ICT Specialist – Data Analysis (Retainer, multiple positions), Multiple positions

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  • Closing date: 22 Jun 2022


The UNOPS Information Technology Group (ITG) unit is focused on innovation and harnessing cutting-edge technology to deliver solutions to UNOPS that truly address business needs.

ITG’s goal is to provide greater effectiveness, efficiency, and differentiation to UNOPS products and services. UNOPS IT Group is responsible for architecting, designing, delivering, and managing all UNOPS IT infrastructure and business applications. The unit includes Enterprise Architects, Business Analysts, Solutions Designers, Developers and QA Testers from all around the world who are based primarily in Denmark and Thailand.


UNOPS is building a cadre of data specialists who can be called upon to support a variety of different data related projects. Projects could range from examining complex datasets to assessing quality and finding trends, to building reports in SQL leveraging data in BigQuery, to building a database structure for reporting and analysis, to developing a dashboard for a field office or project.

Ideal candidates are expected to demonstrate both technical expertise and business acumen. They won’t necessarily be experts in procurement, finance, HR, partnerships or project management, but they have the ability to pick up a project in any of these fields, then produce and communicate accurate, cohesive analysis and data products. They will also help to build data literacy in the organization by sharing their knowledge and expertise.

In addition to ICT Specialist – Data Analysis, UNOPS is also advertising for ICT Analysts – Data Analysis, who are expected to have slightly less experience than ICT Specialist – Data Analysis. We expect ICT Specialist – Data Analysis to be involved in more advanced projects, which may involve the conception of data initiatives through to development, implementation, training and evaluation, and managing such projects with limited direction.

This retainer position falls under the UNOPS Corporate retainer pool, which is administered by the Portfolio Support (PS) team within the Implementation Practices and Standards (IPS).

This is a home-based assignment, which may involve travel to various locations, including to remote or post-conflict environments. The functions/responsibilities/key results of this job description are generic and may not always be applicable, nor be comprehensive, for all missions under this job title. The specific tasks and deliverables for each retainer assignment) may vary and will be detailed in the terms of reference developed for each assignment by the requesting office/unit.

All retainer assignments will be handled via the UNOPS online retainer management tool , including the request for the retainer’s services and the provision of feedback for each assignment.

All UNOPS personnel are required to share a common understanding of UNOPS’ and the UN’s mandate, policies and activities. To this end, UNOPS Personnel must complete a set of mandatory courses. As a UNOPS ICA retainer, you are required to complete three (3) online courses upon signature of your contract and prior to commencing any retainer assignment related to Ethics and Integrity, the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse and Security awareness while on official mission. These courses are available for free on UNOPS learning platform and shall be completed within the first three months following the contract signature, at no cost for UNOPS.

Applicants who previously applied to VA/2022/B0009/23251 need not reapply.

***The incumbent will be offered a retainer contract, i.e. one issued for a period of time during which the services of the Individual Contractor will be required to work when and as required. There is no expectation of a minimum/maximum number of working days, and the workload will depend on the needs of HQ units and field offices that request the retainer’s services.

ICT Specialist – Data Analysis will support and lead projects to assist headquarters and field colleagues with the following functional responsibilities:

  1. Advisory and technical

    • Work with projects, programs, and/or offices to identify data analysis and visualisation needs, including as part of engagement design and project and procurement planning and implementation
    • Provide technical advice on leading practices in data collection, structuring, quality management, analysis and presentation, and their intersection with policies, processes and project implementation
    • Design, conduct, document and present analyses on complex and connected data, proposing and testing hypotheses, deriving statistics, trends and insights, and proposing improvements to policies, processes and projects
    • Conduct rigorous data quality analysis and testing of data sources and tools
    • Other related technical and analysis support as required
  2. Operations development

    • Gather and document user requirements and expectations, reporting requirements, design preferences, and quality criteria

    • Develop and implement BigQuery databases, tables and SQL queries to store, structure, compare and extract data, as well as exploiting other tools within Google Cloud Service as appropriate

    • Design processes and tools to assure ongoing quality and integrity of data

    • Lead the design, development, testing, implementation and documentation of data tools, including dashboards and reports

      1. Produce detailed concept designs and specifications for consultation and sign off, using a range of analysis and statistical techniques to provide insight into the functioning and management of a project or program
      2. Develop, test and implement, including quality assurance of the resulting tools and underlying datasources
      3. Present to project stakeholders, revising and updating as necessary based on feedback from users and stakeholders
      4. Document key decisions made in development and provide documentation to project stakeholders on how to use and maintain
    • Liaise with ITG personnel to ensure all developed tools are:

      1. compliant with UNOPS data security and governance policies
      2. consistent with UNOPS ITG standardised approaches to developing SQL queries and nomenclature
      3. professionally designed and implementing following standard UNOPS and/or project templates and branding guidance
      4. implemented in such a way that the business unit retains ownership of dashboards and data sources at the end of the assignment
  3. Capability development

    • Develop and deliver capability development programs and documentation for personnel and key users on data tools, including in their use and ongoing maintenance
    • Provide internal training as required on skills and technologies within the scope of experience of the consultant, including on dashboard development
  4. Maintenance support

    • Assist with ongoing maintenance of data tools, including updating data sources, implementing improvements and providing other ad-hoc support as required

How to apply

Apply here: https://jobs.unops.org/Pages/ViewVacancy/VADetails.aspx?id=24048