Handicap International - Humanity & Inclusion

I. Introduction

Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is an independent, impartial, and non-profit-making international organization working alongside persons with disabilities and populations in vulnerable situations such as those in poverty, exclusion, conflict, and disaster. Founded in 1982, HI implements programs that respond to the essential needs of persons with disabilities and populations in vulnerable situations to improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.

HI operates in almost 60 countries, with the support of 8 national associations in France, Germany, Belgium, Canada, United States, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, and Switzerland. Humanity & Inclusion is the operating name of Handicap International Federation. Learn more by visiting the website at

About the project The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that in the Asia Pacific region, there are 370 million persons with disabilities, out of which about 238 million are of working age. Despite these numbers, the ILO estimates that over 80% of persons with disabilities in the region are unemployed. Through the Forward Together project, HI Philippines and Indonesia Program (now covering the Philippines only) aims to address the barriers to access that persist among persons (especially youth) with disabilities for decent and productive employment. HI will be focusing its efforts in Phase II of the Forward Together project in urban and peri-urban areas of the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

HI Philippines has continued its partnership with FWD Group and launched Phase II of the Forward Together Project, which is now renamed as Thrive Together Project (Thrive). The Thrive Together project will scale and expand successful interventions from Phase 1 to benefit a greater number of youth with disabilities and companies. The project’s second phase builds on the successes and lessons learned from its pilot phase. Over the next three years, Thrive Together will continue to scale to support 1,000 youth with disabilities and expand its geographic area of focus from the Philippines and Indonesia to include Vietnam. Concurrently, with support from FWD markets in the three countries, the project will help create increased cooperation and engagement between companies and community-based actors to facilitate more inclusive business practices.

Below provides more information about the project.

**Project Title-**Thrive Together: Empowering youth with disabilities in Asia

Duration-36 months (December 2021-November 2024)

Location-Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam

Target groups-Youth with disabilities, training centers, local government offices, organizations of persons with disabilities and community-based organizations, employers/companies

Project objectives: To improve access to employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for youth with disabilities in the three geographic target areas in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam

Expected results:

  1. Increased employability and economic empowerment of young people with disabilities
  2. Increased cooperation and engagement between companies and community-based actors in developing a skilled and diverse talent pipeline
  3. Expanded capacity of public and private sectors to employ and retain talent with disabilities

II. Objectives

Thrive Together is looking to onboard an Inclusive Employment Technical Consultant who will support the Thrive Implementing Partner (IP) in ensuring the technical quality of the project and serve as technical lead for the support to partners. As the main focal point in Indonesia, the Technical Consultant is expected to coordinate the selection of Thrive IP and support the internal and external coordination.

III. Roles and Responsibilities

Under the supervision of the HI Thrive Project Manager (PM) based in the Philippines, with validation of deliverables under the HI Inclusive Livelihoods Technical Specialist), the Inclusive Employment Technical Consultant will be responsible for the following:

1. Coordinates the selection of Thrive Implementing Partner

  • Supports in the finalization of the Terms of Reference and the selection process of Thrive Implementing Partner in Indonesia
  • Coordinates the assessment of Thrive IP’ capacities and development of capacity building action plan
  • Supports the Thrive PM in forging the Partnership Agreement with Thrive IP

2. Provides technical support to Thrive Implementing Partner

  • Supports the implementation of the capacity building action plan by organizing training sessions and on-the-job training
  • Coordinates the project kick-off in support of the Thrive IP
  • Coordinates with HI’s technical specialists to provide appropriate technical guidance and support to Thrive IP in accordance with the overall technical frameworks and standards
  • Participates in the monitoring of the technical quality of activities based on HI’s quality framework and proposes corrective measures, with guidance from HI’s technical and MEAL units
  • Facilitates the technical learning with the Thrive IP and identifies best practices and lesson learning process

3. Serves as technical lead for the support to employers and companies

  • Leads the employer mobilization strategy by developing selection/priority criteria for corporate partners, identifying and building channels for potential company partners to engage, and implementing activities to determine the final list of company partners.
  • Aligns with employers/companies and facilitates the assessment, creation of action plan, and implementation.

