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Consultant on case management (Protection from violence)

Norwegian Refugee Council

Objectives and scope of work


  • Support NRC Ukraine in ensuring that adapted and complementary tools are in place for Protection Case Management in Ukraine in line with the national SOPs and global Case Management guidance
  • Build capacity of Case Management staff through training sessions and coaching, including on supervision
  • Document learnings on the field testing of the global Case Management tool and provide recommendations on a way forward
  • Support the Inter-agency Protection Case Management Task Force (PCM TF) in term of capacity building and feeding back on learnings to the Task Force

Scope of work

The initial estimated duration of the assignment is three months. Depending on needs and funding, the consultancy could be extended.

  • Develop complimentary guidance to support quality PCM that aligns with national SOPs; this will build on existing tools and guidance developed by the Inter-agency PCM TF and NRC Ukraine this may include support to finalising and disseminating eligibility criteria, defined roles and responsibilities, develop information sharing protocol and field test of PCM Forms, .
  • Support the PCM TF by creating a link between global level guidance learning and national practices; this will require the person to actively participate to the PCM TF and feedback to the Global PCM Advisor on current developments and opportunities to further support the (IA PCM TF)
  • Ensure NRC PCM staff and operational partners in the TF are trained in PCM essential skills
  • Mentor supervision staff from NRC and operational partners
  • Provide technical support to the incoming Case Management Coordinator, including in her role as a caseworker supervisor
  • Document learning from field testing of guidance and craft recommendations on best practice for PCM, particularly when operating alongside strong national service.

Experience and qualifications

  • University degree in social science, psychology, international law, or a related field
  • 4-5 years of relevant experience within the field of expertise, including on case management, social or protection work (general protection case management preferred, GBV or Child Protection case management acceptable).
  • Technical specific knowledge from the humanitarian sector
  • Previous experience from working in complex and volatile contexts
  • Previous experience working with NRC would be an asset
  • Understand rights and protection issues of conflict-affected people in Ukraine; experience working with crisis-affected populations is an advantage
  • Documented technical competences related to the position’s responsibilities
  • Experience conducting capacity-building
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality, respect, non-discrimination and safety of clients at all times.
  • Experience working with case management databases
  • Good knowledge of data protection standards.
  • Training in psychosocial support.
  • Ability to work effectively with people from all backgrounds, and develop strategies to address barriers faced by individuals most at risk of discrimination.
  • Experience in managing teams is desirable.
  • Experience in training and coaching.
  • Well-developed organisational skills.
  • Experience in conducting community outreach.
  • Experience in coordination with external stakeholders, including local authorities, municipalities, and partner NGOs.
  • Proven communication and representation skills.
  • Fluency in English, both written and verbal.
  • Level of knowledge and practice with Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. required.

The person is to be based in Kiev with field travels to area offices to meet case management teams.

Language requirements: English

Major tasks and responsibilities

Develop complimentary guidance to support quality PCM that aligns with national SOPs:

  • Identify missing tools and guidance from the existing national SOPs and forms developed by NRC Ukraine

– Developed complementary guidance in line with the national SOPs, including eligibility criteria, roles and responsibilities, information-sharing protocol

Engagement with the Inter-agency PCM TF

  • Actively participate in the Interagency PCM TF
  • Share documented learnings to the Interagency PCM TF, highlighting current developments and opportunities, and share them back to NRC Global Case Management Advisor

Capacity Building

  • Provide formal training to NRC PCM staff and operational partners on PCM essential skills and MHPSS
  • Mentor supervision staff from NRC and operational partners through regular meetings

Technical support

  • Provide technical support to the incoming Case Management Coordinator, including in her role as a caseworker supervisor, through regular meetings and close collaboration

Document Learnings

  • Draft one paper documenting learnings from field testing of guidance by NRC and with some reference to national practices in Ukraine, including recommendations on best practice for PCM, particularly when operating alongside strong national service

3. Institutional and organisational arrangements

The consultant will work very closely with:

  • At country level:
  • incoming Case Management Protection Coordinator
  • Protection from Violence Specialist
  • Protection from Violence Project Managers in area offices (North, East and South)
  • Case management teams (case workers, and as relevant Protection from Violence Project Coordinators and Team leaders)
  • At regional/global level: Regional Protection from Violence Advisor and Global Case Management Advisor

NRC will own the intellectual property rights to all materials submitted by the consultants under the contract. The consultants must therefore ensure that they have possession of any materials provided to NRC as a part of the deliverable. The rights to reproduce the reports will fall to NRC and its contracted agents. NRC will be free to reproduce the materials at will and to grant reproduction rights.

Duties of the consultant

All companies, ltd or sole-trade, should be registered in accordance with the legal requirements at their base. If requested by NRC, proof of registration should be provided by the Consultant before a contract is signed. This can be business registration documentation and/or VAT or company tax registration. If the Consultant is a sole-trader (Individual service provider), they should be able to provide a confirmation of this status from a certified accountant or the tax authorities. However, if this is not possible, the service provider (sole trader) must confirm by signing the Consultant declaration that they complied with self-employment regulations in their country of origin.

The consultant will provide technical support in line with existing standards on Protection Case Management.

Reports should be submitted in Microsoft Word format, in UK English. All text should be unformatted. Graphs or other graphical devices should be editable (i.e. not pictures). All references must be cited according to convention, and detailed in a bibliography, using the Harvard system as set out in the UNESCO Style Manual. All verbatim quotations must appear in quotation marks and must not be of excessive length. All data collected under the consultancy must be submitted with the deliverables, in a widely recognised format such as Microsoft Excel.

Everything submitted to NRC must be the original work of the consultants. Any plagiarism in any form, or any other breach of intellectual property rights, will automatically disqualify the consultant from receiving any further payments under the contract by NRC, and NRC will seek to recover any payments already made.

The consultant will follow Ethical Research Involving Children guidance on the ethical participation of children. In addition, all participants in any study or other interaction will be fully informed about the nature and purpose of the interaction and their requested involvement. Informed consent must be obtained for any photographs, audio or video recordings, etc., in accordance with NRC’s policy on consent.

How to apply

Please access the below link for tender documents and how to submit your tender

UA-CO- KYIV- RFQ-2024-14

Deadline: 22 Feb 2024

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