Short-term Consultancy for the Danish Refugee Council Afghanistan Country Programme

Danish Refugee Council

Protection Specialist (Psychosocial support): Short-term Consultancy for the Danish Refugee Council Afghanistan Country Programme

DRC is looking for experienced consultants to lead on the development of DRC Afghanistan’s PSS strategy, standard operating procedures, and relevant materials required for the implementation of PSS activities across DRC’s areas of operations. The selected Protection Specialist (PSS) will also provide tailored trainings to field teams to prepare them for the implementation of PSS activities, in line with the newly developed SOPs and PSS curricula.

The Protection Specialist (PSS) will be required to assess the operational context to ensure that the PSS programme and operational tools developed are relevant to the needs of target communities, fit for purpose, and ultimately able to support the implementation of activities that are high quality and deliver positive change for affected populations in Afghanistan.

The role holder will further support with building the capacity of DRC protection teams to deliver appropriate and high-quality PSS activities. This will include an assessment of current capacity, development of SOPs and PSS materials, and the delivery of tailored trainings for protection staff. The trainings and other capacity building sessions to be delivered to the field-level protection teams need to be practical and tailored to the needs and capacity of DRC teams. The objective of the trainings is to ensure immediate implementation of the knowledge and skills acquired in ongoing programme activities.

The consultant can implement the required service either in person or through a mix of in person and remote modality, where the preparations and development of the SOPs and materials can take place remotely while the trainings need to happen in person in Kabul.

DRC Afghanistan will facilitate maximum 1 month visa for consultants residing outside of Afghanistan. In person services are preferred and qualified candidates from within Afghanistan will be prioritized. Consultants working outside Afghanistan can opt for a mixed modality for which part of the agreed terms of reference will be fulfilled remotely and travel in country will be facilitated for the maximum duration of 1 month for final in-person consultations and the delivery of trainings to programme teams. During the time in Afghanistan, DRC will facilitate accommodation in standard DRC premises, transportation and other amenities normally provided to DRC staff. The cost of transportation in and out of Kabul is not covered by DRC and should be included in the price quotation for the service. Selected consultants travelling in country from abroad should also ensure appropriate insurance coverage throughout the duration of their stay in Afghanistan.


The objectives of the consultancy are the following:

  • Assessment of operational context

    • The selected Protection Specialist (PSS) should analyse the operational context and conduct key informants interview with DRC staff and other protection actors (including protection cluster and MHPSS working group) in Afghanistan to determine the best approaches to be implemented and current opportunities and gaps in the response
    • The selected Protection Specialist (PSS) can also guide field teams in community consultations and data collection exercises to gather community’s feedback and other information required for the development of SOPs and tools that meet affected populations’ needs and preferences[1]
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures

    • In close consultation with the Protection Coordinator and Protection Specialist, the selected consultant will be in charge of designing SOPs to guide the implementation of PSS activities in the field
    • SOPs need to be tailored to the context and DRC Afghanistan operational model and they should also include guidance on staffing requirements and other operational arrangements
    • The final materials need to be translated in local languages (Dari/Pashto)[2]
  • Development and review of tools and materials for the implementation of PSS activities

    • One of the key outputs for the consultancy is the finalization of PSS curricula and other materials to be used by teams for the implementation of the PSS activities. These need to be tailored to the context and age/gender appropriate. The materials can draw from existing/standard PSS curricula but they need be adjusted based on community’s and DRC staff’s feedback.
    • The selected consultant is also responsible for the design of intake forms for both individual and group counselling, monthly achievement reporting templates and to work with DRC MEAL unit for the develop a relevant monitoring framework and project activity monitoring tools.
    • The final materials need to be translated in local languages (Dari/Pashto)7
  • Delivery of trainings for DRC Afghanistan Protection staff and national partners

    • Once the SOPs and PSS materials are finalized, the selected Protection Specialist will be in charge of delivering trainings to protection staff working in the area offices
    • Training and other capacity building opportunities need to be focused on equipping field teams with the knowledge and skills to effectively integrating PSS activities in the ongoing protection programming
    • Training of trainers shall be included to ensure sustainability and capacity to continue building staff’s capacity after the end of the consultancy
    • Training materials will need to be shared with DRC Protection coordinator at the end of the consultancy and they need to be translated in local languages7
    • The training package shall include at minimum PFA (Psychological First Aid), basic counselling skills, Trauma awareness and healing, stress management, group counselling technique and skills, facilitation skills (including managing disclosure), Ethical data collection and information sharing and self-care.


