Programme Manager Security Sector Reform/Rule of Law

United Nations Development Programme (Iraq)

At the request of the Government of Iraq (GoI), UNDP has been engaging with the Prime Minister���s Office (PMO) and the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA), to support the government���s Security and Justice Sector Reform (SJSR) efforts. On 16 July 2017 the National Security Council, formally endorsed the Security Sector Reform Programme (SSRP), supported by UNDP through technical support to ONSA and relevant GoI institutions, and a wide range of stakeholders, to ensure broad support for this long-term reform process. The overall goal of the GoI SSRP is to strengthen security and justice service delivery through better local policing and improved investigations and adjudication of complex criminal cases.
Peace, stability, accountable governance, and respect for rule of law are essential pre- requisites for sustainable development. As a necessary element for Iraqi’s long-term stability and the prevention of the recurrence of conflict, the overall programme strategy stems from the assumption that security is a pre- condition for sustainable development. Grounded on lessons learned and best practices to-date, UNDP SSR/RoL Programme therefore, focuses on the following key work strands/ pillars:
Strategic advisory, coordination and capacity development support provided to strengthen security sector governance in the implementation of the Government���s Security Sector Reform Programme. In this regard UNDP provides ongoing technical advice and assistance at the national/ policy level to foster security sector governance to a range of Iraqi interlocutors in the implementation of the GoI SSR Programme. Furthermore, UNDP also plays the lead role in SSR international partner (IP) coordination at technical level thus providing a unique planform joint collaboration between a range of IP and Iraqi interlocutors.. Law enforcement and criminal justice capacities of targeted institutions in Iraq are strengthened. UNDP works to foster Iraqi police transition from ���Green to Blue��� corresponding to Iraq���s Local Police Service Road Map and the Standard Operating Procedures for Criminal Investigations of which UNDP provided technical advice and assistance to the government in their elaboration. UNDP engagement involves the design and delivery of specialized trainings to Iraqi local police, model police station pilot initiative, strengthen justice sector capacities in investigation and adjudication of complex financial crimes, support to local CSOs and gender mainstreaming. Community security integration process (CSIP) designed and implemented to foster conditions for peaceful co-existence and resilience to violent extremism in Iraq. Since 2019, UNDP has designed and implemented two community security integration pilots (CSIP) to support the reintegration of disengaged former volunteer fighters who fought against ISIL (FVFs) to their communities, and to the economic workforce through a combined package of vocational and business development trainings, business start-up grants, mental health, and psychosocial support (MHPSS), as well as community security investment schemes to benefit communities at large. Gender mainstreaming and inclusion. Guided by the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security and the corresponding Second National Action Plan of Iraq all intervention areas of the SSR/RoL Programme
Against this backdrop of UNDP Iraq���s SSR/ RoL Programme���s expanding portfolio the Programme Manager (PM) will be responsible for the implementation and achievement of intended results/ outcomes; further development of the programme by identifying new/ innovative areas of engagement; manage and guide a large team of highly motivated and professional national and international experts/ personnel; liaison closely with key government partners at senior level while also maintaining and further strengthening these partnerships; and maintain regular coordination and liaison with key donors international partners and UNCT while also maintaining and further strengthening existing collaborations and partnerships. The PM will also provide strategic and technical advisory support and guidance to the overall programme implementation and its development on a regular basis. The PM also will contribute significantly to maintain and further strengthen UNDP Iraq���s integrated approach to programming, working closely with the Funding Facility for Stabilization (FFS) and Social Cohesion Programmes.
