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Consultancy to prepare topographic surveys and Land Use Plans In Kajiado County

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Habitat for Humanity


Habitat for Humanity Kenya (HFHK) is among the 70 country affiliates of HFH International (HFHI). We report to the Africa Area Office (AAO) together with other 8 National Organizations (NOs). In Kenya, we were registered in 1982 as Non-Governmental Organization, with the goal of enabling low-income families access decent and affordable shelter. In the last 40 years, HFHK has supported more than 345,000 families across 9 counties in Kenya through housing micro-finance and direct construction. We are currently operating in Laikipia, Homabay, Kisumu, Tana River, Machakos and Makueni. As part of the programmatic area on Settlement Based Practice, we have been implementing the Vulnerable Group Housing (VGH) Project. The project supports construction of low-cost houses, water, and sanitation facilities for vulnerable groups of people in selected villages. The houses are constructed either through direct community engagement or local hired contractors. The community engagement approach involves the participation of community members, volunteers under the Volunteer engagement Program and local artisans. By end of April 2023, the VGH project supported the construction of 159 houses with water harvesting systems, and an equivalent number of toilets i.e. – 63 in Homa Bay, 14 in Machakos and 81 in Laikipia. The specific project sites are Rangwe (55 houses), Ndhiwa (5 houses), Mbita (3 houses), Kandutura (19 houses), Marura (14 homes), Mukima (10 homes), Kariunga (15 homes) and Naibor (23 houses) and Kyumbi (14 houses).


HFHK is seeking interested parties to prepare Topographic surveys and Land Use Plans (LUP) for land parcel allocated to a school project in Kajiado County. The purpose of this assignment is to prepare Land Use Plans, to enable sustainable development of land to be consistent with the overall development objective/vision of the Kajiado locality. Additionally, the Land use plans will ensure the efficient use of resources taking into consideration the broader development objectives/goals/vision of the regions where the school locality is located.

The topographic surveys will facilitate effective administration and management of land information by the school. In addition, the output of the works will also benefit Kajiado County and land use planners at local and national levels land management and development.

  2. General and scope of works

Reporting to the Construction Supervisor, the Land Surveyor will work for 2 months based on full consultancy fee for the whole assignment paid in phases as shall be specified in the contract terms.

The selected party/consultant should be familiar with the institutional processes and issues associated with the State Department for Lands and Physical Planning in Kenya. The following tasks are required to be carried out to accomplish the services:

a) Land survey of the existing land use and topography

b) The selected party should conduct topographic surveys.

c) Land Use Plans should be prepared based on surveyed maps approved by State Department for Lands and Physical Planning (SPLPP), Ministry of Lands, Public Works, Housing, and Urban Development, hence, survey maps should be submitted to SDLPP for approval.

d) In consultation with the relevant line Ministries, National Government Institutions, County Government and Local Communities, the consultant should draw up a land use strategy package. The consultant must identify, assess, and address the existing conditions, issues, problems, and development potential to finalize the land use strategy.

e) Once the Land Use Strategy has been finalized the consultant should incorporate this strategy into the development of Land Use Plans.

f) The Draft Land use plan should address the issues stated out in (d)

g) The consultant should present the draft plan to Kajiado County Lands Office including the relevant stakeholders and the local community.

h) Based on the outcome / suggestions of the meeting stated in (g) the consultant should amend the draft plan and finalize the plan.

i) Along with the final plan, the consultant should submit a Planning report, which details the analysis of existing land use and the justification and rational for the proposed land uses, to County Government for the final approval by the Ministry of Lands, Public Works, Housing, and Urban Development. The report should also include the stakeholder consultation reports including signed meeting attendance.

2.2 Specific Objectives Of the Proposed Surveying Work

  1. To Conduct site surveys: Land surveyors is expected to conduct surveys of the parcel of the land proposed for the school project proposed development site to gather accurate data on its size, boundaries, topography, and other physical characteristics. This information will be used to determine the feasibility of development on the site and to plan for the necessary infrastructure.
  2. To analyze geospatial data: GIS experts is expected to analyze geospatial data to identify potential development sites based on factors such as land use, zoning regulations, environmental considerations, and market demand. This data will also be used to assess the potential impact of development on the surrounding environment and infrastructure.
  3. Conducting environmental assessments: Land surveyors is consortia with GIS experts is expected to work together to conduct environmental assessments of proposed development sites. This will involve analyzing data on factors such as air and water quality, wildlife habitat, and climate change to determine the suitability of the site for development and to plan for any necessary mitigation measures.
  4. Planning infrastructure: The Land surveyors and GIS experts is expected to work together to plan the necessary infrastructure to support development on the site. This will involve analyzing data on existing infrastructure and identifying areas where new infrastructure may be needed, such as roads, utilities, and buildings.
  5. Lastly, the land surveyors and GIS experts play a critical role in analyzing proposed development sites. This is expected to yield and provide providing accurate data on site characteristics and environmental factors, this will make HFHK/KELC make informed decisions about the feasibility of development on a site and plan for the necessary infrastructure to support it.

2.3 Works commissioning

The Consultants will implement Works commissioning including:

This assignment will generate outputs and deliverables described in the project objective, through Scope of Services and tasks stated out in assignment described above. These will include:

2.4 Topographic survey maps and reports

•The consultant shall supply surveyed maps in AutoCAD DWG format (version 2018 or later), also all the Maps should be combined to one pdf file.

