Consultancy study: Value chain analysis, Action Against Hunger Afghanistan

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The overall objective of this assignment is to carry out a Value Chain Analysis and Market assessment of potential and relevant value chains.

Through a value chain analysis, the project shall identify localized private sector-led climate resilient and nutrition sensitive value chains which are used mostly by vulnerable women and youth. The project shall then prioritize 4-6 key value chains and map out the key value chain actors in the provinces of Ghor, Daikundi and Badakhshan, with emphasizes on value chains whereas women will have a significant role and on existing value chains which can be engendered. This shall be followed by capacity mapping of the value chain actors and linkage of targeted farmers and MSME beneficiaries to value chain actors with capacity to support them with quality inputs and information. Potential private sector traders and companies are identified with emphasis on developing market pathways to identified business options in the provinces of Ghor, Daikundi and Badakhshan, with specific focus where women play a significant role in the product value chain. The report on value chain capacity gaps shall be shared with other actors for further support of the value chains to cover gaps that are beyond the scope of this project.

  1. The specific Objectives are:
  • Study the existing value chains and prioritize the 4-6 most pro-poor, nutrition sensitive, women/youth friendly and climate resilient commodity value chains.
  • Identify the challenges, opportunities, and potential of various actors (farmers, traders, transporters, processors, etc.) in the value chain of the 4-6 most pro-poor, nutrition sensitive, women/youth friendly and climate resilient commodity value chains.
  • Identification of weakest linkages and bottlenecks in the supply chains and of opportunities to make it more productive (e.g., through improved flow of knowledge)
  • Analyze current market trends in terms of market demand and supply, price-scheduling mechanisms, market determinant factors, supply chains and government market regulatory and control mechanisms in relation to the 4-6 prioritized pro-poor, nutrition sensitive, women/youth friendly and climate resilient commodity value chains.
  • Analyze potential risks the project beneficiaries may face with markets (local market structure and key risks/barriers in the enabling environment e.g. security issues or policies affecting market access) and suggest possible mitigation measures in relation to the 4-6 prioritized commodity value chains.
  • Map out existing productive assets and explore the possible linkages between the priority value chains and community productive assets in target locations.
  • Understand the capacity of small-scale market actors and any existing producer associations/organizations regarding production, scale up, input access, access to services, credit, information and resources in relation to the three prioritized pro-poor commodities.
  • Document the capacity gaps in the 4-6 prioritized commodity value chains and suggest improvements that are geared towards empowering all actors to independently exist in the market economy.
  • Identify key actors for capacity building and the exact support they need to improve the prioritized pro-poor, nutrition sensitive, women/youth friendly and climate resilient commodity value chains in a fragile conflict affected area taking into consideration the bigger picture that involves other goods and services that were not prioritized in the study.
  • Identification of specific opportunities for women and youth to be involved in the values chain identified and selected.
  • To investigate the potential impact of the improving pro-poor, nutrition sensitive, women/youth friendly and climate resilient commodity value chains on improvement of food & nutrition security in the area especially for the poor populations.
  • Write a value chain and market analysis report, which includes an executive summary and practical recommendations that can be used to inform the development of viable, sustainable and locally appropriate strategies aimed at creating viable value chain. The set of recommendations should include actions, partnerships, and investments that are necessary to ensure the sustainability of the value chain selected.

How to apply

  • The consultant or consultancy firm should have individual/s possessing significant knowledge and experience on aspects of value chain analysis, market assessment, agriculture, economics, agribusiness development or related field
  • Have team member with an appropriate post-graduate qualifications and appropriate experience in agriculture, economics, agri-business etc with at least five years relevant experience.
  • International experience (at least 5 years) in Value chain related programming.
  • Experience in carrying out at least three Studies related to Agriculture and Agricultural Value Chains with at least one as the lead consultant.
  • Strong commitment to capacity building/development of national staff and partners with a willingness to adopt a participatory and consultative approach.
  • Extensive experience in data management and analysis, including data collection tools design, database design, management, and data quality checks.
  • Extensive experience in quantitative, qualitative analysis, and socio-economic analysis value Chain.
  • Sound and mature understanding of the role of sustainable agriculture in community and nations development.
  • Robust experience in applying participatory methods of data collection and validation and in recommending solutions that are context specific and community-adaptive.
  • Good interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate and negotiate clearly and effectively at all levels, taking into account cultural and language difficulties with tact and diplomacy.
  • Strong personal discipline and capacity to respect deadlines, even if under pressure.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in the English language (oral and written).
  • Ability to communicate effectively in local languages is a strong asset;
  • The ability to work closely in a team, to be patient, adaptable, flexible and able to improvise and work in an environment that is often stressful and potentially volatile.
  • Willingness to travel in difficult circumstances.
  • Understanding the social and economic context of Afghanistan is an added advantage.
  • Relevant experience in a similar studies in Afghanistan is preferred.
  • Proved international experience would be an asset.

Qualified and interested parties are asked to submit the following;

  • Letter of interest in submission of the Proposal and a CV of the consultant(s)
  • A detailed technical proposal clearly demonstrating a thorough understanding of this ToR and including but not limited to the following;
  • Consultant/Company Profile and legal documentation
  • Description of the Methodology and Sample Size Determination
  • Demonstrated previous experience in similar assignments and qualifications outlined in this ToR.
  • Proposed data management plan (collection, processing and analysis).
  • Proposed timeframe detailing activities and a work plan.
  • Team composition and level of effort of each proposed team member (include CVs of each team member).
    • A financial proposal with a detailed breakdown of costs for the study quoted in USD.
    • Date of availability
    • Chronogram if different from the one proposed in this ToR
    • Terms of payment if different from the one proposed in this ToR
    • Currency of payment if different from the one proposed in this ToR

All applications should be sent electronically to: [email protected]with attachments in pdf and a subject line: “Consultancy study: Value chain analysis, before 15th February 2024.

Note: As part of the Consultant selection process, the best five candidates may be subjected to an interview process, as may be required by the Supply Chain and Core Technical Teams, to inform the final decision on the award of the Contract.

Deadline: 15 Feb 2024

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