4. Supports internal and external coordination

  • Supports Thrive IP in coordinating with the national and local authorities, training centers, organizations of persons with disabilities and community-based organizations, employers/companies, and other key networks and stakeholders in Indonesia. Supports the Project Manager and Thrive IP in liaising with FWD Indonesia.
  • Ensures coordination and collaboration with external technical partners of the Thrive Together project teams and implementing partners in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam.
  • Participates in project coordination and steering meetings with Thrive IP and stakeholders in Indonesia and with Thrive project teams and implementing partners in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam.
  • Participates in national/international workshops and seminars related to inclusive employment, self-employment, or workplace inclusion based on project requirements and opportunities.

5. Contributes to project reporting

  • Reviews and provides feedback to the regular reports submitted by Thrive PM, in coordination with Thrive PM and the Partnerships and Finance Officer.
  • Contributes to the regular reporting of the project’s technical activities, and donor reports, in coordination with the Thrive PM and technical and MEAL units.
  • Drafts a clear work plan based on the project’s deliverables and submits accomplishment reports (monthly and upon billing).

IV. Profile sought

  • Degree in disciplines related to business and administration, organizational development, psychology, social work, and community development
  • At least 3 years of experience in inclusive employment and supported employment project implementation in urban and peri-urban settings with community/grassroots exposure and/or corporate social responsibility
  • Technical competencies in any sub-sectors related to wage employment: livelihood, social protection, accessibility, vocational training, adult education, social work, community development, and case management
  • Experience in working and collaborating with diverse employment and livelihood stakeholders, companies, government agencies, social services, and civil society organizations
  • Previous experience or exposure to projects involving persons with disabilities and youth beneficiaries Required
  • Familiarity with the national and international frameworks and technical issues surrounding employment, particularly inclusive employment, economic empowerment, and resilience
  • Promotes participation and cooperation in the economic inclusion sphere and multidisciplinary work
  • Familiarity with the network of actors, professionals, and government offices in Jakarta, Indonesia, who are mandated to provide services on employment
  • Proven ability to write solid technical reports, briefs, or other essential materials to facilitate research, best practices, policies, and procedures


  • Knowledge of national and local government policies and support systems/ services on disability and inclusive employment, including SDGs, Decent Work, and UNCRPD
  • Exposure to development and/or review of local and national value chains analysis
  • Exposure to a wide background of disabilities
  • Previous experience working with an international NGO
  • Experience in assessments, data collection, design, and implementation of wage employment projects, i.e., job analysis and vocational evaluations
  • Experience designing curriculum for wage-employment related training and capacity building activities, i.e., job readiness, labor laws, conducting interviews, and reasonable accommodation in the workplace

How to apply

Selection process Interested candidates must submit the following documents that demonstrate their qualification, experience, and suitability to undertake the consultancy. All supporting documents must be part of the detailed application package and uploaded as one document.

  1. Application/motivation letter
  2. Updated curriculum vitae (max. 3 pages)
  3. Supporting documents based on educational background and required skills and experience
  4. Proposed methodology detailing the work plan and outputs
  5. Financial quotation, indicating a daily fee (IDR) per full working day for an estimated 15 days per month for 30 months (inclusive of consultancy fee; call, text and internet allowance; and bank charges in Indonesia)**
  6. Scanned copy of valid identification card and Covid vaccination card Incomplete proposals may not be considered. All applications must be made online. Applications with complete documents should be sent via email to: [email protected].on orbefore 16th June 2022.HI keeps the right to fill the position by a qualified candidate before deadline. Kindly note that we will contact only the short-listed candidates. Applications from persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged.

**Other costs managed by HI: 1) Transportation cost outside the Greater Jakarta area, 2) state health insurance (BPJS Kesehatan), 3) bank charges from the Philippines, and 4) other operational expenses. A laptop and printer will also be provided.

Duration and timeframe The duration of the consultancy is 30 months, with estimated 15 days per month. The consultancy aims to start from June 2022 up to November 2024.

Humanity & Inclusion is an equal opportunity employer and encourages all candidates, irrespective of gender, nationality, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons with disabilities, to apply. Humanity & Inclusion has a zero-tolerance policy on sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment, abuse of authority, fraud, bribery and corruption.