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National UNV ICT Specialist

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Task description

Scope and Duties: Posted at SM Head Office, the UNV must assist the Systems Analysts and/ or Senior Systems Analysts in the performance of their duties:

• Support in performing database, network and systems administration and to set up and manage users, groups and roles.

• Support and document the deployment and maintenance of IT systems, including sites preparation, and train end-users thereon.

• Assist end-users in performing acceptance testing of applications developed by suppliers.

• Support in taking preventive measures to ensure adequate capacity and availability of storage and computing systems and monitor performance to ensure optimum efficiency.

• Assist in providing and maintaining up-to-date documentation of implemented systems such as regard technical, user, procedure and operational manuals.

• Assist in setting up and configuration of computer systems and in infrastructure deployment and site preparation.

• Troubleshoot computer hardware and software, diagnose the problem, perform repairs or adjustments, provide guidance and support to users.

• Assist in performing quality assurance of computer systems.

• Assist in implementing security measures to safeguard IT systems from threats and to ensure business continuity in collaboration with all stakeholders.

• Maintain accurate records of IT support requests, resolutions and time taken for the resolution if issues.

• Perform designated routine maintenance tasks on computer hardware and software.

• Support in ensuring compliance with ICT standards, guidelines and methodologies.

• Conducting basic troubleshooting of hardware, software, and network issues.

• Provide user support and training for SM’s staff.

• Perform such other duties directly related to the main duties listed above or related to the delivery of the output and results.

How to apply

The UN Volunteer assignment of National UNV ICT Specialist has now been advertised in our official Unified Volunteer Platform (UVP).

LINK (https://app.unv.org/api/doa/doa/1746517284194560/social.html)

You are encouraged to apply through the above link. Please also update your UVP profile, as necessary. Instructions to update your profile are available here.

Good luck with your application!

Deadline: 24 Feb 2024

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