By the end of the consultancy period, the selected Protection Specialist (PSS) will have to satisfactorily complete the following outputs:

  1. Finalized and approved PSS SOPs and related beneficiary assessment, tracking forms and monitoring tools. The PSS SOPs should also include recommendations on staffing structure that is in line with DRC HR structures
  2. Finalized and approved PSS curricula and needed materials (to be determined by the selected consultant based on analysis of context and best practices) in English and translated in Dari and Pashto
  3. Completion of PSS training and training of trainers for DRC Afghanistan protection staff in country office and all area offices (trainings can be organized either in the area offices or in Kabul), including completion certificate to be provided to all attendees
  4. Finalized staff training materials in English and translated in Dari and Pashto
  5. Finalized assessment and training report, including:
    1. Methodology
    2. Context analysis and rationale adopted for the tailoring of DRC PSS materials, including age and gender analysis
    3. DRC PSS strategy, including objective and modalities of implementation, in line with the context and international best practices in PSS
    4. Findings from DRC staff’s capacity assessment and recommendations on how to address gaps and build on strengths
    5. Quick overview of findings from pre-post tests
    6. Overall recommendations for DRC Protection programme

All outputs will need to be reviewed and approved by the Protection Coordinator/Head of Programme before the completion of the consultancy, to ensure the meet the needs and required standards of quality.

Consultant profile

The successful applicant will be a reputable local or international firm with demonstrable experience and access to Afghanistan, and expertise in conducting large-scale field assessments. Some of the key requirements are:


  • Advanced degree in Clinical or Counselling Psychology, Mental Health, Social work or related field.
  • Minimum of 5 years of progressively responsible professional experience in a similar capacity
  • Proven hands-on practical experience in unstructured/structured PSS intervention packages in humanitarian settings
  • Proven capacity to train, supervise, and coach staff in PSS technical skills and coordination, based on evidence-based approaches and intervention packages
  • Sound knowledge of IASC MHPSS guidelines, MH Action plan, IASC MHPSS M&E Framework, human rights, and protection in humanitarian contexts.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work within different cultural environments.
  • Excellent English written and verbal communication and reporting skills.
  • Commitment to DRC Code of Conduct and Safeguarding policy
  • Willingness to travel to Kabul to conduct in person trainings


  • Academic background and/or professional experience in the provision of child and adolescent PSS services.
  • Experience working with IDPs, refugees and vulnerable communities from diverse cultures and nationalities.
  • Certified training and practical experience in the provision of evidence-based, low-intensity psychological interventions (ex. PM+, SH+, IPT etc.)
  • Understanding of the Afghan context
  • Experience with DRC Protection programmes
  • Fluency in Dari/Pashto

Application process:

  1. DRC Annexes: Supplier Registration form, Supplier Code of Conduct, and General Condition of Contract.
  2. A CV demonstrating relevant experience to the project (with phone number and email address)
  3. Sample of comparable work (both research and training materials)
  4. Detailed budget covering all fees and expenses, which details costs required for each component of the assessment and deliverables
  5. At least 3 references related to relevant work previously conducted (with phone number and email address)

Following initial assessment of submitted documents, shortlisted consultants will be invited to an oral interview where candidates will be requested to provide a short presentation (10-15 minutes) explaining the proposed workplan, methodology for delivery and relevant work experience. The assessment of the submitted CVs, samples of comparable work, and oral presentation will represent the basis for the technical assessment and selection of the Protection Specialist (PSS).

Commitment to principled service delivery

In light of the current context in Afghanistan and the sensitivity of the matter treated under this consultancy, the selected consultant shall commit to the following the following principles throughout the entire duration of the engagement with DRC and with regards to the use of the materials collected during the service after the end of the work:

  1. Do no harm
  2. Free prior informed consent
  3. Informant confidentiality
  4. Protection of information
  5. Non-discrimination and respect
  6. Ethical data collection
  7. Holistic participation
  8. Collaborative learning
  9. Cultural sensitivity

[1] Individuals facing heightened protection risks and vulnerability that may be identified as a result of this process can be directly assisted through DRC ongoing protection programme or referred to relevant partners

[2] DRC can facilitate the link with a translation company, if needed. However, the cost of translation should be included in the overall quotation for the service.

How to apply

For Applying

please visit below link and submit your Proposal along with other required documents to [email protected],

for any question related to the service please reach out to : Afghanistan Procurement [email protected] before closing date and time.


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