Solutions Designer


Solutions DesignerSkills:��� Create Service Design Package (SDP) document for new or complex business requirements in order to develop service solution for the business service.��� Provide a consensus based enterprise solution that is scalable, adaptable and in synchronization with ever changing business needs��� Ensure projects do not duplicate functionality or diverge from each other and business and ICT strategies��� Promote shared infrastructure and applications to reduce costs and improve information flows.��� Use established techniques as directed to model simple subject areas with clearly-defined boundaries. May assist in more complex modelling activities��� Develop models with input from subject matter experts and communicates the results back to them for review and confirmation��� Define scope and business priorities for small-scale changes and may assist in larger scale scoping exercises��� Elicit and discover requirements from operational management and other stakeholders��� Select appropriate techniques for the elicitation of detailed requirements taking into account the nature of the required changes, established practice and the characteristics and culture of those providing the requirements��� Specify and document business requirements as directed, ensuring traceability back to source��� Analyze business processes for adherence to business objectives and for consistency, challenging positively as appropriate��� Identify alternative solutions, assesses feasibility, and recommends new approaches��� Contribute to evaluating the factors which must be addressed in the change program��� Help establish requirements for the implementation of changes in the business process��� Design, model, test, and implement business process models��� Design and create business process classification frameworks with various levels of detail and levels of decomposition��� Take responsibility for investigative work to determine requirements and specify effective business processes, through improvements in information systems, data management, practices, procedures, organization and equipment��� Work with stakeholders to prioritize requirementsCertification & Experience:��� BPM Certification��� Analysis & Design Certification��� Minimum 5 years experience of processing modeling using BPMN and UML��� Minimum 5 years experience of designing solutions on either .Net and/or OracleTo Apply: Fill in the Application form (download form HERE ) and send it to [email protected]

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