Health Practitioner / Health Visitor (Female)

Nightingale Health Services LLC

Nightingale Health Services LLC Dubai is looking for a Health Practitioner.Community Nursing Experience required.Exp: 10+ years1.��General Health��advice to families. i.e, healthy lifestyle and prevention of illness. Parenting support.2. Assessments of babies and young children when there are concerns .3. Support with postnatal depression.4. Sleep programmes for babies and toddlers.5.��Weaning��and introducing solids advice.��6. Support with children who are poor eaters .7. Advice and support with behavioral problems in young children.8. Support around growth and development.9. Liaise with other services.. ie Paediatrician, night nurses, Psychologist.10. Advice on minor illnesses, prevention of accidents etc.11.��Early Feeding support.Not required to have DHA licence.

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