Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

We are looking for experienced Physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians (Physiatrist). The hospital is dedicated to providing top-quality care to patients of all ages. The ideal candidate should have 3 or more years of experience.

Responsibilities include:
Performs all duties in an effective and professional manner ensuring patient safety and satisfaction.
Perform appropriate and comprehensive evaluations using accepted protocols.
Follow departmental policies and procedures in terms of maintaining an accurate record of patients’ attendance, frequency, and content of notes.
Use selected measurement procedures, such as joint ROM tests, manual muscle tests, and functional and coordination tests.
Identify treatment goals, and establish an appropriate treatment program.
Apply supportive and assistive devices accurately and in such a manner as to avoid possible harm to the patient or damage to the equipment.
Involve the patient and/or family in the treatment goal setting, obtaining their consent and understanding.
Apply appropriate modalities, at correct dosages, and to the correct length and intensity, as deemed necessary by initial and ongoing patient evaluation.
Assist in clerical duties with the Physical Therapy Department.
Attend and participate in Director’s meetings and other hospital meetings and committees.
Working Time is Full Time. Salary is AED 25K TO AED 90K (GP, Specialist, Consultant)

Benefits are Good Monthly Salary + Incentives + Standard family benefits like accommodation, Air ticket, Medical insurance, Education allowance.

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