Regional Response Project Co-ordinator – Ukraine

Hope and Homes for Children

Since 1994, Hope and Homes for Children has been working to stop the institutionalisation of children. We’re 250 people, in ten countries, inspiring organisations, including the UN, EU and governments around the world, to close the doors of orphanages forever. Instead, we fight for every child to feel the love and belonging of a safe family home.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, our teams in Ukraine, Moldova and Romania have been working to avert a child protection crisis, meeting short-term needs of vulnerable children and families to mitigate the worst impacts of the war, especially those which could lead to more children being placed into institutions or which place those already in institutions at further risk.

We are also developing our longer-term plans. Before the escalation of violence in Ukraine, an estimated 100,000 children were warehoused in 700 orphanages. Shockingly, 92% of these children are not orphans, but have been driven into the system by poverty, disability, an orphanage economy and a lack of systemic safeguarding mechanisms and family strengthening services. We are there building a plan, based on our mission and core competencies, which is focussed on developing and implementing both prevention and alternative care services that can be integrated into the wider emergency response in a way that lays the foundations for a new national family-based protection and care system. This also requires significant enhancement of our local capacity in systems and processes in areas such as safeguarding, monitoring and evaluation, advocacy and security.

As our Regional Response Project Co-ordinator for the Ukraine crisis, you will be responsible for working with local and central teams to co-ordinate the development and monitoring of our regional response plan, and for developing and orchestrating the delivery and sharing of relevant, timely, curated information to meet the needs of all parts of the organisation. You will be the lynchpin between our country and central teams, facilitating seamless, integrated working.

You will be highly collaborative, adept at building effective working relationships and with experience of complex project co-ordination and knowledge management. An excellent communicator, you will also have a good eye for detail and an ability to deliver to high standards under time pressure.

How to apply

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