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Expertise France

  1. Project description

With a total population of 30.4 million people in 2019 and more than 55% living in cities, Ghana has a dense network of urban areas mostly concentrated along the Atlantic coast and in the Ashanti Region. The country is halfway through urbanisation, and has benefited from an urban economic network more advanced than other countries in West Africa. While the first period of urbanisation has generated job creation and opportunities, improved living conditions and reduced poverty for many Ghanaians, the country now faces the challenges of economic efficiency and social inclusion within its urban areas, where globally basic services are still lacking. In addition, unplanned spatial expansion of urban and metropolitan areas and their limited connectivity within and across Ghana’s cities is a challenge, increasing social and environmental costs, unequal and inadequate access to basic services, health risks and ecological damages.

To address these challenges, an integrated programme is proposed by the European Union to meet demands in infrastructures and services by working both on the institutional and legislative framework at central level, and on the urban growth at local level.

As a second largest technical cooperation agency in Europe, Expertise France (EF) has been entrusted by the EU with the design and implementation of the “Sustainable Cities – Phase 1” project. The action proposed by Expertise France will address the need for capacity building and data collection of the Ministry of Local Government, Decentralisation and Rural Development (MLGRD); at decentralised level the action will target selected Regional Capitals – Wa, Damongo, Nalerigu, Bolgatanga, Tamale – and the secondary city of Yendi.

  1. Project Objectives

The Logistics and Security Officer is under the direct authority of the Project Manager. A close link with the security management, in particular with the regional security coordinator for the Guinean Gulf, is provided for security issues in the area.

The logistics officer mobilized full-time, will be in charge of supporting the team on all logistical tasks related to the organization of missions (mission orders, security if necessary), travel (booking of plane tickets, car rental, accommodation) and the organisation of meetings, workshops or events within the framework of the project. She will also be in charge of vehicle management and the monitoring and repair of the project fleet. She will supervise the drivers involved in the project.

The logistics officer is responsible for the implementation of a logistics support framework adapted and properly sized to the project. He is the guarantor of the application, of the respect of the policies, rules, procedures and good logistic practices, of the functions purchasing and transport. It ensures that the teams are provided with the means, resources and tools that the project needs to carry out its activities.

In the field, she manages from A to Z the logistics of an event, from its management to the supervision of the various post-event stages. It ensures the implementation and smooth running of operations while managing a dedicated budget. The logistics officer is also the technical guarantor of the smooth running of the event. He must be able to accompany the technical teams on D-Day and inform the users of the facilities in place at the reserved location. He/she is in charge of coordinating the operational implementation of the activities, coordinating the execution of the event, conducting the evaluation and writing the review of the operation.

As such, the incumbent will be responsible for:

  • Support and monitor project activities,
  • Provide technical support to the project,
  • Build capacity and capitalize,

The logistics officer contributes to the definition of the Project’s communication strategy around the elaboration of its communication plan, particularly in its financial implementation, the implementation of this plan in compliance with the schedule and budget as well as the directives of Expertise France and the EU defined in this matter.

3. Job description

The logistics officer is in charge of:


  • Oversee and ensure supply chain performance,
  • Manage fleet of vehicles, base structures (office, residence), equipment and general resources,
  • Ensure inventory management,
  • Contribute to operational security management,
  • Management of the IT equipment,
  • Human resources management (two drivers),
  • Reporting and capitalisation,
  • Strengthen fleet management and optimization (two vehicles planned),
  • Provide support to the two drivers to optimize travel,
  • Compliance on logistics procedures and fight against fraud,
  • Participate in the development and update of logistics procedures,
  • Follow up all the files related to the software domain in liaison with the administrative and financial manager,
  • Ensure the application of logistics procedures,
  • Ensure the security of goods received and stored in the Expertise France premises,
  • Assist in the logistical preparation of training sessions, seminars and workshops,
  • Assist in drafting technical specifications and terms of reference for the purchase of supplies or services,
  • Ensure storage, hygiene and cleanliness of inventory (organization, cleanliness, ventilation, absence of pests, etc.),
  • Maintain equipment inventory and prepare periodic inventory reports,
  • Prepare and deliver equipment as approved,
  • Prepare loads and transport documents (delivery slips, donation certificates, etc.),
  • Liaise with the customs declarant for customs formalities of articles,
  • Ensure the maintenance and maintenance of the telecommunications equipment set up to maintain permanent contact with all Expertise France employees,
  • Prepare and participate in certain provincial missions in technical and/or administrative support,
  • Monitor logistics in the field when required,

