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JISRA Country Coordinator Position – (Joint Initiative for Strategic Religious Action also known as JISRA)

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  • Abuja Nigeria
  • TBD USD / Year
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Part 1 – Job description

  1. Main purpose of the job

The country coordinator coordinates the implementation of the JISRA country programme within Nigeria. This locally based coordinator should first and foremost represent the interest of all consortium partners equally, being gender and faith-sensitive and a promoter of inclusion. The coordinator facilitates the Advisory Body of the JISRA Nigeria governance structure, is a liaison between and secretariat to the members of the Executive Body and Supervisory Body in Nigeria, and serves as a bridge between the JISRA country level and the global level. The coordinator advises the Consortium Coordination Committee (CCC) on matters pertaining to in-country implementation of the Programme, and is in regular contact with the other Country Coordinators as well as the JISRA Global Coordinator (MM).

2. Position in organisation

  • Grade: BG 9 high (Croner 3)
  • Salary: NGN 14,694,932.00 per year (consolidated)
  • Reports to: Tearfund Nigeria Programme Director
  • Is accountable to both the JISRA Nigeria Technical Committee and Country Steering Committee/Supervisory Body being the key link between the two bodies.
  • Chairs the JISRA Nigeria Technical Committee
  • Works closely with Country Director, Tearfund Partners, and JISRA Programme Implementers in Nigeria
  • Despite being contracted by a consortium partner, the coordinator is a neutral entity and should endeavour to safeguard this neutrality actively.
  • The Consortium Coordinator should act in the best interest of all partners.

3. Tearfund’s Christian culture

We believe that prayer and discernment is fundamental to Tearfund achieving its mission of restoring relationships, ending extreme poverty and transforming lives. As a Tearfund staff member, you are expected to:-

  • Engage with Tearfund Prays and the Prayer hub
  • Lead or participate in spiritual sessions of prayer and biblical reflection within your group
  • Be committed to Tearfund’s Mission, Values and Beliefs statement and to be actively working and living in accordance with Tearfund’s Christian beliefs and theology of mission
  • Maintain your own spiritual development, discover your gifts/callings and grow in discipleship

4. Organisational requirements

  • All staff are expected to live out Tearfund’s values as they represent Tearfund externally
  • All post-holders are expected to fulfil their personal objectives set by their line manager, contribute to their team’s overall objectives, take responsibility for reviewing their ongoing personal development and maintain an awareness of Tearfund’s strategy.
  • All Tearfund staff share responsibility to promote and maintain a strong safeguarding culture, including identifying the key actions, they should take given their role and responsibilities.

5. Key Responsibilities

5.1 Programme Strategy

  • Ensure JISRA Project strategy is implemented according to the plan and budget set in the proposal, Ensure Tearfund’s purpose, values, and the programme objectives are fulfilled through JISRA Project
  • Responsible for coordination, effective implementation of key strategies and ongoing communication between the different JISRA partners.
  • Responsible for preparations and support to assure a smooth and timely carrying out of the end evaluation of the JISRA project with all partners and external stakeholders
  • Ensure donor requirements are met and that strategies are executed in line with acceptable quality standards.
  • Develop and Implement strategy to promote intra and interfaith dialogue.
  • Lead and support the development and implementation of interfaith actions basing the strategy.
  • Lead the process of transforming the work of JISRA, strategy and dialogues to become sustainable for the coming years
  • Build strong relationship with Government offices and involve the relevant government offices in dialogue (and advocacy) on key Freedom of Religion and Belief (FoRB) issues and ensure review and monitoring of policies on FoRB
  • Build up and entertain relationships with the Dutch Embassy and EU delegation in country, concerning FoRB issues
  • Contribute to Country Strategy

5.2 Capacity Building

  • Facilitate capacity building for Local Partner staff, religious actors and leaders to address the blurred distinctions between culture and religion
  • Work to strengthening the capacity of Local Partner staff, faith actors to carry out advocacy on FoRB issues
  • Facilitate the Local Partners to effectively organize dialogue for religious leaders and communities on the religious doctrines regarding women’s position
  • Facilitate the Local Partners to effectively organize dialogue for religious leaders and communities on the religious doctrines regarding Youth’s position
  • Organising linking and learning events, as well as annual reflection workshops with a wider array of stakeholders to fact-check the results/reflect on previous year and develop annual plans for the upcoming year.
  • Organize Local Partner exchange visits to learn from the JISRA work approach in different areas.
  • Facilitate learning for all JISRA partners and stakeholders on Gender, Sexual Gender Based Violence, Freedom of religion and belief, non-violence communication & intermediation, and engagement of youth and women in peace building.
  • Build partner capacity in implementing the project activities including strengthening of Grass root level Community Based Organisations (CBOs) or Faith Based Organisations (FBOs) if any faith or self-help groups (SHGs), Consolidate research findings, and lessons learned during the project implementation, and share it with Tearfund and JISRA members.
  • Facilitate participatory research to identify the root causes of religious extremism in Nigeria with a focus on historical narratives, working closely together with the external researchers
  • Facilitate participatory research and group meetings to answer the question that Nigeria chose as their learning objective for the remaining 2 years.
  • Facilitate review/development of existing and new learning materials, manuals for the different religious groups and messages at national level on religious tolerance and mutual co-existence, and addressing of harmful norms.
  • Support the collection of stories of transformation, examples of efficient interfaith dialogues and share it across members, keeping it in a shared file accessible to all.
  • Ensure the documentation and set up of a database for learning in a way that all project stakeholders and consortium members can access resources.
  • Liaises with the global PMEAL team the country level monitoring and evaluation efforts (guiding of local partners, collecting and compiling information, baseline/ midterm/ endline, completing monitoring templates); Ensure global PMEAL team provides tailor made training and handholding where required.

