Program Coordinator – Education

Ataa Humanitarian Relief Association

The Program Coordınator oversees project implementation, ensuring alignment with community needs and donor requirements. He/She develop plans, manage budgets, and lead teams effectively. Responsibilities include communication with partners, risk management, documentation, and reporting.

General Work Experience:

3 years in humanitarian organizations.

3 years in the same field.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Managing projects within the program, supervising and following up to achieve effective and responsible management of the program and specific projects.
  • Preparing and setting program/project plans (detailed implementation plan, procurement plan, human resources plan, spending plan…etc.) in coordination with the program manager and officials.
  • Ensure effective implementation of the program/projects, which achieves and meets contractual obligations including all partner/donor policies, procedures, rules and regulations.
  • Ensure that the program and its implementation are consistent with the needs of the community and the beneficiary.
  • Ensure program implementation with adequate quality based on relevant standards such as Sphere, CHS, CaLP…etc.
  • Managing project budgets and understanding financial reports.
  • Manage the team effectively and distribute tasks fairly and clearly.
  • Ensure proper documentation and compilation of program/project data.
  • Maintain appropriate communication with the partner and donor.
  • Exchange information and represent Ataa Association with donors, core and sub-sector groups, other NGOs and coordination structures.
  • Ensure risks are appropriately managed, including financial, safety, security, programmatic and reputational risks.
  • Ensure that all internal and external narrative and programmatic reports (weekly, monthly, interim and final) are submitted within agreed time frames to relevant stakeholders in coordination with the program manager and officials.
  • Effectively attending coordination body meetings, reviewing the organization’s work outputs, and preparing letters explaining the gaps related to response and advocacy to fill the gaps.
  • Preparing success stories and lessons learned related to the project response.
  • Managing the project closure file, including: delivering activities and final reports, managing the resource transfer file at the end of the project, managing surpluses or deficits in budgets, and transferring human resources to new projects.
  • Building the technical and administrative capacity of field project teams regarding program interventions and activities.
  • Carrying out the performance evaluation of employees working on projects at the level of Turkey and Syria according to the models approved by the association.
  • Attend trainings specified by the program/programs director regarding the tasks and nature of the program.
  • Providing technical and administrative support to subordinates and supervising the distribution of tasks clearly and fairly, with continuous motivation to carry out tasks as effectively as possible.
  • Providing presentations and reports that reflect the activities and achievements of the program internally and externally.
  • Representing Ataa Association before donors, beneficiaries, and others outside the association (upon request).
  • Performing field tasks required by the position.
  • Travel to follow up on requirements and attend external meetings upon request.
  • Attending periodic meetings with the direct manager, subordinates and relevant colleagues to discuss and talk about the latest updates.
  • Performing basic administrative tasks, which are carried out in cooperation with the Human Resources Department, such as: the process of building the job description and updating it periodically, the performance evaluation process, follow up on attendance, recruitment process in the directorate/department, support coordination with the Human Resources Department for points that concern employees and motivate the team to adhere to them.
  • Adhere to all policies and regulations of the association, such as child protection policy, discrimination, abuse and harassment policy, employee handbook, code of conduct, conflict of interest policy, and embezzlement policy.
  • Full commitment to the safeguarding policies and procedures of the Ataa Association, including the policy of protection from sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment, the child safeguarding policy, and striving to ensure the safety of beneficiaries, including children, both psychologically and physically in all projects, offices and facilities of the association. And trying to create a safe and supportive environment for beneficiaries through full implementation of the aforementioned policies and their annexes.

Qualifications and education requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or equivalent. Or a university degree in the program specialty.
  • It is also preferable to have a project management certificate.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • effective communication
  • High skills in managing humanitarian projects.
  • Priority management and time management
  • Negotiating and solving problems
  • Decision making
  • Ability to interact with others and presentation skills
  • Distance working
  • data analysis
  • Preparing reports
  • MS project
  • Computer skills including Microsoft Office and Google Apps

How to apply

please apply via

Deadline: 23-Feb-24

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