Security Management

  • Analyze the execution areas of the project and collect the elements necessary for the implementation of the security protocols, measures and rules of the agency in the cities of the mission,
  • Keep abreast of any changes and update the security context in the project areas,
  • Ensure that all Expertise France staff (missionaries, short-term or long-term experts, expatriate or national) follow up on the proper application of security protocols and instructions,
  • Monitor all security related files in liaison with the managers or sponsors of two projects and the head office security department,
  • Participate in the definition and regular updating of the security plan in relation to the managers and sponsors of the project and the security department at headquarters,
  • Continuously monitor in real time the situation of all Expertise France staff present and/or assigned in the cities of the mission,
  • Complete and transmit with recommendations the safety sheets and mission orders for any official travel approved in orange or red zone, to the security department at headquarters for validation,
  • Coordinate the safe movement of personnel or the transport of equipment, whether by air, road or sea (organization, monitoring, relations with local contacts),
  • Set up and manage a telecommunications system to keep in regular or permanent contact with all Expertise France staff in the cities/provinces of the mission,
  • Monitor on a daily basis the security situation in the country,
  • Prepare a regular security analysis and escalate to the managers and sponsors of the project, as well as to the head office security department,
  • Alert in real time all risks/threats, incidents to the managers and sponsors of two projects, as well as the security department at headquarters,
  • Ensure business intelligence, collect and analyze all security information from local, national and international sources,
  • Provide necessary elements for the preparation of technical reports in connection with the managers and sponsors of the project and the head office,
  • Ensure the security of the working environment of the Expertise France offices in Ghana, especially in the cities/provinces of the mission,
  • Contribute to the implementation of crisis plans in direct contact with the security department.


  • Contribute to the development of an action plan/scoreboard of all the Project’s communication activities in relation to the policies/directives of Expertise France and the European Union in this area including its budget,
  • Contribute to the implementation of the aforementioned action plan/communication dashboard in accordance with the schedule and budget defined in particular in the context of the organization of events,
  • Contribute to enhancing the activities of the Project both at the national level, and with the beneficiaries and partners of the project as well as the action of Expertise France with the contribution of the European Union,
  • Be a force for proposal/advice on communication actions adapted to the target audiences and project objectives,


  • Ensure the proper logistics of the event to be organised by mobilising the necessary human and material resources (internally and externally) in particular by identifying and managing the relations with the external service providers,
  • Propose technical support to ensure the implementation of remote sessions,
  • Launch invitations,
  • With the Activity Manager and Project Leader, carry out the planning and budget monitoring of the operation,
  • Ensure communication around the event upstream (media coverage), on D-Day and downstream,
  • Welcome the participants and coordinate the different stakeholders during the event,
  • Ensure digital channels for remote sessions are working properly,
  • If necessary, implement in situ or remote translation,
  • Conduct evaluation of events with participants,
  • Analyze the results and measure the impact of the event,
  • Capitalize on the highlights of events,
  • Promote the involvement of participants in events
  • In conjunction with the Project Leader and the Administrative and Financial Team, review the expenditure initiation

Management of premises and other equipment

  • Supervise maintenance teams,
  • Monitor the maintenance work of the agency premises,
  • Audit and maintain office equipment (including computers, printers, scanners, etc.),
  • Monitor the rehabilitation and maintenance of the structures necessary for the operation of the base: offices, living spaces, stocks, etc.
  • Participate in the implementation and monitoring of the IT network,

Monitor and renew the various necessary subscriptions (electricity, telephone, internet, etc.).

  1. Professional Experience Requirements
  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Logistics, Communication or equivalent,
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in a similar position,
  • Experience communicating on projects funded by external partners would be an asset,
  • Previous experience in team management,
  • Basic knowledge in IT management,
  • Fluency in French, written and spoken,

Human skills and knowledge

  • Proven communication skills,
  • Know the regulations regarding purchasing, transport, storage, etc.
  • Know the policies / procedures for purchasing and logistics of the funders,
  • Anticipate and organize: show foresight (establish forward plans, anticipate means of action), and organizational sense (objectives to be achieved, distribution of roles.),
  • Taste for teamwork,
  • Organizational and prioritization skills and ability to manage multiple things at the same time,
  • Availability, flexibility, autonomy,
  • Team and coordination skills, excellent interpersonal skills,
  • Strong teamwork skills, flexibility, organizational skills, responsiveness,
  • Demonstrated writing skills (reports, briefing notes, strategies, etc.),
  • Pragmatic, proven ability to produce tools and documents in a short time,
  • Excellent written and oral French skills

How to apply

To apply, please visit Expertise France website, via this link: https://www.expertisefrance.fr/en/web/guest/on-recrute#page-10539—1—logistics-and-security-officer-h-f—en_US?backlink=search

The position is open only to candidates residing in Ghana.

Please send a CV and cover letter in English.

Deadline: 29 Feb 2024

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