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Short-Term Consultancy on Digital Monitoring & Evaluation and GIS – Local Recruitment (Country Office appointment)

World Bank

1. Background: Operational Context in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States (FCS)

Fragility, Conflict, and Violence (FCV) impact the lives of over a quarter of the world’s population. Fragility, violent conflict and poverty are undoubtedly interlinked, as large-scale violence can significantly hamper development and destabilize countries and entire regions. About 60 percent of the world’s extreme poor are expected to live in FCV contexts by 2030. Addressing the challenge of FCV and reaching the affected populations is therefore a strategic priority for the World Bank Group (WBG) and a necessity for achieving the twin goals of eradicating extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity.

Limited access in FCV contexts inhibits the World Bank from serving some of the people most in need. Fragility and violent conflict do not only lead to destruction, displacement, and deprivation, but also often result in access constraints on the ground, for security-related and logistical reasons. The lack of physical access and insights into specific dynamics and needs in FCV contexts inhibits operational engagement, precisely in some of the areas where development interventions are most urgently needed. This can limit the WBG’s ability to effectively deliver on its significant IDA-18 commitments in fragile contexts to reach the populations most in need, and thus, to effectively address poverty and marginalization.

To reach the most vulnerable, we need to get eyes on the ground where we cannot always have feet on the ground. The Geo-Enabling methodology for Monitoring and Supervision (GEMS) has been developed in response to this demand, with the aim to provide project teams, client agencies, and partner organizations with timely access to invaluable field information from areas that cannot be regularly visited. This agenda was integrated in the IDA 19 FCS policy Commitments as well as an operationalization measure in the recently adopted World Bank Group FCV Strategy.

2. ICT for Operational Effectiveness in FCV contexts and the GEMS Initiative

Development Objective: The GEMS method enables project teams to use open-source tools for in-field collection of structured digital data that automatically feeds into a centralized M&E system. The integrated data can include any kind of indicators, based on tailor-made forms; photos, audio, videos; time and date stamps; and GPS coordinates that allow for automated geo-mapping of the information. Using these tools systematically allows operations to enhance the transparency and accuracy of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and increase the accountability of third-party monitoring (TPM). Moreover, the GEMS method provides WBG Global Practices (GPs) and Country Management Units (CMUs) with a platform for remote supervision, real-time safeguards monitoring, and portfolio mapping for coordination across projects and partners.

Focus of the GEMS method: The core of the GEMS methodology is an interactive face-to-face or online training with 2 main aims:

  • Building M&E capacity among government agencies, WBG Task Teams, and Country Teams to use the GEMS methodology independently and sustainably, customized to their specific project needs.
  • Implementing the method systematically across the portfolio, to allow for real-time supervision and coordination of operations via a centralized platform that puts all field data on an interactive map.

3. Objective and Scope of Work: Leveraging ICT to Enhance M&E, Supervision, and Citizen Engagement

The FCV Group is looking to hire a short-term consultant (STC) to support the local GEMS consultant. The consultant will be based in Kinshasa, DRC, with possibility of remote work. She/He will be fully embedded in the GEMS team within the World Bank’s Fragility, Conflict, and Violence Group. The consultant will work under the guidance of the local GEMS consultant, the GEMS TTL, and the FCV Coordinator in close coordination with the corresponding Country Office/CMU.

The consultancy’s focus will be to support the implementation of the GEMS method across the WBG portfolio for operational supervision, safeguards monitoring, and project mapping, primarily for DRC (80%) with some remote support for Burundi (20%). In this regard, the consultant will provide direct support to Project Implementation Units (PIUs) and address potential bottlenecks for data collection and analysis under the guidance of the FCV Country Coordinator and the GEMS TTL.

As required, the consultant will contribute to the regular follow-up engagement and client technical support. This may include delivering GEMS capacity-building training to PIUs, WBG project task teams, safeguards, procurement specialists, and select partners.

