Norwegian Refugee Council

NORWEGIAN REFUGEE COUNCIL (NRC) in Palestine is calling for offers for a consultancy for YOUTH NEEDS ASSESSMENT in oPt (#RFQ PSJ 010-2023).

The primary objective is to identify what are the most needed skills for youth living in the occupied Palestinian Territories (oPt) to be prepared to transit to the labor market, focusing on three key areas:

  1. Access – Identify barriers, limitations and needs for youth on the pathway from TVET/high school to job opportunities.
  2. Skills – Identify market-driven skills needed to access labor market, and necessary life skills.
  3. Community Engagement – youth community engagement to foster youth empowerment.

Major Tasks and responsibilities:

  1. To develop an assessment linked to barriers and opportunities to access livelihood opportunities in the targeted locations: Gaza and Wet Bank with a limited sample that will be agreed at the time of the design of the assessment.

The youth participatory assessment should elicit from youth’s views, perceptions of opportunities and challenges, and identify steps to be taken by the NRC to design a youth education programme based on needs and challenges to access job opportunities. The assessment should contribute to existing research developed by other organizations. Therefore, an in-depth analysis of secondary data should be developed by the consultant before facilitating this specific tasks.

Some areas of analysis related to opportunities might be:

  • Demand-side (businesses, sectors, etc.)
  • Businesses that could support jobs for Palestinian youth living in Gaza and West Bank
  • Sectors that could support Palestinian youth
  • Formal and informal channels to find out job opportunities
  • Youth-run businesses opportunities
  • Sectors more appropriate for women vocational skills
  • Barriers related to non-traditional gender roles
  • Supply-side (skills needed or opportunities to gain skills/experience)
  1. Facilitation of the consultation workshops with groups of male and female youth focused on market-driven skills, life skills and community engagement. Specifically, through the participatory workshop, clear information, suggestions and recommendations on specific skills needed to facilitate the transition from the education system to a job market, as well as initiatives that can strengthen youth participation and engagement within their communities, in order to inform NRC education Core Competence for future youth interventions. The workshops will be divided and repeated in both Gaza and West Bank based on the sample that will be agreed with the consultant at the time of the design of the assessment.
  2. Drafting and producing a final document outlining process, findings and suggested actions related to the two main objective of this consultancy.

How to apply

Interested bidders are invited to request documents through the email address: [email protected].

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