Provide effective leadership and management to implement the SSR/RoL Programme:
Ensure direct supervision and management of approx. 10 national and international personnel and approx. 4-5 short-term consultants. Ensure overall supervision and management of the SSR/RoL Programme personnel composed of 20 + national and international personnel including a range of short -term consultants and deployees. Manage the recruitment of new personnel to the programme in a timely manner including drafting Job Descriptions (JDs) and all related documents working closely with the HR and Operations units in the CO. Lead, plan, manage, and oversee the overall implementation of the SSR/RoL Programme including appraising programme outcomes/ performance, and timely trouble shooting. Lead and manage programme progress and financial reporting including in the drafting/ writing of quarterly and year end combined progress reports to donors and conducting annual project board meetings as guided by UNDP cooperate rules and procedures. Lead and manage regular budget monitoring as well as reporting to donors on a quarterly and annual basis while also remaining flexible to provide additional budget monitoring reports on the request of donors where necessary. Lead and manage the programme���s ROAR exercise and related tasks working closely with the CO Programme Management Support Unit (PMSU) and the Governance Pillar. Lead and manage all tasks related to review, revision and update of the programme���s project document and related documents as well as development of corresponding annual workplans and budgets. Lead and manage all procurement tasks related to the programme including drafting Terms of References (ToRs), Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs), Request for Proposals (RFPs) and all related documents working closely with the CO operations and procurement units. Lead and manage the drafting/ writing of programme related progress reports, policy briefs, monitoring and evaluation reports, assessment and research reports and position papers, and contribute substantively to the framing and conceptualizing technical content of these documents. Lead and manage the design and implementation of programme relevant research studies, assessments and surveys including identifying innovative and new approaches and new topical areas. Review and oversee the quality control of all documents and knowledge products produced by the SSR/RoL Programme for the purposes of internal and external dissemination. Lead, mentor, and guide the SSR/RoL Programme team and assist, support and motivate them in the delivery of their roles and responsibilities while also supporting their career progression through advice and guidance. Manage and oversee contractors and service providers responsible for delivering some components of programme activities (i.e., field research, infrastructure development, trainings, external evaluations etc.) and ensure they deliver on time in line with their contractual agreements with the UNDP. Any other relevant task assigned by the incumbent���s supervisor (i.e., Resident Representative)
Strategic Advice and Leadership:
Provide substantive strategic leadership to the overall programme including supervision of the overall programme and its personnel on a daily basis. Provide substantive strategic leadership in maintaining and further expanding the progrmme���s funding portfolio including identifying new donors and potential opportunities (i.e., private sector collaborations) Provide substantive strategic advice and leadership to SSR national and international partners. Provide senior level representation at SSR/RoL related meetings, seminars and conferences in Iraq and outside as guided by the UNDP Iraq Resident Representative Provide advice to the UNDP CO senior management on scaling up and new entry points to further develop the programme. Any other relevant task assigned by the incumbent���s supervisor (i.e., Resident Representative)
Partnerships and resource mobilization
Lead and manage partnerships with UNDP SSR/ RoL Programme���s donors and government interlocutors and maintain regular liaison with them for the successful implementation of all programme interventions. Lead in managing and further strengthening relations with the programme���s key government interlocutors/ entities/ agencies including identifying and developing partnerships with new government stakeholders and ensure that the programme stays on course to support GoI priorities. Lead in managing and further strengthening relations with the programme���s key donors including identifying and developing partnerships with new donors (including the private sector) to expand programme���s donor portfolio in support of achieving its intended results. Lead and manage exploring new resource mobilization opportunities including undertaking regular donor mapping of the SSR/RoL sector and related fields. Lead and manage drafting/ writing project proposals in pursuit of successful donor liaison to expand programme���s resources and donor portfolio. Represent UNDP SSR/RoL Programme at donor and government partner meetings as guided by the UNDP Resident Representative. Maintain overall oversight and management of the UNDP SSR/RoL programme partnerships with government interlocutors at national and local levels, donors, national and international civil society, think tanks and academia and ensure timely trouble shooting where necessary. Lead and manage programme���s visibility including in developing/ writing communication products to enhance programme activity visibility working closely with the CO Communications unit. Any other relevant task assigned by the incumbent���s supervisor (i.e., Resident Representative)
SSR International Partner Coordination
Ensure timely and effective coordination and regular information sharing with national and international stakeholders/ actors active in promoting and supporting security and justice sector reform efforts in Iraq, and act as the lead point of contact from UNDP SSR/RoL Programme. Lead, manage and oversee the establishment and implementation of the proposed SSR Funding Facility in partnership with a range of Iraqi and international stakeholders. Lead, manage and oversee the timely and effective facilitation and delivery of a range of SSR international partner coordination meetings/ forums that are led by UNDP in collaboration with relevant national/ international interlocutors. Any other relevant task assigned by the incumbent���s supervisor (i.e., Resident Representative)
Expected Results:
The PM is expected to provide overall leadership, management. oversight, and substantive technical support / advice and assistance to the overall implementation and further development of the UNDP Iraq SSR/ RoL Programme. The PM is expected to lead and manage as well as further the trust and confidence of, and collaborative partnerships with key government stakeholders by providing highly professional technical advice and assistance at strategic level. The PM is expected to promote and incorporate international best practices on security and justice sector governance, SSR, and institutional development in all programme interventions to foster improved governance and service delivery. The PM is expected to ensure the successful management of the programme���s expansion/ growth particularly in the areas of resource mobilization, and identifying new entry points and opportunities. The PM is expected to provide robust leadership and management to achieve programme���s intended objectives and goals as well as meet donor and government partner commitments in full compliance with UNDP corporate guidelines.
