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Job Profile

To be the custodian of the GPAF Integrity System, the ED being the ultimate decision maker. The IO for GPAF will not only implement the Integrity System and ensure its socialisation within the GPAF offices, the IO will also support relevant departments to help identify and mitigate operational risks that could affect the Global brand and reputation. The IO will help ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct and integrity policies and ensure that any reported integrity infringements are investigated and addressed thoroughly and timely.

One of the key functions of the IO is to support staff in understanding the principles and values that are behind our Code of Conduct so the risk of having infringements is minimised. This is why a good understanding of the GPAF realities and cultures is key. These principles and values are the same that motivate and align with the JEDIS work therefore, the IO role will always be linked to a continuous (un)learning process and ongoing self-reflection on these matters. That is what makes it so exciting and so key for the success of the Greenpeace Africa 3 year plan.

The IO should be available for any consultation on potential brand risk of our activities and / or business activities of the organisation, advise on how these should be carried out within a regulatory framework and deal with any issue raised to them, but not act as ‘police’ or ‘fish for cases’.

The IO has also the responsibility to advise the ED on potential brand risks if any are perceived or communicated to them.

Key Results Areas/Main Duties
Policy, Guidelines and Best Practice
a) Support People & Culture to implement and socialise the GP Africa Code of Conduct and Protocol for handling potential integrity violations (‘Protocol’);
b) Support People & Culture to implement and socialise the integrity policies linked to the various specialty units. That entails working with People & Culture partners and the relevant units or departments to implement or update (when needed) the integrity policies and the Protocol, based on the global model policies texts;
c) Coordinating with People & Culture to ensure continuous socialisation of the Greenpeace Africa Code of Conduct, Protocol and integrity policies, delivering (apart from the initial general training) integrity inductions to the newcomers (being staff, Board members, volunteers/activists, etc.) as well as specific training as required (depending on the office or unit needs: specific policy training, like work place harassment, sexual harassment, or general behavioural training like corageous conversations and alternative culturally appropriate ways to address uncomfortable situations, etc.);
d) Identify the risk associated with particular policy-making to draft simple structured solutions.

Team Coordination
a) The IO does not have a managerial role over the Persons of Trust (PoT) nevertheless it is their responsibility to take care, keep trained and check in on them. The same would be applicable if the office would put in place an Investigation Committee with its members. The above is without any performance review or other ‘managerial’ responsibilities;
b) Support from the integrity office where needed to people of trust on potential integrity issues.
c) The IO will support country offices to appoint PoTs and ensure there is an active PoT and keep tabs on when the role falls vacant to support in having it filled.

Manage Investigation processes
a) Receive integrity complaints and manage them through a fair and timely process, either by a dialogue-based solution or an investigation, always according to the GP Protocol; but keeping the African realities and cultures in mind
b) Coordinate with GP Africa P&C to put in place the mediation process or any other support system that parties would need as part of their integrity process.
c) Responsibility to conduct investigations on the matters that do not entail moral judgement or specific expertise and to externalise to an expert (or escalate to GPI or to the Global Integrity Community) the rest of the investigative processes.

Global Integrity Network
a) Work closely with the Global Integrity Network and the Global Integrity Community in the integrity system globally, building the capacity of the community and monitoring and reporting integrity cases;
b) Answering requests related to the potential brand risk of GP Africa activities or plans;
c) General advice to the ED on integrity related matters involving the office or the global brand;
d) If possible the IO could also assist the GPI Integrity team by ensuring that there is an International Person of Trust who has been born and raised on the African continent, preferably even a French speaker
e) Being available to work with and advise on investigation panels for the Integrity network, when able and is motivated.

Detailed Job Description

Application Deadline: 31st January 2024

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Deadline: 31 Jan 2024

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