Call for Tender: Design and Facilitation of a Training Course on “Greening WASH”

Academy of the Ruhr-University Bochum


The Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict (IFHV) is one of the leading academic institutions in Europe for teaching and research in the context of humanitarian crises. Within the framework of a consortium project with the Umbrella Organization of German NGOs for Development and Humanitarian Relief (VENRO), the IFHV hosts training courses to support German humanitarian NGOs and their local partners in their efforts to implement future-oriented approaches and reforms, to drive innovation as well as to enhance sustainability and efficiency.

This project includes, amongst others, a training package on Greening Humanitarian Action. On behalf of the IFHV, the Academy of the Ruhr-University intends to commission external service providers to design and conduct a training course on Greening WASHin September or October 2024. The events are aimed at humanitarian NGO staff working on or interested in implementing projects and programming related to green humanitarian action. The trainings will be advertised and conducted under the umbrella of the academy for humanitarian action (aha) and some of the events will also be integrated into the aha’s certification program.

Complementary to the training events, the IFHV will conduct a research project to track direct and indirect emissions by NGOs. Mainstreaming the topics of Emissiontracking and related Tools into all advertised trainings is therefore highly desirable. IFHV staff will be available to advise on integrating these components into training concepts throughout the further planning process.

We invite you to bid with a written proposal on the services described below by email by February 18, 2024 at 12 noon (CET). You are free to apply for only one but also both training courses. Please note that the goals, format, and focus formulated in your offer may deviate from the indications listed in this call if this appears reasonable from your point of view.

Service Description: Training package on “Green Humanitarian Action”

According to the current IPCC report, human-induced global warming has already caused an increase of 1.1°C since 1900. The world is expected to reach the 1.5°C limit in the early 2030s. The climate crisis affects humanitarian action in two mirrored ways. First, environmental catastrophes often contribute to factors of already existing crises. Secondly, humanitarian crises and humanitarian response can have degrading impacts on the environment if managed inadequately. Integrating new humanitarian mechanisms, tools, and standards taking into account environmental impacts will heavily improve the quality of humanitarian action. This training package, therefore, concentrates on the various links between the environment and humanitarian action, its biggest challenges, and the potential opportunities to enable environmentally responsible answers.

Greening WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) (3 days, 24 lecture hours)

(expected in: September/October 2024)

Brief description:

Climate change introduces many new challenges for the humanitarian WASH sector, e.g., due to water scarcity and droughts. Inadequate ecological considerations heighten the risk of soil degradation or the loss of biodiversity. Programs need to build resilience for future challenges by involving climate-appropriate management to ensure the supply of sustainable water sources. Therefore program managers and practitioners need to know innovative methods to implement climate resistant and/or environmental friendly WASH facilities. Those could be solar water pumps or solar lighting at WASH facilities, the implementation of dams and reservoirs for energy generation, as well as desalination plants. Sector emissions could be reduced by including low-energy consumption water and waste-water treatment processes or by using “green cement” and recycled materials. There are also innovative methods like waterless sanitation that should be implemented more regularly in humanitarian projects.

This workshop aims to introduce participants to environmental challenges concerning WASH and provides innovative answers to these.

Location, time and language:

The Face-To-Face Training in Bochum (Germany), is expected to be held in September or October 2024. The workshop should be delivered in English.

Objectives of the training:

  1. The participants are aware of the environmental impacts that the WASH sector has on the environment.
  2. They know and practically use innovative methods to improve their response.
  3. They are aware of the interlinkage between an environmentally adequate response and aid efficiency.
  4. They critically reflect on the potential and applicability of the newly acquired skills in their own work context.

How to apply

Services to be provided:

The following services are to be provided under the scope of this call:

1) Planning: Conceptual planning of a training events for a minimum of 15 participants. Preparation of a detailed agenda (about two DIN A4 pages) showing the contents, methods and objectives of the individual sections of the events. It should be hands-on and designed for humanitarian practitioners. All logistical planning matters (i.e. registration procedure, incl. any additional questions and/or pre-course assessments that will help to facilitate the training and evaluation) will be handled by the RUB Academy and are not part of this tender.

2) Implementation: Professional input and independent moderation of the event(s). The proposal may include the commissioning of external speakers for additional professional input on certain topics. IFHV will support with technical and logistical assistance during both events. Additional assistance services (co-moderation, technical support etc.) can be provided by arrangement.

3) Documentation: Preparation of a short summary report (max. 5 pages) of the most important discussion points of the training and some pictures. Aspects of training evaluation are not part of the tender. Evaluation will be taken care of by aha.

Please note: All services are provided in close consultation with the responsible IFHV staff member. Ongoing arrangements regarding the conception as well as documentation of the training (via e-mail and telephone) are part of the service provision and will not be remunerated separately. A transfer of property rights to the training material (concepts, working materials, powerpoints, etc.) are not part of the tender and remain with the trainer or his/her organization.

Further information on submitting proposals:

  1. Please send your written and signed tender documents as a PDF-document by e-mail only to [email protected]. Please note: Tenders that are sent to a different e-mail address will not be considered!
  2. The deadline for submitting tenders expires on February 18, 2024, at 12 noon (CET)
  3. The tender should enumerate separately the costs (without VAT) and daily rates for the service areas 1) planning, 2) implementation, 3) documentation (please note that the training will be VAT exempted under §4 Nr. 21 UStG under German law). In addition, please provide an indication of the estimated travel costs.
  4. Please add a written sketch of the schedule (with a suggested title) to the offer, which shows the content, methods and goals for each event (max. two A4 pages per event). The goals, format and focus formulated in your offer may deviate from the indications listed in this call if this appears reasonable from your point of view.
  5. Please also send us the curriculum vitae of all trainers or speakers, showing relevant work experience (in terms of content and methodology).
  6. The decision to award the contract will be made on the basis of the costs (50%) and the quality of the tender (in terms of fit of the individual elements of the schedule to the objective, feasibility of the approach and variety of methods) (40%), as well as the experience of the provider in conducting training in humanitarian action (10%).

We are looking forward to receiving your offer.

For questions on the call for proposals, kindly consult Aaron Dumont at [email protected].

Deadline: 18-Feb-24

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