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Sened Organization

Job Title:

Supply chain officer

Job Location:

Turkey – Hatay – Antakya

Reporting to:

Supply chain coordinator

General Description of the Programme:

SENED is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization licensed and registered in Türkiye with the number 27-15-175. SENED Organization was established shortly after the Syrian Nakba and in response to the suffering of millions of Syrian refugees in Turkey as well as internally displaced people in Syria, to alleviate suffering, achieving justice, equality, and freedom, strengthening the role of civil society, and supporting and developing the local community. SENED works in the humanitarian work sectors to support, empower, and educate the community through several programs, takes exceptional care of people with disabilities and their families and defends their issues.

SENED Association emphasizes creating safe, accessible, and participation-encouraging living conditions for individuals’ emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development by focusing on people with disabilities. Beyond the medical perspective on disability, it tries to find solutions to the problems faced by disabled people with a holistic perspective by considering the disabled people, their families, and the society they live in, focusing on the conditions they experience. SENED Association aims to create a safe and supportive environment and space by conducting family-oriented activities to help disabled individuals and their families become stronger, discover their potential and stand by with their children. By collecting data on refugee-disabled people and identifying problems and needs, SENED strives to ensure harmony between disabled refugees and local people with a voluntary, professional team and a community-based approach. All activities, education, research, advocacy, etc., are carried out on platforms created by local and disabled refugee people.

Job purpose:

The primary purpose of the Supply Chain Officer role is to oversee and optimize the end-to-end supply chain processes within the organization. The incumbent will coordinate procurement activities, manage logistics, and oversee inventory to ensure a seamless flow of goods and services. The goal is to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and contribute to overall organizational success.

Duties, objectives, and competencies:


  1. Ensure that all procurement procedures in the SENED office are effectively followed in compliance with the SENED Logistics Manual and relevant donor requirements;
  2. Prepare electronic and hardcopy procurement files for each RFQ (Request for quotations) and ensure that all relevant paperwork is filed, original and scanned copies, as per SENED procurement Manual and internal audit requirements;
  3. Process the assigned RFQs according to the SENED Logistics Manual/Procurement Chart procedures;
  4. Analyse the specification of the supplies, works or services required and source potential, reliable suppliers who can meet these specifications;
  5. Prepare Request for quotation (RFQ) to obtain quotations/bids as per the required process (single/negotiated/sealed/tender);
  6. Ensure that all suppliers have Anti-Terrorist Checks (ATC) completed, according to the procurement process
  7. Complete Bid Analyses (BA) for review by the Supply chain Coordinator and arrange the necessary signatures for approval from budget holders and the finance department;
  8. Raise Purchase Orders to place the order with the chosen supplier and follow up on the status of the goods delivery to the required location, as per the RFQ;
  9. Ensure that all chosen suppliers are registered on the SENED Vendor list and update where necessary;
  10. Ensure that Goods received note (GRN) are prepared for all deliveries and attached to the procurement file;
  11. Complete all financial paperwork, obtain the necessary signatures for approval, and ensure payment to the supplier is affected.

Stock and Asset Management:

  1. Ensure that all stock management procedures in the office are effectively followed in compliance with the SENED Logistics Manual and relevant donor requirements;
  2. Set up and maintain stock cards for all inventory stored in the office;
  3. Report to the Supply chain coordinator on inventory levels in the office;
  4. Prepare that Goods received note (GRN) for all goods received into office inventory;
  5. Prepare Goods Delivery Note for all goods dispatched from the office;
  6. Label any newly purchased or donated assets, as instructed by the SUPPLY CHAIN COORDINATOR;
  7. Ensure that staff complete Loss and Damage reports for any assets lost or damaged and liaise with SUPPLY CHAIN COORDINATOR for repair or disposal;
  8. Ensure all assets disposal from the office is correct and compliant with SENED Logistics Manual procedures with regards to asset disposal;
  9. Maintain up-to-date and accurate asset records to ensure the accurate and current location of all and any assets and
  10. Maintain the records keeping and procedures for assets issued to SENED personnel.

Premises and Compound Management:

  1. Monitor and replenish stock levels for all office stationeries and consumables;
  2. Ensure that SENED premises are well maintained and that all utilities are effectively managed;
  3. Ensure that SENED office is clean and neat, supervise cleaners in their daily duties, and address any issues that may arise;
  4. Monitor the conditions of premises and raise requests for repair and maintenance when required; and
  5. Report any security concerns relating to the office and ensure the SUPPLY CHAIN COORDINATOR/FLM and C&T Manager are promptly informed of all relevant security information.

Transport Management:

  1. Monitor hire car contracts and monitor the performance of driver, advise SUPPLY CHAIN COORDINATOR of renewal in advance;
  2. Complete monthly fleet reports for SENED vehicles and submit them to SUPPLY CHAIN COORDINATOR by the due date;
  3. Manage SENED drivers, coordinating their allocation, dealing with any issues and monitoring their performance; and
  4. Ensure that all SENED Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) regarding safety, security and transportation are implemented and adhered to by hired drivers.

Other Duties:

  1. Fulfil SENED reporting requirements:
  2. Any other duties, as directed by the SUPPLY CHAIN COORDINATOR, within the scope of work.

Requirements: Essential

  1. A bachelor’s degree in business administration or any relevant field
  2. At least 4 years of experience in the humanitarian sector.
  3. At least 3 years of relevant work experience in procurement, logistics, warehouse, and office administration.
  4. Ability to understand and implement organisational and donor policies;
  5. Strong computer skills in Microsoft packages, including Excel, Word, and Outlook (particular emphasis on Excel);
  6. Ability to manage and prioritise a varied workload in a rapidly changing work environment;
  7. Flexible approach to work and willingness to take on extra duties, work additional hours or work on weekends as required;
  8. Good communication and social skills.
  9. Technical knowledge in Humanitarian Logistics (e.g. ICT, mechanics, construction, electricity, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, or others).
  10. Excellent attention to detail and problem-solving skills.
  11. Fluent in both Turkish and English languages, speaking and writing; Arabic is an advantage

General terms and conditions


Disabled beneficiaries, children and vulnerable adults must be safeguarded to the maximum possible extent from deliberate or inadvertent actions and failings that place them at risk of abuse, sexual exploitation, injury and any other harm. One of the ways that SENED shows this ongoing commitment to safeguarding is to include rigorous background and reference checks in the selection process for all candidates.


SENED is committed to creating a genuinely inclusive, effective, and representative organizational culture, encouraging employee equity and diversity, and eliminating discrimination. Having a diverse profile of employees, different age groups, backgrounds, cultures, etc., including various experiences and capabilities, helps us understand, represent, and serve children better. Therefore, all qualified applicants will receive equal consideration for employment regardless of race, religion, gender, disability, or age.


If needed, SENED will submit a work permit application for the selected candidate after the job offer is accepted. Failure to provide the required documents or rejection of a work permit application by the Government of Türkiye will result in rescinding the employment offer.

This Job Description only serves as a guide for the position available. SENED reserves the right to change this document. Any published closing dates are estimated. Due to the nature of SENED’s work, we aim to fill vacancies as quickly as possible. This means we will close adverts as soon as we have found the right candidate, which may be before the published closing date. We would therefore advise interested applicants to apply as early as possible.

SENED Organization does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process. | SENED Kuruluşu işe alım sürecinin hiçbir adımında ücret talep etmemektedir.

How to apply

Interested candidates may please send their resumes with the cover letter and fill out the application link.

The application deadline is the 5th of Feb 2023.

Deadline: 5 Feb 2024

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