Consultant – Preconfigured light ERP core module

FCA Investments

1. Introduction & Background

FCA Investments is looking for (a team of) Consultant(s) to create a preconfigured light ERP core module during 4.3. – 30.4.2024.

  1. 1 Background info on FCA Investments

FCA Investments (FCAI) is an impact-driven com­pany specializing in Small and Medium-sized Enter­prise (SME) development. FCAI believes in the role of responsible and scalable SMEs as a driver for building sustainable and inclusive economic growth in devel­oping countries. Therefore, FCAI aims to leverage the power of finance and business development support to turn the missing middle challenge into an investable opportunity. A vibrant and responsible SME sector (and the associated economic growth and job creation) is the backbone of any sustainable economy. However, in many low-income countries and fragile contexts, SMEs are largely absent and suffer from limited access to finance and low productivity levels. This phenom­enon is widely known as the “Missing Middle”. In that context, addressing the Missing Middle challenge is highly linked to improving livelihoods, creating decent jobs, providing access to basic services, increasing local tax revenues, and ultimately meeting the Sus­tainable Development Goals (SDGs). FCAI is a 100% subsidiary of Finn Church Aid (FCA), the largest Finn­ish non-governmental organization and second larg­est in humanitarian aid. FCA has been in operation for more than 70 years in some of the world’s most challenging and fragile contexts. As a subsidiary, FCAI seeks to build on the core competencies of Finn Church Aid to ensure that all the investments made are sustainable and have a positive social or/and environmental impact in the target countries. For more information, please visit and

1.2 Background info on FCA Investments requesting the services

FCAI has already launched Missing Middle Opportunity Facility (MMOF) in the Ugandan and Kenyan SME markets which provides Business Development Services (BDSs), finance or both to client SMEs. The Business Development Services (BDSs) are designed to build client SMEs’ capacities in crosscutting areas including accounting, financial and ESG management, responsible business practice, marketing and sales. These services combined with access to affordable finance, provided by FCAI, will help tackle the Missing Middle challenge by making client SMEs more transparent, compliant with related national and international standards, and eventually, increasing their investment readiness. The preconfigured ERP core module will allow FCAI to provide remote management support services in sales, purchases, production and other operations to client SMEs located in Uganda. With the help of preconfigured ERP core module, FCAI will be able to collect data online from client SMEs, using tailored Power Apps, and support the SMEs’ management functions needed to make its business operations more efficient. In the preconfigured ERP core module project, FCAI and the Consultant(s) will tailor and adapt MS tools including MS Business Central, Power BI and Power Apps, to serve the needs of a Ugandan poultry farm and FCAI/MMOF’s other client SMEs in Uganda. The project will be implemented between 4.3. – 29.4.2024. The project will be managed by FCAI from its headquarters in Helsinki, Finland.

2. Objectives & Deliverables

Object 1: setup Dynamics 365 Business Central functionality according to the requirements of business processes of a poultry farm operating in Uganda.

Object 2: develop several apps in Power Apps that will operate with data from Dynamics 365 Business Central and allow users of the poultry farm to have simple user interface through which they can enter data in an online mode. These apps will also decrease costs associated with buying the licenses of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

3. Scope of work

Dynamics 365 Business Central should cover the following functional areas:

  • Minimum of finance management (such as chart of accounts, required dimensions, posting groups, etc.)
  • Cash management (currency setup, bank accounts setup, etc.)
  • Purchase and accounts payable,
  • Sale and accounts receivable,
  • Inventory management, including assembly (for making food mixtures),
  • Fixed Assets (as a source that allows to manage birds and flocks).
  • Setup of workflows to approve different entities within the Business Central.

Scope of works must include the following activities:

  • analyze and document the requirements,
  • setup a model and demonstrate/train,
  • set up access rights,
  • prepare user manuals,
  • create apps (forms) in Power Apps for poultry farm’s employees who will be responsible for data entry,
  • correct sources for the existing Power BI reporting tool,
  • enter master data and open balances in the new system.

4. Duration of contract

Duration of this contract is eight weeks with a possibility of extension for 12 months.

5. Service Terms

FCAI would like to contract a certified Microsoft partner with competence in MS BC, MS PBI and MS Power Apps.

6. Duty Station

The (team of) Consultant(s) will undertake a distance mode of working in any country that is located within 3-hour time difference from Finland to enable efficient joint work based on the agreed work plan and methodology.

7. Methodology

The (team of) Consultant(s) will strictly follow the work plan and time schedule agreed with FCAI during the planning phase.

8. Budget

Budget limit is 40 000 EUR. Bids exceeding this amount will not be eligible for evaluation.

Tenderer’s proposals must include a detailed and competitive financial proposal of the assignment in euros (without VAT) inclusive of all fees, costs and taxes.

