Aviation Emergency Response Support (AERS) Consultancy Roster for WFP Caribbean Multi-Country Office

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The United Nations World Food Programme is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. The mission of WFP is to help the world achieve Zero Hunger in our lifetimes. Every day, WFP works worldwide to ensure that no child goes to bed hungry and that the poorest and most vulnerable, particularly women and children, can access the nutritious food they need.


The Aviation Emergency Response Support (AERS) for the Caribbean and CDEMA Participating States (22 Caribbean Island States), reporting administratively to the WFP Caribbean Aviation Officer, WFP’s Head of Supply Chain (SC) Barbados and technically to the Aviation Safety Officer and Emergency Response Support (ASO/ERS) and ultimately to the Chief of the Aviation Safety Unit (CASU) in HQ; is responsible for supporting the emergency responses in the aviation sector in the region.

The AERS works closely with the ASO/ERS for the planning and execution of the tasks that are necessary to support the deployment of WFP Barbados Supply Chain teams to areas affected by natural disasters.

The AERS assists in the planning / responding of / to emergency responses related to aviation and in coordination with SCOA, the needed support for its eventual implementation. The AERS also assists the Logistics Supply Chain office in WFP Barbados CO in relation with aviation operations and in other matters related with Logistics as necessary.

This assignment may involve intensive travel during the contract. Emergency support can include physical and technical support to fill gaps that may present themselves to keep passenger/cargo operations moving.

KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES (not all-inclusive)

1. Immediate availability for deployment to natural disaster areas.

2. Cooperate in the planning and development of emergency plans for the region taking into account the material and human resources available.

3. Support the maintenance of a solid database comprising data related with air operators. Civil Aviation Authorities. service providers. aviation infrastructure and services and aviation security entities in the region.

4. Reviews information available in the region regarding incident and safety information and contributes to the development of the aviation safety risk log managed by RASO WA/AME.

5. Supports the ASO/ERS in hazard identification and constantly follows-up on mitigation of related risks keeping all staff alerted as necessary.

6. Contributes with all necessary aviation information to the emergency response plan managed by WFP Barbados CO and expands the info provided into related Supply Chain matters as required.

7. Plans when necessary and feasible. passenger/cargo services should an emergency hit. in close coordination with SCOA and WFP Barbados CO. coordinating aircraft chartering as required.

8. Integrate WFP UAVs capabilities into the emergency response plan in close coordination with WFP TEC. SCOA and ASU. when the WFP Barbados CO requests for such assistance.


9. Supports coordinating through Head SC in WFP Barbados CO all necessary aviation (and Logistics) support to the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA). including consolidating PPE and medical supplies in Barbados for downstream airlift.

10. Develops a fluent communication system with ICAO Regional Office. IATA. Civil Aviation Authorities in the region. WFP Senior Aviation Officer in ICAO HQ. and other aviation stakeholders as applicable and indicated by WFP Barbados CO.

11. Attends internal and external meetings as required as a WFP/ASU representative and/or in support of WFP Barbados CO when designated by Head SC Barbados.

12. Supports emergency responses through air ops and close coordination with customs forwarding for both passenger and cargo (this may include some hands on. and often physical support to move cargo when none available).

13. Develops protocol and training to enhance surge capacities in the region with WFP/CDEMA SC teams to develop understanding and learning skills in the aviation sector.

14. Performs all emergency support duties as assigned.


  • Enhanced region’s air operator’s database.
  • Continuous update of the emergency response planning on all related with aviation, and on issues related with Logistics matters as required.
  • Documented technical support to and coordination with CDEMA for air ops with regional carriers.
  • Consolidation of PPE and medical supplies assistance capabilities in Barbados and in the Caribbean region to CDEMA support.
  • Effective planning and execution of a possible passenger/cargo service for the region should an emergency hit.
  • Integration of WFP UAVs capabilities into the emergency response plan through established coordination with WFP TEC, SCOA and ASU as guided by WFP Barbados C


Education: University degree (BSc or MSc) in Aviation (Safety and/or Engineering) required, Having or having held an Air Transport or Commercial Pilot License, Aviation Engineering License or Air Traffic Control License (or equivalent) is desirable,

Experience: Have had a minimum of 7 years’ experience in the aviation industry, have successfully completed an Aviation Management Training course or equivalent, aviation experience in the region.

Knowledge: Very good skills on computers use, particularly excel/word and PPT as well as & Skills: capability to fill/use forms and create reports, and in the use of communication tools.

Languages: English (working language). Second UN language, preferably French or Spanish.

Experience of having worked for WFP or UN will be considered.


JOB TITLE: Aviation Emergency Response Support (AERS)


Level: II (6 to 10 years of experience)

DUTY STATION (City, Country): Bridgetown, Barbados

The World Food Programme Caribbean Multi-Country Office is creating a roster of qualified individuals for future consultancies in the Caribbean.


It’s a pool of potential candidates with the necessary mix of knowledge, experience, skills, and values that match our priority hiring needs in WFP Caribbean MCO.

Candidates who are recommended following the competitive selection process, will be placed in the Roster for consultancy opportunities.


The World Food Programme is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. This is your opportunity to be part of an organization with a humanitarian purpose “Saving Lives, Changing Lives”, and to be part of a talent pool for future positions.

All applications received will be reviewed and go through a selection process to assess relevant experience and qualifications. Applicants who meet the selection criteria may be contacted for further interviews or assessments and to confirm their continued interest and availability.

Successful candidates will be placed on a roster for short-term opportunities. Rostered applicants may be contacted in the upcoming 12 months on an as-needed basis.

WFP offers a competitive compensation package determined on the basis of the Terms of Reference and the selected candidate’s qualifications and experience.


The deadline to apply for this position is 23 June 2022 ( Atlantic Standard Time).

Link to apply:


How to apply

To apply, please create a personal account and fill out the profile form with your personal information at http://www1.wfp.org/careers/job-openings.

In the application form, ensure filling the mandatory sections, attaching your CV, answering the pre-screening questions and agreeing on the legal statement before submitting your application. Selection of staff is made on a competitive basis on account of potential and performance. All applicants will undergo a rigorous process which includes a panel interview.