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MENTOR Initiative

The MENTOR Initiative is the world’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to the control of malaria and other vector borne diseases in emergency settings, operating across countries in west, central, and eastern Africa and the Middle East. The organization directly delivers large scale disease control interventions to the most vulnerable communities caught up in emergencies, and in parallel, also works to build the technical and operational capacity of local and international partners on the ground, to incorporate medium- and long-term disease control systems into their operations and country strategy.

The MENTOR Initiative is looking for a highly motivated, dynamic, and skilled person as Project Coordinator for a Global Fund project.

Job requirements:

– At least 4 years of experiences as project coordination in emergency settings, including direct experience of security management

– Familiar with NGO working environments and standard procedures

– Familiar with donors procedures

– Solid prior experience working in complicated security contexts will be an advantage

– Language: Fluent in English and French

– Organized and good coordination / project management skills

Excellent communication skills

– Proven capacity to train others

Main Responsibilities

  • Provide leadership supervision to the programme implementation and ensures that the program is implemented in accordance with the action plan and achieves the set objectives.
  • Ensure that action plans for activities are prepared to enable effective and efficient operations in the field.
  • Coordinate activities and maintains good communication between the Project Team and the Core Team of the Ministry of Public Health.
  • Coordinate, monitor and assess needs within the framework of the program.
  • Provide comprehensive training to project staff and the core team of the health regions as well as those of the health districts in the program area.
  • Ensure the quality of case management related to malaria, HIV and TB in health facilities
  • Guarantee that all scheduled meetings, supervision, and training are completed on time and that reports of these activities are available, validated, and archived.
  • Organizes monthly follow-up of activities with the project team

Data Management

▪ Ensures that Health Facilities and CHWs data are collected and correctly entered by data clerk.

▪ Carry out effective first analysis and review of data to identify areas in need of correction before to send them TPC.

▪ Participate in the analysis of data from the health information system. It ensures the collection and regular analysis (monthly) of epidemiological data.

▪ Prepare, organize all the monitoring related to the project in connection with the coordination and participate in the organized monitoring meetings.

▪ In collaboration with the MEAL coordinator, ensure data entry in the monitoring system by supervising nurses and communities in charge of data entry.

▪ Contribute to the implementation of the operational action plan of the health areas, based on, amongst other, actual data and trends.

▪ Participate in ready service support activities.

▪ Ensure the quality of the supervision adapted and executed by the medical supervisors.

▪ Based on the log frame, ensure monitoring and analysis of the health situation in the health districts

Referral services

▪ In collaboration with the TPC, set up required mechanisms to ensure efficient referral mechanisms and to facilitate the physical transport of patients referred by CHWs to the main referral service, according to need (health facility or district hospital). This includes filling in of referral documents to allow for efficient caretaking at referral level, tracing of referred patients and justifiable payment of motor-taxis and hospital ambulance.

▪ Organise for the participation of health facilities staff and/or district medical officer in supervisory visits of the MENTOR supported CHWs network.

▪ Organise for regular internal and external technical meetings to coordinate and follow up on efficiency of referral mechanisms.


▪ In close collaboration with the TPC ensures that prevention activities (IEC and LLIN distribution) are fully integrated, using the MENTOR IEC approach, into the support to health facilities and CHWs.

▪ Assist the TPC and the Logistic Coordinator with the mapping, preparation and implementation of LLIN distribution campaigns. 14

▪ In close collaboration with the TPC, organises Mass Drug Administration campaigns across the areas you cover.

▪ Assist the Country Director and TPC in implementing in the area of work, all procedures and tools related to Safeguarding / PSEAH (Protection of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment).

Reporting / Proposal writing

▪ Prepare monthly reports on the progress in health facility support activities and relevant indicators for MENTOR line management and the National Health authorities. This includes timely provision and entry of monthly data.

▪ As required, advise and assist the TPC when drafting donor proposals. ▪ Assist the TPC with technical aspects of writing donor reports so that these are prepared and submitted in a timely manner, as per the grant agreements.

▪ Participate in the elaboration of regular internal situation reports (‘sitreps’) for subjects related to your responsibilities.

Operational and Programme support

• With support from the Logistics project manager, the Finance project manager, ensure that the MENTOR base operates on the basis of MENTOR’s existing procedures.

