Planning Coordinator

Job Code: 082/002/350

Location: Dubai

Salary: AED 8,000 – 10,000

Industry: Automotive Suppliers

Job Responsibilities:

– Manage monthly demand forecast.

– Place order to supplier, monitor and control movement of stock to maintain minimum levels.

– Liaison with supplier and Sales department.

– Cooperate with logistic department to tract the lead time and goods from supplier, provide on time delivery to customers and avoid back orders.

– Monitor customer sales & forecast trend, set-up, maintain, review date and provide strong support to analyze market trend.

– Make yearly procurement plan based on the sales trend, forecast and sales plan.

– Manage special product project, provide immediate price, order, delivery, information to sales department, and take control of sales procedure.

– Ensure reliable forecast, planning date by validating the sales, stock history and by maintaining master date.

– Be flexible and able to accomplish temporary assignment from management.

Job Requirements:

– Minimum of 2 years’ experience in sales, marketing, logistic field, sales administration, coordinator, stock management, etc. are preferred.

– Strong advance skill of Microsoft Office Excel, Word, PowerPoint, especially Excel.

– Strong numeric and mathematical sense.

– Strong written and communication skills in English.

– Process oriented & have excellent problem solving & analytical skills.

– Strong capabilities to maintain big date and work with multi-tasks.

– Innovative, sense of planning, monitoring, forecasting.

– Enable to communicate with multinational customers and group companies.

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