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SYRIA – CONSULTANCY : « Raqqa Irrigation Situational Analysis and definition of strategic roadmap for future irrigation support integrating climate sm

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Farmers and Cooperatives are essential components of the water irrigation management, together with the supervisor of the irrigation authorities. They coordinate water deliveries and collect taxes at field level for certain geographic areas. However, following decades of mismanagement by a centralized authority and policies that have not been implemented regarding the use of irrigated water, water losses and coping mechanisms that damage the environment remain problematic.

Among these coping mechanisms, the reliance of farmers on the use of drainage water (highly concentrated in salt due to gypsum soil in Raqqa area) for irrigation purposes, and in some extreme cases the direct (without prior treatment) use of Raqqa city sewage water for irrigation with all potential risk related to these practices. For example the use of drainage water increases drastically the soil salinity thus affecting the soil quality and eventually the viability of the future cropping seasons.. Farmers in Raqqa rely on traditional irrigation techniques, mainly surface irrigation that can be appropriate due to the geological / pedological constraint. This aspect should be taken into account when alternative / water saving solution will be evaluated and studied.

This consultancy is considered as a key component in the quality implementation of SI’s intervention.

The consultancy will cover mainly Raqqa governorate, focusing on the agricultural lands covered by main irrigation canals and drainage systems. The consultancy should identify current existing governance systems of Raqqa including their performances and possible strengthening capacities. One of the main outcomes should evaluate and see how strengthening the capacities of local authorities, especially in the aspects of engagement between public and private actors for establishing contingency modalities to address emergency situations (like canals damages, nonfunctional regulation, and equipment, …) through operation and management and establishment of contingency modalities.

The consultant, in collaboration with key stakeholders (farmers, farmers associations, DoAI…), will develop a training module tackling challenges faced by farmers and local authorities in water management and water use, and training key community figures on good water management practices. In addition, the consultancy aims at providing SI with a roadmap, based on the findings of the field analysis, on sustainable and effective interventions.

How to apply

Interested applicants should request the Terms of Reference at [email protected] until December 20th COB.

Interested applicants are required to submit their proposal, using the following guidelines:

  • Cover letter – one-page maximum
  • Technical proposal – 6 pages including the following but not limited to
    • Understanding of the assignment
    • Proposed methodology, sampling, tools and techniques
    • Propose clear timeline for survey
    • Approach for data collection, cleaning, analysis, frequencies
    • Propose outline of the survey report
    • Composition of team, their resumes and assigned roles in the survey
  • Financial proposal. Includes breakdown of costs
  • Consultant profile:
    • Training and qualifications
    • Professional experience (if relevant to consultancy, specific skills and/or specific context conditions)
    • Experience in evaluation/research in similar context
    • Experience in facilitating learning and participatory processes (in the case of a learning-oriented evaluation with co-construction of lessons learned and recommendations)
    • Knowledge of the country/area of intervention
    • Required qualities
    • Languages
  • Sample copy of at least two similar assignments in past work.
  • Reference

Criteria of evaluation of the offers will be:

  • Price: 40%
  • Quality of methodology of the consultancy: 30%
  • Capacity/reference: 30%

Offer not including at least 1 reference for consultancy of research work in the field of Irrigation will be not considered.

Solidarités International considers individual candidates and teams equally.

The applicants must send off requested documents electronically.

The deadline for submission is 5th January 2023.

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