5.3 Project / Support function management

  • Work closely with all JISRA partners in Nigeria for the successful implementation of the JISRA programme in (activity schedules / plans) and subsequent donor reporting, in accordance with external donor requirements.
  • Collates the annual plans and budgets of the local partners and in-country consortium partners, as well as the annual financial and narrative reports, approved by the Executive and Supervisory Body.
  • Lead participatory and inclusive risk management across all JISRA partners
  • Responsible for monitoring all partner projects and ensuring they are in line with the contract agreements. Facilitate local partners in their M&E and reporting through training and coaching where necessary
  • Induct and regularly advise project and partner staff based on monitoring outcomes.
  • Provide technical advice and assistance to the implementing partner organisations
  • Ensure all partners have systems in place to measure indicators as detailed in the proposal and log-frame
  • Ensure timely submission of all reports to required standards to Tearfund and lead agency
  • Collaborate closely with Tearfund and wider consortium colleagues at global level and across countries to ensure coherence across JISRA implementation
  • When invited to join meetings live, prepare all needed documentation well in time to travel to the country issuing the invite.
  • Present at global and national level updates of the JISRA work in Nigeria, being able to focus on specifically asked topics of interest.

5.4 Team Coordination

  • Coordinate the JISRA Nigeria Consortium to ensure synergies and collaboration between local and consortium partners, weather contracted by Tearfund or by another Consortium Partner
  • Chair Technical Committee meetings and facilitate joint decision-making, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard.
  • Support the technical Committee/advisory Body to foster collaboration between partners (for example, those working in the same region, or advocating for similar issues at (sub) national level, or exchange of knowledge products, etc.
  • Contribute to create a sustainable work environment of mutual respect across partners that enables them individually and collectively to strive to achieve JISRA Programme Purpose.
  • Support the development and modelling of a team culture characterised by a shared understanding of Tearfund’s vision, JISRA programme objective, and commitment to a shared values across members
  • Contribute to developing and modelling a team culture characterised by a shared vision, commitment and mutual accountability that reflects Tearfund’s values.
  • Forge synergies between partners, particular those working on similar topics and/or similar areas
  • Ensure that global advocacy strategy is linked with local advocacy endeavours and exchange takes place
  • Dispute resolution and problem solving/crisis management;
  • Channels contacts with other Affiliated entities, like subcontractors, consortium stakeholders (transcending local partner contacts, and media platforms);
  • Keep updated Safety and Security information of the areas where Local Partners are present, and coordinate the dissemination of the information.

5.5 Corporate policy and compliance

  • Maintain appropriate compliance systems and procedures as prescribed in accordance with standard Tearfund compliance policies and donor requirements.
  • Ensure that policies, commitments regarding the safeguarding, protection of children and vulnerable adults, and the prevention of fraud and bribery are consistently applied.
  • Ensure compliance of all projects to Tearfund’s Global Process System (GPS) for the implementation of project proposals, reporting, monitoring, evaluation, audit, learning, project completion and for compliance with donor terms and conditions.

5.6 Networking and External representation

  • Build positive working relationships with project stakeholders including community leaders and members, government authorities, other related stakeholders to build local community acceptance of Tearfund.
  • Regularly contact the stakeholders, keeping them up to date on JISRA development and other FoRB related issues.
  • Build positive working relationships with Embassies and the EU delegation in country
  • Develop nurtures and manages relationships with Partners in agreement with the project framework.
  • Facilitate regular meetings between partners to ensure project activities are on track and to share learning to increase overall improvement of project implementation
  • Facilitate regular meetings with Partners, beneficiaries, and other stakeholders
  • Facilitate linkages and networks within and/or between Faith based organisations
  • Maintain constructive relationships with the relevant coordinating bodies, and represent JISRA and Tearfund at formal meetings, depending on the context.
  • Prepare and host visits by others, Tearfund staff, Special Envoy on FoRB, assuring all-important stakeholders are visited, listened to and no one is left out.
  • In conjunction with the Country Director, builds constructive relations with Partners, seeking opportunities for collaboration work in accordance with the Country Strategy and JISRA Programme.

How to apply

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Deadline: 5 Mar 2024

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