•2 sets of printed Survey Reports with Maps and completed PSM information forms.

•2 Flash disks with Digital AutoCAD, pdf files and RAW data.

2.5 Land Use Pans and Reports.

•The consultant shall supply Land Use Plans in AutoCAD DWG format (version 2014 or later), also all the Maps should be combined to one.pdf file.

•2 sets of printed Land Use Plans (A3 size).

•2 sets of soft copies of Land Use Plans in Digital AutoCAD .dwg, and .pdf files

•2 sets of printed Land Use Plan reports (A4 size).

•2 sets of soft copies of Land Use Plan reports in MicrosoftWord.docx and. pdf files.

2.6 Surveyor’s equipment

The survey should be carried out using calibrated and well-maintained equipment only. The validity of the calibration certificate of the equipment should last until the end of the survey period.

2.7 Accuracy of Topographic Survey

The relative accuracy of natural features shall not exceed ±0.5m

The relative accuracy of man-made structures shall not exceed ±0.030m.


The purpose is to describe the responsibilities of the Land Surveyor who will be engaged on a consultancy contract for a period of 2 months The tasks/activities listed below, shall not be considered exhaustive; they are rather indicative on the deliverables and requirements of the consultancy. The Land Surveyor is encouraged to propose a different or expanded set of tasks to fulfill the envisaged scope of work provided by the Construction Supervisor.

The following provides the responsibilities and scope of work, divided into two basic phases:

  1. Phase I: Preliminary identification of boundaries of pieces of land.
  2. Phase II: Detailed land boundaries setting and liaising with the Lands Registry in Kajiado County thus ensuring proper demarcation and documentation is achieved to lead to other processes of acquiring of land ownership and change of uses as the mace may be.

Under the guidance of the Construction Supervisor, the Land Surveyor shall prepare for approval, the Schedule for the work to be undertaken. The Schedule shall be updated at the commencement of each month, based on the quantity of surveying work.

In this Phase, the Land Surveyor shall carry out the tasks presented herein in addition to being the focal point of liaison with all project location staff (HFHK – Construction Supervisor) , Project steering Committees (PSC), Community resource persons (CRPs), local authorities, and other stakeholders, in relation to construction needs under the direct supervision of the construction supervisor.

The Land Surveyor working under supervision of HFHK Construction Supervisor shall assist in collecting all project related information including, but not limited, to:

  1. Conduct site surveys.
  2. Collecting geospatial data and developing data to be used in land information management systems in Kajiado County
  3. Analyze geospatial data.
  4. Facilitating beneficiary listing for the planned home construction
  5. Facilitating in demarcating beneficiary’s land boundaries
  6. Facilitating in collaboration with field staff processing land ownership documents


Following completion of this task, the Land Surveyor is expected to have developed a full idea regarding each site requirement and a preliminary land boundary design concept.


The responsibilities and scope of work for the Land Surveyor during this phase is related to the detailed identification and setting out of land boundaries to the pieces of land in Kajiado County.

In this Phase, the Land Surveyor shall carry out, but not limited to the following:

  1. Conducting environmental assessments
  2. Planning infrastructure
  3. Analyzing proposed development sites
  4. Facilitating the landowners to clearly identify and mark out the land boundaries.
  5. Providing technical responses to related landowners questions and queries.
  6. Assist the landowners in processing land Title Deeds
  7. Obtaining, on behalf of HFHK, all required approvals, letters, etc from relevant authorities, or ensure that Consultant obtains such approvals.


The potential Consultant should have the following qualifications.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Geospatial engineering, Land Surveying, or similar qualification.
  • At least 3 years proven experience in undertaking land surveying using diverse applications and software techniques.
  • Knowledge and capacity to collect geospatial data and analyze the same for the construction works as well as other land uses.
  • Proven experience in construction project implementation supervision and documentation.
  • A reliable and effective analyst with extensive experience in conducting analyses and a proven record of delivering professional results.
  • Ability to follow instructions precisely and work in a team to support the delivery of successful project.
  • Excellent computer skills and desirable skills in AutoCAD, Civil CAD, Civil 3d and other Geospatial Engineering software.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Excellent presentation and report writing skills.
  • Ability to follow instructions precisely and work in a team to support the delivery of successful projects.
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet strict deadlines.

The application is open to both individual consultants and firms. Applicants must provide:

  1. An application letter indicating the following:
    1. Your motivation towards this assignment
    2. The value you will be adding to Settlement based practice as one of our organization thematic areas.
    3. Your lump sum consultancy fee (Professional fees, Transport, lithography, and other related anticipated cost). This should be inclusive of all taxes.
  2. A detailed CV and professional background relevant to the assignment.
  3. References and recommendation letters of similar previously assignments undertaken by the individual consultant or firms.
  4. The assignment will be for a period of two (2) months.

How to apply

Applications should be submitted to:

The Procurement Officer

Habitat for Humanity Kenya

CVS Plaza, Kasuku lane, OFF Lenana Road, Nairobi Kenya

P.O BOX 38949, Code, 00623
office: +254 717 454 380 • 020 2572812


Email: [email protected]

Deadline**: 22nd February 2024**

Deadline: 22-Feb-24

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