Terms of References for provision of Interpretation and Translation Services

Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy


Established by a Law enacted by the Danish Parliament in 2010, the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD) works to contribute to the development and strengthening of democratic political parties, multi-party systems and other institutions that are deemed the foundation for a conducive democratic culture in selected developing countries. In 2012, DIPD initiated its Programme in Myanmar. Its core activities are focused on promoting multiparty dialogue and building the capacity of political parties to play a more effective role in their respective countries. DIPD Myanmar is seeking the provision of services in interpretation for the events/workshops/trainings and translation for learning materials/publications.

2. Tasks and responsibilities

The service provider is expected to fulfil the following deliverables and work closely with DIPD team throughout the assignment. The service provider must possess relevant proven experiences and guarantee timely delivery of the services as per the contract. Translating the training materials/publications ▪ Provide accurate and timely translation from English to Myanmar (vice versa if necessary) of training materials/publications ▪ Ensure correct formatting and proofreading of translation to minimize typing errors and grammatical mistakes. ▪ Ensure context and cultural appropriation of the translation and interpretation services provided, if necessary, upon discussing it first with DIPD team. ▪ Make necessary corrections or changes required by DIPD and re-submit correct text within an agreed timeframe Consecutive and/or Simultaneous interpretation for training event ▪ Provide consecutive and/or simultaneous interpretation from English to Myanmar and vice versa for events and/ or trainings ▪ In all cases, the translator/interpreter shall be responsible to have uninterrupted internet access during live events and to ensure timely submission of written materials.

3. Deliverables and Deadlines

The agreement comes into force at the signing by both parties of the agreement. The time schedule has been agreed as follows: • Submission of the training materials translations 3 days before the training/event date or on any other date as agreed with DIPD. • Attending a preparatory call with the rest of the resource persons • Provision of consecutive/simultaneous interpretation during DIPD events. 4. Qualifications • At least 5 years of professional experience with a proven track record in provision of interpretation and translation services from English to Myanmar and vice versa. • Ability to use correct context and thematic appropriate language and terminology during interpretation and translation. • Demonstrated work experience with international organisations is desirable • Effective organisational skills and ability to provide deliverables in a timely manner • Knowledge in Governance, Social Sciences, Politics, Social Cohesion and Peacebuilding is a must. • Computer skills (especially tying in Unicode font in Burmese)

How to apply

Application procedure

Interested individuals/organisations must submit the following documents.

  1. Curriculum Vitae with evidence of relevant work experience and references (if any)
  2. Financial proposal indicating detail budget breakdown (Please use the below template as budget proposal.)

Sr. No Particular Rate 1 Translating Document USD per word in English 2 Translating PowerPoint USD per word in English 3 Consecutive Interpretation USD (4 hours half day rate and 1 full day rate) 4 Simultaneous Interpretation USD (4 hours half day rate and 1 full day rate)

All the required document should be sent via email to [email protected] no later than 19th June 2022.