Consultant is responsible for managing their own tax contributions.

FCAI will calculate the VAT according to the Finnish legislation.

9. Validity

Tenderers’ tenders/offers shall remain valid and open for acceptance for a period of 30 days after the closing date for the submission.

Prior to the expiry of the original tender/offer validity period, FCAI may ask tenderers/candidates in writing to extend this period. Tenderers that agree to do so will not be permitted to modify their tenders/offers. If they refuse, their participation in the tender procedure will be terminated.

11. Payment Modalities

FCAI will make payments based on the amount of work stated in the Consultants’ timesheets. The Consultant will send timesheet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, which FCAI will approve. Timesheets must include the exact task from the project schedule, name of the expert, his/her hourly rate, number of hours, and the total cost. The Consultant will issue invoices based on the approved timesheets.

How to apply

12. Eligibility Criteria Imposed on the Tenderer

The tenderers will initially be verified for eligibility according to the criteria below.

Quality of the technical proposal

Weight: 30%

Means of verification and required documentation: Responsiveness to ToR, level of concreteness and communication.

Tenderer’s expertise and qualifications

Weight: 20%

Means of verification and required documentation: Tenderer must propose a team that has extensive experience in implementing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central projects. Tended should also have knowledge in using Microsoft Power Platform together with Business Central.

Financial score

Weight: 50%

Means of verification and required documentation: Lowest bid receives the highest score. Other tenderers’ scores are calculated proportionally based on the lowest bid.

13. Evaluation Process

The evaluation process is managed by FCAI’s Procurement Committee.

FCAI would like to contract a certified Microsoft partner with competence in MS BC, MS PBI and MS Power Apps. However, this is not a strict requirement.

Tenderers will be first evaluated according to the requirements in section 12 – Tenderer’s expertise and qualifications. Tenderers who are eligible will be allowed to proceed to the evaluation phase and their offers will be evaluated according to the additional criteria in section 12 – Quality of the technical proposal, Financial score.

14. Application procedure


Deadline for submission of offers is 28.2.2024 at 16.00 (GMT +2).

Tenderers must send their offers via email to [email protected] no later than the deadline mentioned above. Any tenders received after the deadline will not be considered.

Tenderers must put Preconfigured light ERP core module in the subject line of their emails when submitting their offers.

No tender may be changed or withdrawn after the deadline has passed.

The tenderer shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of the offer and FCAI will in no case be responsible or liable for these costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the procurement process.

14. Questions

Tenderers are not allowed to approach FCAI for verbal clarification.

Any prospective tenderer seeking to arrange individual meetings with either FCAI and/or any other organization with which FCAI is associated or linked may be excluded from the tender procedure.

15. Terms of contract

  • Confidentiality: FCAI will sign Non-Disclosure Agreement with the Consultant.
  • The Consultant is responsible for payment of all social costs, other employment related costs and insurance contributions and for all other liabilities of a statutory nature.
  • During the assignment, the Consultant does not represent FCAI and has no mandate to negotiate, make commitments or agree on behalf of FCAI.
  • The Consultant is expected to use own computer and other equipment required for the works.
  • By submitting an offer, the consultant confirms to abide by Finn Church Aid’s Code of Conduct and Child Safeguarding policy.
  • FCAI may for its own convenience and without charge or liability cancel the tender process at any stage.
  • The ownership and copyright(s) of the report(s) and any other produced material will remain with FCAI.

16. Documents comprising this procurement

The candidate shall complete and submit the following documents with his tender:

  1. Technical proposal

  2. Financial proposal

  3. Candidate CV, certifications, reference letters

    Annex I – Technical Proposal Template

To be filled-in by the tenderers, in compliance with the following instructions

  1. Rationale (max. 1 page)

Any comments on the Terms of Reference of importance for the successful execution of activities, in particular its objectives and expected results, thus demonstrating the degree of understanding of the contract. Any comments contradicting the Terms of Reference or falling outside their scope will not form part of the final contract.

An opinion on the key issues related to the achievement of the contract objectives and expected results

(Optional: An explanation of the risks and assumptions affecting the execution of the contract)

2. Proposed Methodology (max. 3 pages)

An outline of the approach proposed for contract implementation;

A list of the proposed activities considered to be necessary to achieve the contract objectives;

The related inputs and outputs.

3. Timetable of activities (max 1 page)

The timing, sequence and duration of the proposed activities, taking into account mobilization time.

Annex II – Financial Proposal Template

Please provide a detailed budget of the evaluation (at VAT 0) using the following format:

Consultancy fees: Unit cost (in EUR), Description/ Number of days, Total (in EUR)

Deadline: 28-Feb-24

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