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About SyriaDev

The Syria Development Centre is an enterprise founded and run by Syrians, for Syria. As refugees, migrants, and dual nationals in world-leading academic centres and corporations we founded this centre to take an active role in development, as it happens in Syria. Our dedication to the country brought us together to provide our services as Syria transitions along the humanitarian-development-peace nexus. Non-governmental actors, public decision makers, and business leaders, continuously need to be well informed of the reality of the risks facing their interventions, through the stages of planning, design, implementation, and assessment. In one of the most challenging contexts in the world, limited access, quality, and availability of data impedes development initiatives of all scales. We provide our services to change this reality.

Project Title:

Upskilling and Future-proofing human resources for health, and enhancing health governance, for Universal health coverage and better-Quality care.

Project Context:

The UFUQ project aims to strengthen the Syrian healthcare system by improving the management and harmonisation of human resources for health actors (HRH). It focuses on enhancing the business capacity of key actors and other HRH stakeholders and establishing income generation initiatives within the Upskilling and Future-proofing Healthcare institutions.

The successful candidate for the Research Specialist role in the UFUQ Project will require the following skills, experience and qualifications:


  • Implement and deliver assigned research projects efficiently, promoting the application of standardised and approved techniques.
  • Regularly liaise with team members, ensuring conducive work relationships and encouraging collective problem-solving.
  • Diligently work towards achieving relevant research goals and strictly abide by project timelines.
  • Contribute to research design and planning.
  • Deliver research training for data collectors to cover research methodologies, ethical considerations, project-specific protocols, data collection tools, quality control measures, cultural sensitivity and communication, and project reporting to ensure effective contribution to the UFUQ Project and partners as required.
  • Compile research data, ensuring relevant database management and analysis.
  • Provide sound contributions to the writing and disseminating of research outputs and project reports.
  • Collaborate with other project teams in knowledge sharing and briefing on project progress when necessary.


  • A Hold a research-based Master’s degree in relevant fields such as Public Health, Epidemiology, Public Policy, or related disciplines.
  • Proven track record in successful delivery of research projects with at least two year-experience in qualitative research
  • Evidence of having at least one publication in a peer-reviewed journal.
  • Proficiency in both English and Arabic is mandatory for effective communication within the multi-lingual environment of the project.
  • The position is based in Turkey, and the candidate must have unrestricted ability to travel within Syria, subject to the project’s requirements.

Terms and Conditions:

SyriaDev staff must adhere to the Global Standards for Professional Conduct. These include Integrity, Service, Accountability, and Equality. In accordance with these values, SyriaDev operates and carries out policies on Beneficiary Protection from Exploitation and Abuse, Child Safeguarding.

SyriaDev provides equal opportunities to candidates regardless of their origin, nationality, race, gender, regional, physical, or mental ability, ethnicity, and nationality, validating them to be a better organization. This vision aims to integrate equal treatment and opportunities among females and men in all HR processes and policies within the organization.

SyriaDev is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive, respectful, and safe work environment where all persons are treated fairly, with dignity and respect. In keeping with our core values of Integrity, Service, Accountability, and Equality, SyriaDev strives to maintain a work environment built on mutual respect in which all individuals treat each other professionally, and free of bias, prejudice, and harassment. SyriaDev expressly prohibits and will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or bullying of SyriaDev Persons in any work setting. All SyriaDev staff, wherever they are located, are accountable for creating an environment free of discrimination, harassment, bullying, and retaliation.

SyriaDev Personnel is expected to respect the local culture and SyriaDev policies, procedures, and values at all times. SyriaDev has zero-tolerance for sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse, human trafficking, child abuse, and exploitation. Any violations of these principles and policies will be treated as serious misconduct. SyriaDev is an Equal Opportunity Employer regardless of background.

SyriaDev has the right to check the background of the candidates to ensure their commitment to our values, and policies.

How to apply

Prospective candidates are invited to submit their applications via the link by the end of the day on 13-02-2024, no later than 20:00, according to Istanbul time.

Please note that SyriaDev exclusively considers complete applications submitted through the application form following the provided instructions.

Only shortlisted candidates will receive further communication.

Phases of acceptance:

  1. Mastering basic questions and meeting all job requirements
  2. Mastering interview questions and discussions
  3. Upon successfully passing the interview, the candidate will be given a couple of tasks to complete within very tight timeline.
  4. Upon passing, the candidate will have a two-week intensive induction that include readings and follow up sessions about institutional development. The aim is to make sure that all potential candidates have the basic terms and concepts that will be built on during the project.

Deadline: 13-Feb-24

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