• Assist the Finance project manager with the proper implementation of MENTOR finance field systems to ensure that timely and accurate financial reporting is sent to the team as required as well as oversee adequate cash flow and regular follow up on budget expenditure and planning.

• Oversee that standard MENTOR administrative procedures and forms are adhered to and used for regular administrative matters. This includes, as per requirements, the drafting of MoUs (approved by the Programme Manager and signed by the Country Director) with relevant local authorities as well as with partner’s organization.

• In close collaboration with the Logistics Coordinator and the Country Director, ensure proper implementation of logistics procedures for warehousing and asset management, fleet and fuel management, communications systems and maintenance, local procurement and overall program logistics support for program activities.

• With the support from the Finance Coordinator and the Country Director, ensure that Human Resources management systems for the MENTOR programme are adhered to through transparent recruitment procedures and guidelines, respect of internal rules and regulations, respect of national labour law.

• Ensure that the MENTOR Code of Conduct and Safeguarding/PSEAH (Protection of sexual exploitation, sexual abuse and sexual harassment) guidelines are adhered to by all team members at all times and regular training takes place to ensure that all employees fully understand the level of behaviour expected of them.

• Assist the Country Director in implementing in the area of work, all procedures and tools related to Safeguarding / PSEAH (Protection of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment).

Security Management

• In collaboration with the Country Director and Logistics Coordinator, maintain security at the base, including developing a context-specific security plan for the base.

• Ensure the overall security management in the designated area.

• Ensure effective networking and regular information collection on the situation in the areas under his/her responsibility.

• Oversee that security related logistical support for the programmes is functional. All deficiencies must be reported immediately to the Security Focal point and the Country Director. • Provide security updates in a timely manner to the Country Director and provide input to the MENTOR Initiative security guidelines as requested by the Country Director and/or the Security Focal point.

• As per instructions from the Country Director, oversee and manage any security incidents in the areas under his/her responsibility – including evacuation or hibernation of MENTOR personnel.

• Ensure the strict respect of organisational security guidelines, plans and annexes (vehicle usage, curfew, appropriate behaviour etc.) by all MENTOR team members working in the area under his/her responsibility, and any people visiting or being hosted at the base. Any lack of respect of these rules must be reported immediately to the Country Director.

• Support regular updates of security guidelines/plans and annexes as required.

• Ensure that route assessments are written and/or reviewed within 72 hours prior to the movement of the team.

• Report any security incidents and/or issue of alerts to the Country Director and/or to the Security focal point.



• Organize weekly team meetings to follow up on programmes and establish a plan of action for the week ahead.

• Maintain good communication within the team.

• Provide regular inputs to MENTOR internal situation reports.

• Provide regular written updates on the security situation to the Country Director and the Logistic Coordinator/Security Focal Points.

• Provide regular updates on the finance/administrative part to the Finance Coordinator


• Assist the CD with field related information for external reports and/or donor proposals.

• Participate in external meetings related to general or security context.

• Ensure close collaboration with other health NGOs working in target areas.

• Ensure a transparent and efficient exchange of data, context reports etc with relevant humanitarian partners organisations, as required by the Coordination team.

• Provide support during agreed media and/or donor-related field visits as required by the TPC and/or CD.

• Represent MENTOR in technical meeting with government, NGO partners and donors.


• With support from the Country Director, the Finance Coordinator and the Logistic Coordinator, oversees the implementation and respect of all administrative, logistical and security aspects linked to a direct collaboration with partner organizations that may co habit for a certain period of time at the MENTOR field base.

• Any other duties as may be assigned by the Country Director.

Any previous experience managing projects under Global Fund grants would be an added advantage.

How to apply

To apply, please send your CV, letter of motivation and details of three referees (including your most recent employer) to: [email protected]

The MENTOR Initiative is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity at its company. We ensure the constant non-discrimination throughout our recruitment process.

The MENTOR Initiative is committed to promoting diversity and gender equality within the organisation, so we strongly encourage women to apply.

The MENTOR Initiative applies a zero-tolerance approach to sexual exploitation, abuse, mistreatment or harassment, and other types of unethical behaviour including fraud.

The MENTOR Initiative will contact previous employers of applicants to determine if they have any history of violating international standards and codes of conduct relating to such matters.

Deadline: 4 Mar 2024

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