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Overview of position:
Space Research & Remote Sensing Organization (SPARRSO), the national space & remote sensing organisation of the government of Bangladesh, has taken a project to establish a polar orbiting satellite ground station which will receive real time data from earth observation free satellites. The major component of this project include procurement of a polar orbiting ground station, its installation & commissioning & also procuring supportive ICT equipment, data storage system & output devices (high resolution laser printer). SPARRSO will be responsible for the procurement process where our client will be supporting & providing advisory services only to this procurement process. Now, our client is looking for an International Expert who can support the SPARRSO mainly in the following areas:
Specification preparation.
Market research.
Tender document preparation.
Tender clarification meeting (pre bid meeting).
Technical evaluation of tenders.
Installation & commissioning support.
Oversight of training provided to SPARRSO professionals by the selected vendor.
Quality assurance.

More specifically, the experts’ assignment will be divided into the following stages:

Pre tender stage:
Undertaking a feasibility / diagnostic study for the project working closely with SPARRSO professionals to define the requirements.
Drafting technical specifications for the items to be procured in close consultation with SPARRSO professionals.
Conduct market research to determine availability, cost, lead time & after support, maintenance & training requirements.
Drafting a work plan for the project including time & cost estimates.
Determine prequalification requirements for tenderers of potential suppliers, (technical, financial & experience).
Supporting SPARRSO professionals on identifying a potential installation site, layout plan & infrastructure related requirements.
Drafting yender documents & working with SPARRSO to get the final document endorsed by SPARRSO.

Tender invitation stage:
Support SPARRSO to arrange pre tender meetings with suppliers & clarify requirements.
Support SPARRSO in responding to clarifications sought by tenderers.

Tender evaluation & contract negotiation & contract award:
Provide technical inputs / expert opinions in the tender evaluation process led by SPARRSO.
Support SPARRSO to identify the most suitable winner based on the agreed criteria & notify the awardee.
Support SPARRSO in conducting contract negotiations with the selected evaluated tenderer on technical & financial issues to the extent permissible under the PPR 2008.
Report on general findings & recommendations from the solicitation process.
Support SPARRSO in awarding the contract to the finally selected tenderer subject to successful negotiation.

Post award stage:
Support SPARRSO in developing quality assurance guidelines that will guide the receipt of goods & installation of products.
Support SPARRSO to check & verify that the products delivered are in compliance with the award document and the developed quality assurance guidelines.
Support SPARRSO to ensure that the products are stored in the appropriate way until the installation site & related infrastructure is ready & the installation starts.

Installation, commissioning & capacity building:
Support SPARRSO to oversee the vendor’s installation & commissioning of the ground station & all its accessories by the agreed design.
Support SPARRSO in certifying the functionality of the equipment as per agreed technical specifications.
Oversee the technical quality of capacity building training provided by the vendor for SPARRSO who will operate & be involved in the management of the ground station & other accessories.

Project reporting:
This role reports to the line manager.

Key competencies:
Masters degree or higher in a relevant field is required.
Must be fluent in English.
Must have strong & demonstrated experience as per the terms of reference,

Team management:
Strong team management experience is required for this role.

Further information:
Qualified female candidates are encouraged to apply for this role.

How to apply

Deadline: 25-Jan-24

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