The consultant is expected to also support the GEMS team in various tasks on a need-basis, including developing geospatial products as requested by the CMU and the clients, supporting GEMS engagement across different sectors, translating manuals and presentations in French, and other technical and administrative tasks.

4. Deliverables

The selected STC will be responsible for the following main deliverables:

  • Support the administration of the CMU’s project supervision system based on a KoBo Toolbox platform. Help curate portfolio mapping databases to ensure and control quality.
  • Help deliver technical capacity-building training to project task teams, client Project Implementation Units, and select partners.
  • Support the production of maps, dashboards, and geospatial analysis to respond to client’s specific requests.
  • Support the sustainable application of the GEMS method across operations and ensure that gradually all projects are integrated into the system.
  • Help identify bottlenecks related to GEMS implementation and directly work with PIUs and the Country Offices/CMUs to address the underlying issues.
  • Help digitize questionnaires to implement the GEMS method for safeguards monitoring and remote project supervision.
  • Regularly record statistical data on training participants and trained/supported projects, as well as information on project-specific use cases in a provided centralized database. Recordings are expected immediately after any training and provided project support.
  • Update the abovementioned database on a regular basis, at least bi-weekly.
  • Prepare a monthly briefing note on the GEMS implementation throughout the country’s portfolio.

5. Selection Criteria

The ideal candidate will have a primary expertise in M&E, FCV, GIS, ICT and digital data collection systems as well as familiarities with the World Bank operations, policies and procedures. S/he will have a good understanding of ways in which technology can be applied to monitor projects and other dynamics on the ground and will meet the following selection criteria:

  • Fluency in French mandatory, enabling the consultant to conduct interactive technical trainings and to produce high-quality written outputs in French.
  • Proficiency or Fluency in English is preferred.
  • Master’s degree or PhD in either (i) engineering, geography, or computer science; or (ii) economics, development studies, international relations, public policy or a related field. In both cases, specific experience in using ICT to boost development effectiveness will be crucial.
  • At least 3 years of experience in issues related to M&E, ICT, geospatial analysis or development/humanitarian work, with a clear demonstration of the ability to apply technologies to solve the challenges of development/humanitarian interventions.
  • Proven experience in using mobile data collection tools, such as KoBoToolbox, ONA, SurveySolutions, SurveyCTO, etc.
  • Knowledge of M&E systems preferred**,** especially as they apply to fragile contexts, demonstrated through field experience.
  • Knowledge of Bank operational policies and business practices is a plus
  • Advanced GIS skills and proven experience with geospatial data and analysis (through ArcMap, QGIS, R, and/or Python)
  • Experience working with household survey/census/ firm data is a plus.
  • Knowledge of data analysis programs such as R, SPSS, Stata or Phyton is a plus.
  • Demonstrated initiative, innovation and drive for results including ability to undertake a diversity of tasks within a rapidly changing and demanding environment on short deadlines.
  • Excellent communication skills, with diplomacy and with an ability to adapt to an audience that is operational, but not necessarily knowledgeable of ICT issues.
  • Advanced skills in MS office applications, in particular Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Excellent workflow management skills and a proactive attitude.

6. Administrative Arrangements

The selected consultant will be contracted by the FCV Group for a period of 100 days, at a fee to be negotiated with the supervisor. The Consultant will report to the FCV Coordinator based in Kinshasa, DRC and closely collaborate with the CMU. S/he will work under the additional guidance of the local GEMS consultant and a GEMS TTL based in Washington, DC. The Consultant might also work with the Geospatial Operational Support Team (GOST) based in Washington DC, and with other relevant teams, as needed.

The contract will comprise the Fiscal Year 2023 (until June 30, 2023), with the option of extension, based on performance and demand. The consultant will be based in Kinshasa, DRC, with possibility of remote work. She/He can be expected to travel within the country and to other countries in Africa, in particular Burundi.

How to apply

To apply, interested candidates should send their resumes and a one-page motivation letter to [email protected] . The subject line of the email should be “Application for GEMS Junior Position in DRC”. Only successful candidates will be contacted.

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