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La Chaîne de l'Espoir


Founded in 1994, La Chaîne de l’Espoir (CDE) is an international NGO headquartered in Paris, France. Its mission is to strengthen healthcare systems and provide to everyone, especially children, equal chances and opportunities of survival and development.

La Chaîne de l’Espoir is currently active in thirty (30) countries with a global approach, mainly focusing on children, mothers and disadvantaged communities. Find our activities briefly elaborated as follows:

  • Prevention and screening from an early age, particularly through school health programs.
  • Care and surgery to meet the most urgent needs of children and their mothers.
  • Training and transfer of skills to local teams (capacity building) thanks to our international network of experts in all areas of surgery.
  • Construction and equipment of hospital facilities adapted to local needs.

La Chaîne de l’Espoir has been implementing humanitarian activities in Lebanon since 2005, working through local partners, in order to provide access to medico-surgical care to children suffering from cardiac pathologies and orthopedics disabilities. Late 2020, La Chaîne de l’Espoir eventually opened its mission in Lebanon to respond to growing needs due to the significant deterioration of the situation. Since then, La Chaîne de l’Espoir is implementing activities related to the tertiary healthcare, including several aspects such as the strengthening of the healthcare system, early detection of congenital orthopedics disorders, psychosocial support, etc. – via direct and indirect implementation.


Title: Strengthening of the health system’s actors for the prevention, screening and treatment of children suffering from Congenital Orthopedic Disorders (COD) in Lebanon

Duration: 1st March 2021 – 29th February 2024 (36 months)

Donor : Agence Française de Développement (AFD)

Location: Beirut, Mount Lebanon, North, Akkar, Beqaa and South.

Partners: 2 local partners

Suppliers: 6 hospitals across Lebanon and 2 assistive devices suppliers in Beirut

Overall objective: Contribute to improving the health and well-being of the population living in Lebanon by strengthening the system and the capacities of health actors mobilized in the prevention, screening and management of ailments​

Specific objective 1: Promote the efforts of the Lebanese health system’ actors to rationalize and improve the quality of services, the capacities of service providers and communities in the prevention, screening and management of CODs.

Activity 1: To collect and analyze COD data

Activity 2: To develop a COD referential guide (to train paramedical staff)

Activity 3: To extend the COD referral network

Activity 4: To sensitize actors from the Lebanese health system as regards COD

Activity 5: To train Lebanese health system’s actors as regards COD

Specific objective 2: Promote access to quality medical and surgical care, including screening, diagnosis, follow-up, rehabilitation, psychosocial support for vulnerable children with disabilities related to CODs, as well as the necessary support for caregivers during perioperative care.

Activity 1: To identify vulnerable children suffering from COD

Activity 2: To provide medico-surgical treatment, following diagnosis, to vulnerable children suffering from COD

Activity 3: To financially and technically accompany families of the children suffering from COD benefiting from treatment

Activity 4: To ensure an individual and group psychosocial support to the families of the children suffering from COD benefiting from treatment

All the activities listed above will be ongoing during the time of the evaluation


Conduct a systematic, objective and comprehensive evaluation of the above-mentioned project, its design, implementation, results through 2 main axes, with a particular focus on access, accountability, gender/disability inclusion, ethics and protection mainstreaming.

The evaluation should provide information that is credible and useful.


The end-evaluation should take place from the 15th of January till end of February 2024. The evaluation should cover the activities that took place since the start of the project until February 2023 using the following methodology (to be further fine-tuned with the evaluator):

  • Desk review of the project documents (convention, reports, log frame, activity planning, tools and SOPs. etc.)
  • Meetings with CDE staff
  • Observations of CDE’s way to work
  • Meetings with CDE partners
  • Meetings with CDE suppliers
  • Field visits to activities
  • Interviews with key suppliers’ personnel from hospitals and assistive devices suppliers
  • Check on the project progress by checking the monthly report, the interim report submitted to the donor.
  • Interviews with randomly selected beneficiaries from CDE database.
  • Meetings with the project stakeholders in the country (incl. humanitarian coordination, authorities, etc.)

The detailed methodology and work plan as fine-tuned after selection of the evaluator and made jointly with CDE, shall be validated by CDE.

All the above will be done in coordination with the partners and with prior notification to beneficiaries.


  • Deliverable 1 (end of January 2024): An inception report (detailed methodology and final workplan) due one week after the start of the consultancy.
  • Deliverable 2 (Mid -February 2024): A preliminary results reports max 4 pages
  • Deliverable 3 (End of February 2024): A structured and thorough report describing 1) the methodology, 2) an executive summary along, 3) the detailed outcomes of the mid-term evaluation and 4**)** operational recommendations for improving each of the criteria evaluated. max 20 pages

The final report should include the following:

  1. Table of content
  2. Executive summary
  3. The content of the report:
  • Project background
  • Evaluation background
  • Methodology
  • Main findings
  1. Conclusion
  2. Lessons learnt and recommendations.
  3. Appendixes
  • Deliverable 4 (end of February 2024): a live restitution supported by a Powerpoint

Principles underpinning the approach to the evaluation are:

  • Impartiality and independence of the evaluation process from the programming and implementation functions.
  • Credibility of the evaluation, through use of appropriately skilled and independent expert and
    the transparency of the evaluation process, including wide dissemination of results.
  • Usefulness of the evaluation findings and recommendations, through timely presentation of
    relevant, clear and concise information.


  • Familiar with the Lebanese context and its health system
  • Experience working as an evaluator
  • Strong knowledge and practical experience pertaining to access, accountability, gender/disability inclusion and protection mainstreaming
  • Experience working with non-governmental organizations
  • Fluent in Arabic, Fluent in English or French
  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • Strong methodic and structured approach
  • Administrative capacity to work in Lebanon
  • In capacity to perform numerous field visits across Lebanon


  • Consultancy from 15th of January until the end of February 2024
  • Candidates should share:
    • CV proving profile match the requirements listed above / CV of all team members with roles if a team
    • A detailed budget covering the full completion of these ToRs
    • A narrative detailing the way to work, methodology (quantitative and qualitative) and sampling approach (relevant to these ToRs)
    • A sample of a previous evaluation conducted as you deem relevant to support the application – in English or French
    • Registration of the company / financial number if no registered company

Please share your application by email : [email protected]

Only complete applications will be considered

See the Terms Of References here

How to apply

Application to send : https://www.chainedelespoir.org/fr/lebanon-consultancy-health-system-strengthening-children-suffering-congenital-orthopedic-disorders

Deadline: 29 Feb 2024

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