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Senior Environmental, Social and Climate (ESC) Analyst

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Idmibok International

The ESC analyst will be responsible for evaluating social, environmental and climate impacts associated with Project implementation and produce an Environmental, Social and Climate Impact Report (“Environmental, Social and Climate Impact Report”) that shall inventory social, environmental and climate-related impacts, risks, and potential off-sets (benefits) of Project implementation (development of UAV hubs in Nigeria and Ghana to support B2G public health activities, as well as expand offerings to other sectors and scale the clientele to include the private sector and consumers- B2B and B2C). The ESC Impact Report will serve as a precursor for meeting statutory or investor requirements for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) or similar works. The ESC analyst will also support the hiring of contractors credentialed in accordance with local regulations to perform the Environmental Impact Assessment in Ghana and/or Nigeria, and supervise the EIA implementation.


  1. Conduct qualitative and quantitative estimates of anticipated impact on the environment and climate of constructing Project-recommended Hubs, and a discussion of potential mitigation strategies.
  2. Carry out qualitative estimates of environmental and/or climate off-sets associated with replacing traditional road/rail/maritime transport with UAV logistics.
  3. Provide recommendations for reducing, managing and/or monitoring environmental risks or impacts throughout the Project lifecycle.
  4. Provide a baseline description of environment and climate conditions at each potential Hub site, including references to available data to be used for baseline assessments and ongoing monitoring and evaluation of impacts.
  5. Outline estimated costs and operational considerations required to mitigate or manage environmental/climate risks at each Hub site, and impacts to the Project.
  6. Develop requirements, recommendations, and timing for any subsequent EIAs or ESIAs to be performed to meet requirements or expectations of local, State, or Federal regulatory authorities, investors, or other stakeholders.
  7. Outline Current climate conditions and projections specific to each potential Project facility location, as produced by a recognized third-party.
  8. Outline potential climate risks, vulnerabilities, and opportunities associated with implementation of each potential Project facility.
  9. Outline current and future climate risks and their influence on investments or operations of each potential Project facility.
  10. Outline potential technical, social, economic, and political climate risks associated with each potential Project facility.
  11. Provide recommendations on how to reduce, manage, or mitigate climate-related impacts or risks at each potential Project facility.
  12. Outline vulnerabilities to extreme climate-related events, with discission of how climate risk and extreme weather have been considered for each potential Project facility.
  13. Outline the local adaptive capacity (institutional readiness) of relevant host country organizations, communities, and/or the Client to bolster local adaptive capacity to climate-related risks at each potential Project facility.
  14. Conduct further study or additional analysis required to accurately gauge climate-related impacts or risks at each potential Project facility, with actionable recommendations on the timing and actors that could potentially complete such studies.


  1. At least 5 years of experience in conducting environmental impact assessments, as well as larger environmental, social and climate assessments in emerging markets.
  2. Knowledge of the UAV space in Africa would be ideal. However, knowledge of the UAV space in emerging markets is suitable.
  3. Experience in liaising with government and private sector stakeholders in emerging markets.
  4. Experience conducting environmental, social and climate assessments within periods or locations of uncertainty (eg. countries with debt default, countries with upcoming elections, etc)

How to apply

Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV and daily rate in USD to: [email protected] using “Senior Environmental, Social and Climate Analyst” as the subject of the email.

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