Core Competencies
Ability to make new and useful ideas work
Ability to persuade others to follow
People Management
Ability to improve performance and satisfaction
Ability to listen, adapt, persuade, and transform
Ability to get things done while exercising good judgement
Technical / Functional Competencies
Strategic Planning
Ability to make decisions that align with strategy, vision, and mission
Results-Based Programme Development and Management
Ability to assess project performance to identify success factors and incorporate best practices into project work & monitors specific stages of projects/programme implementation.
Job Knowledge/Technical Expertise
Ability to understand and apply fundamental concepts and principles of democratic governance and have knowledge of organizational policies and procedures.
Plans and produces quality results to meet established goals and generates innovative, practical solutions to challenging situation
Judgement & Decision-making
Ability to identify key issues in a complex situation and practices informed decision making.
Teamwork and Teambuilding skills
Ability to work effectively with diverse groups of professionals towards common goals. Participates effectively in a team-based, information-sharing environment, collaborating and cooperating with others and responds flexibly & positively to change through active involvement.
Planning and Organizing:
Ability to plans and prioritizes work activities to meet organizational goals, organizes and oversees work processes efficiently to achieve quality results.
Resource Mobilization
Lead on the relationship with donors to ensure sustainable resource pipeline to achieve project results.
Building Strategic Partnerships
Ability to build networks, having strong problem-solving and negotiation skills, and the ability to communicate in a diverse environment.
Strategic Relationships
Ability to engage with sensitivity, strategic foresight, and political acumen in situations involving multiple especially political – actors and stakeholders.
Client Orientation:
Ability to identify client���s needs, understanding of client���s perspective and offer appropriate solutions, establish, and maintain productive partnerships with clients and keep them informed of problems or delays in the provision of services. Works towards creating an enabling environment for a smooth relationship between the clients and service provider.
Knowledge Management
Promotes a learning environment in the office and facilitates development of individual and team competencies and empower staff to address their development needs and promotes an open atmosphere of mutual feedback and support.
Promoting Organizational Change and Development:
Provides counseling and coaching to colleagues who are dealing with change Assists in the development of policies, communications, and change strategies and performs appropriate work analysis and assists in redesign to establish clear standards for implementation.
Displays gender sensitivity and promotes gender equality in all aspects of work; Knowledge of systems for gender mainstreaming and ability to apply to strategic and/or practical situation.
Advanced university degree (Master���s Degree) or equivalent in law, international relations, political science, or related field.
Minimum of 10 years of progressive experience in security sector reform and rule of law technical fields combined with demonstrated programme management and strong communication skills, of which at least 7 years at the international level. Proven professional track record in SSR/RoL multi-year programme design, implementation, and management with hands on field experience is essential. Experience in providing policy and strategic level technical advice and assistance on SSR/RoL issues to governments at a senior level in a multi-lateral setting is highly desirable. Proven experience in resource mobilization, managing multiple substantiative grants and donors is essential. Proven capacity to engage with national and international stakeholders at a senior level with strong liaison capacities and experience. Experience of working in a post- conflict context is required. Experience in the Middle East Region is highly desirable. Field experience in complex environments supporting SSR, police reforms and/ or justice reforms is highly desirable. Hands on experience in piloting new approaches to foster community security and or/ P/CVE at local level is desirable. Excellent writing and analytical skills including in writing reports, position papers and policy briefs are essential.
Language Requirements
Proficiency in English (spoken and written) is essential. Arabic language proficiency is an advantage.
Uses Information Technology effectively as a tool and resource. Proficiency in MS Office, Excel, Word and standard organizational IT based tools.
Candidates selected pursuant to this vacancy may be subject to UNDP���s policy on Probation upon assignment.

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