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Child and adult protection consultant

Damnok Toek

Damnok Toek (DT) is currently seeking a Child and Adult Protection consultant to conduct an extensive revision of the current Protection policies and mechanisms existing to-date at the organisation. The consultant shall be responsible for determining gaps in DT staff’s current knowledge of child and adult protection best practices and procedures, and reviewing existing policies and procedures. Based on that review and assessment, the Consultant will then assist DT in developing appropriate policies and procedures for programs working with children, adolescents and adults, both in residential and outreach-type projects.

Damnok Toek is particularly looking for an experienced consultant in the field of Child and Adult Protection, and provides the possibility to conduct the consultancy in remote, working with a national team of consultants with expertise on the disability field.


In particular, the consultancy aims at:

  • Assess baseline of staff’s knowledge of, and compliance with, child protection standards. The consultant will interview key staff on general knowledge, and will review critical incidents and responses over the last 5-10 years (depending on feasibility). The consultant will also review internal reporting systems for abuse and neglect, for critical incidents, and for confidentiality.
  • Review current policies and procedures in place for projects with a significant component focusing on children and adults with disabilities.
  • Collaborate with other DT experts (consultants or full-time staff) to inform protection policy needs specific to children and adults with disabilities
  • Develop a curriculum for facilitating training on protection of children and adult with disabilities with materials specific to Cambodia, and based on gaps in staff knowledge, attitudes and practice identified earlier in the assessment.
  • Train directly or develop training material for training (remote option) of protection focal points staff in DT’s three project sites in Neak Loeung, Kep and Poipet on child and adult protection best practices and procedures, adapting it to the specific context of each location (safe migration, community outreach, education day centers, child disability and adult disability)
  • Incorporate suggested changes into DT policies and procedures so that they are compliant with international standards and best practices.
  • If deemed necessary, conduct a collaborative workshop together with DT Management, Head of Programmes, M&E manager and Protection staff on program design for projects addressing protection needs so that can be integrated into programming.


  • A written report (word document) summarising critical incidents and suspected cases over the last 5-10 years and how they were managed. The report should include lessons learned and recommendations, in line with how other organisations in Cambodia proceed and address safeguarding.
  • A baseline assessment report on current staff knowledge and compliance with protection policies.
  • A single updated internal policy document on vulnerable person protection (including children and adults) that incorporates recommendations from the analysis of critical incidents and capacity assessment and that complies with international standards
  • Detailed procedures for reporting abuse, neglect and critical incidents, including when cases should be reported externally and to whom.
  • A terms of reference for an internal child protection committee that outlines procedures for their selection/ election, their role, the duration of their term, their chain of communication, etc.
  • A systematized training curriculum on protection with facilitator’s manual, participant’s manual, PowerPoint presentations, pre- and post-test forms, training evaluation sheet, and training resources checklist adapted to Cambodia context and DT’s mission, values and type of projects;
  • A training of trainers for focal point staff on new child and adult protection standards on procedures
  • Agenda, presentations and report for collaborative workshop on programme design for projects addressing protection needs
  • A formal handover (powerpoint presentation) of the assignment to DT’s Head of Programmes and other relevant staff;
  • Digital and hard copies of materials constructed and/or shared during assessments and training seminars, to assist in continuity of program implementation.

Minimum qualification and competencies:

  • Education and experience:
    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent on Social work or related field;
    • Extensive experience in child and adult protection in development contexts;
    • Training and teaching experience will be helpful for this position.
  • Experience assessing NGO staff’s adherence to child protection standards and conducting child protection training, coaching, and mentoring using participatory and practical methodologies;
  • Ability to assess the needs of participants during the training experience and modify application of themes as appropriate;
  • Proficiency in English; knowledge of Khmer is an asset.

How to apply

Interested candidates should send a cover letter, CV, proposed workplan and budget together with a list of three references to: [email protected] before 23rd July 2023. In your cover letter, you should describe your experience in the child protection field, and particularly in adults with disabilities, and your experience performing similar assessments and trainings for NGO staff.

To apply for this job please visit