational sciences – or any child protection specialization).
  • Understanding of child protection and safeguarding principles and practices.
  • Comprehensive understanding of child rights in conflict and post-conflict settings (from a program perspective).
  • At least three years of experience in non-governmental organizations active in the protection sector, preferably in northern Syria, with a focus on child protection.
  • At least one year of experience in child protection project management
  • experience in capacity building in child protection programs as well as knowledge of follow-up and evaluation processes for children’s cases.
  • Proficient in spoken and written English, as well as Arabic.
  • Critical thinking and analysis abilities.
  • Ability to plan and coordinate.
  • The ability to deliver training courses that are creative and interactive.
  • Excellent communication skills are demonstrated by the ability to give and receive feedback.
  • Turkish nationality is preferred.

How to apply

Interested applicants should fill the application vie the following link:

Due to the urgent need of this position, the HIHFAD may conduct interviews before the application closing date on a rolling basis. It might be filled and closed even before the end date of the announcement.