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he Syrian crisis is the greatest humanitarian crisis of the last 20 years. According to the latest UN figures (HNO 2023), about 15.3 million people are currently affected by the crisis in Syria, including about 2,1 million IDPs living in last-resort IDP sites, while over 5 million Syrians have sought refuge in neighbouring countries or in Europe. The current humanitarian response only provides a patchy and partial coverage of the growing humanitarian needs. Twelve years after the beginning of the crisis, the number of injured persons in Syria keeps rising, with a severe lack of healthcare in many areas. In large areas of the country, the local economy is in bad shape, local populations and IDPs are in need of livelihoods assistance.


The Co-coordinator will carry out the following 6 core functions as per WoS Mine Action AoR functions:

Joint strategic planning and prioritization for the WoS Mine Action AoR response:

  1. Facilitate contributions to the Humanitarian Programme Cycle process and products:
    • Contribute to Harmonize needs assessment processes, tools and standards and indicators across response areas to inform the HNO.
    • Contribute to the WoS ISG by ensuring that deliverables represent the views of the sector coordinators, who in turn represent the views of their sector partners, of the response areas.
    • Contribute to MA AoR IM response monitoring, reporting and contributions to HPC processes.
  2. WoS Mine Action AoR policy positions and harmonized advocacy efforts including guiding principles on critical issues affecting all response areas:
    • Lead the development of the annual advocacy agenda 2023/2024 for Mine Action in Whole of Syria within the MA AoR through a consultative process.
    • Develop a strategy and mechanism to implement the Mine Action advocacy agenda.
    • Provide leadership and support advocacy efforts of Mine Action in conjunction with the MA AoR coordinator, other UN agencies, and MA AoR members/partners.
    • Identify fora/meetings at national and international level to speak about protection of civilians/ MA/Explosive Ordnance contamination.
    • Representing the MA AoR along with / or instead of the MA AoR coordinator with donors/potential, UNSC State Members, Global Protection cluster Advocacy meetings, conferences dedicated to Protection of Civilians.
    • Ensure the analysis and widespread reporting of casualty information, including for MRE prioritization.
    • Guide the MA AoR members/partners in the collection, analysis and use of sex and age dis-aggregated data, and the inclusion of disability data collection.
  3. Syria HI Programme communication
    • Utilize internal and external communication platforms including social media channels to build broader awareness of the Program’s activities, lessons learned, and results. Assist with editing, layout, design, and formatting of deliverables and project communications materials
    • In collaboration with the Senior MEAL Officer, Communication & Reporting Officer supports production and development of IEC materials, MEAL materials (fact sheets, infographics etc) and any other relevant documents (guidelines, policies, tool kits etc.)
  4. Supporting effective inter-response area operational planning and response:
    • Facilitate proactive information-sharing across sectors (at WoS-level) to enable effective inter-sector cross-response area coordination.
    • Highlight information on needs, gaps and capacity to support effective inter-response area operational planning and their related responses.
  5. Enhance Mine Action mainstreaming in the cross-response areas and cross-sector information sharing: – Facilitate proactive information sharing across response areas and sectors that can be linked with Mine Action.
    • Facilitate discussion of information gaps and propose products/ processes to address these gaps.
    • Analyze lessons learned/ best practices of implementation approaches on Mine Action AoR with/within other sectors and ensure cross-fertilization.
  6. Representation of the AoR:
    • WoS AoR Coordinator and Co-Coordinator are both able to represent the views of the sector. Official representation will ideally be conducted jointly as a priority, or otherwise with prior notice and transparency. All external messaging will be based on agreed upon WoS Mine Action AoR positions, in a manner that is neutral, without preference to any single agency’s position, or any specific location/area of Syria. The Sector Co-coordinator will work impartially with all members of the Sector/Cluster/Working Groups, and serve and represent these groups as a whole. Mine Action AoR Co-coordinator will work closely notably with the CLA, WoS Sector Coordinator, OCHA Regional Office for the Syria Crisis, and donors as and when requested to do so with the CLA coordination acting similarly.

Advanced University Degree (master or Equivalent) in social or political science, law, public administration, international relations, conflict studies or relevant field.

Minimum 5 years of professional experience in the field related to the position (Advocacy, Humanitarian Mine action).

Working knowledge of Information Management System for Mine Action (IMSMA).

Experience with partnership management and in donor reporting

Excellent English writing skills, Arabic and Turkish language are a plus

t HI, the conditions offered are up to your commitment and adapted to the context of your mission. https://hi.org/en/join-the-team

12 months international contract starting from July 2023

The international contract provides social cover adapted to your situation:

Unemployment insurance benefits for EU nationals

Pension scheme

Medical coverage with 50% of employee contribution

Repatriation insurance paid by HI

Salary from 2757€ gross/month upon experience

Perdiem: 693,22 net/month – paid in the field

Paid leaves: 25 days per year;

R&R: 11 days per 12 months of contract



Payment for travel costs (air ticket & visa) and transport of your personal effects

a child allowance of 100€ per month, per child (from the second child) paid in the field

open to couples

Support travel costs (air ticket & visa) for accompanying dependent and health/ repatriation insurance if the dependent has no income/

open to families :

a child allowance of 100€ per month, per child (from the second child) paid in the field

Contribution to school registration fees for children over 3 years

Family-wide health coverage

Payment for travel costs (air ticket & visa) and transport of your personal effects

Housing: Individual taken in charge by HI

Excluding the options for locals

How to apply

sending cover letter and resume :