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Recovery Resource Mobilization Project Management Consultant

International Federation of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies

Since the escalation of the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine in February 2022, the Ukraine Red Cross Society (URCS) has benefitted from an unprecedented level of international funding to support its work in humanitarian response, community public health and social service, and development needs. However, though the conflict continues to claim lives and block millions of replaced persons from returning home, donor fatigue and competing emergencies are taking an enormous toll on the availability of humanitarian funding.

At the same time, financing plans for the recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine are already moving forward, with tens of billions pledged from various donors. Parts of this funding may be addressed to civil society, but it is expected that most will be directed towards national and local authorities of Ukraine. This could be an opportunity for URCS to extend its cooperation with the relevant authorities, advocate for a focus on the needs of the most vulnerable, and obtain support for its role in reconstruction projects (such as building repairs), in promoting the physical and mental recovery of affected persons, and in the long-term restoration of basic services at the community level (either through direct support or as a “sub-contractor” to the authorities).

This consultancy is designed to support the URCS and its partners in the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) network to plan and organize their approach to mobilizing recovery funding for relevant activities of the URCS.

It is expected that the consultant will be based in Ukraine or able to undertake frequent travel to the country.

Project objectives

The primary objective of this consultancy is to support URCS to mobilize recovery funding for relevant URCS projects in Ukraine. Working with relevant stakeholders and under the direction of the URCS leadership this post will support the development of analysis, strategy, messages and proposals. It will assist URCS in relationship-building with key ministries on this issue, and coordinate the activities of external experts and Movement partners working in support of URCS fundraising.

Desired outcomes

  • Effective project management for the URCS’s development of strategies, plans analysis and proposals to resource recovery funding
  • Effective coordination and mobilization of URCS partners in the IFRC network to support its efforts and their own fundraising efforts on its behalf

Consultancy outputs

  • Support for coordination efforts to engage URCS partners, including IFRC and partner National Societies, to foster collaboration and ensure a unified approach towards recovery funding initiatives.
  • Serve as the secretary and organizer of the in-country project RC/RC steering committee, the wider advisory committee, and a task force of URCS and partner staff willing to work directly on RM projects.
  • Analytical reports on developments related to recovery finance in Ukraine, including the positioning of donors and the Government of Ukraine.
  • Development of government and private business partnerships in Ukraine with the aim to facilitate opportunities for RM for URCS and RCRC Movement in Ukraine
  • Oversight of relevant needs assessment data development and analysis
  • Drafting of an overall recovery RM strategy and action plan articulating URCS vision of recovery needs in Ukraine, drawing on inputs from relevant URCS departments, branches and interested Movement partners.
  • Drafting of a strategic stakeholder engagement plan to connect the URCS recovery strategy with relevant ministries/offices in the Ukraine government and build key partnerships with them, in coordination with relevant departments of URCS.
  • Coordination and drafting support for project proposals for recovery and reconstruction in Ukraine

Required background and experience

  • Fluency in both Ukrainian and English
  • Proven experience in complex project management, involving multiple internal and external stakeholders.
  • Successful record in resource mobilisation projects concerning governmental and intergovernmental donors, preferably in the area of recovery
  • A developed network of relevant senior contacts in the Government of Ukraine in sectors related to recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine
  • Negotiation experience with high level stakeholders
  • Proficiency in data analysis

Preferred background and experience

  • Knowledge of public and private proposal/procurement processes and ability to draft and review project and bid documents.
  • Experience delivering programmes from the likes of the EBRD (EBRD), World Bank, national governments in eastern Europe, the European Investment Bank (EIB), British International Investments and the UK Department for Business & Trade.
  • Knowledge of the humanitarian sector
  • Experience in successful proposals for recovery finance and/or experience managing such proposals by a donor agency
  • Thorough understanding and expertise in EU funding opportunities, as well as knowledge of EU proposal requirements, standards, and criteria.
  • Experience managing EU Framework Contracts.

The Consultancy will require full-time work of up to 15 working days per month from the period of 1 March 2024 to 31 August 2024, for a total of 90 days.

Consultant workplans, working days and deliverables will be agreed on a monthly basis. The contract is subject to extension by agreement of the parties.

How to apply

Please send your application via the IFRC Fednet link below:


Deadline: 20-Feb-24

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