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Content manager first aid materials for the Caribbean

Remote consultancy for the IFRC Global First Aid Reference Centre and the French Red Cross

Would you like to contribute to the development of first aid materials in the Caribbean? This mission is for you!

Application packages should be received no later than 11.59 PM CEST on 13th July 2023


The Caribbean is one of the regions in the world the most exposed to major natural and health risks: hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, epidemics…These risks are exacerbated by the phenomenon of climate change which modifies the intensity, unpredictability, and frequency of hazards. The geography of the Caribbean zone, marked by insularity, the isolation of communities at risk, and the fragility of infrastructures, makes emergency operations complex. Small businesses, which are an important source of employment and income for communities, are insufficiently prepared to cope with disasters. Besides, the culture of risk must be promoted in a constantly reinvented manner within populations.

About the organizations managing the project


Since 2012, the French Red Cross has been hosting the IFRC Global First Aid Reference Centre (GFARC) within the International Operations Division. The GFARC is one of the referencecenters of the InternationalFederation of Red Cross and Red Cres

cent Societies (IFRC). It contributes to building the first aid capacity of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies around the world. For more information, visit the website.


The Regional Intervention Platform for the Americas and the Caribbean is the international delegation of the French Red Cross for the Caribbean region. PIRAC has been responding to emergencies and supporting resilience-building initiatives in the Caribbean since 2005, working closely with the Red Cross volunteer and salaried networks in these territories.

By relying on the Red Cross network in the Caribbean, close to the communities and local institutions, PIRAC comes to the aid of the region’s populations in all major disasters. PIRAC also works to develop capacity-building activities to strengthen the resilience of Caribbean communities.

PIRAC has its coordination offices in Guadeloupe and has teams and emergency resources located in various French territories in the region, particularly in Martinique and Guyana, as well as in Haiti. For more information, visit the website

About the project: READY 360°

The French Red Cross launched the READY 360° program in 2023, financed by the INTERREG Caribbean program. The Ready 360° program aims to achieve 4 main objectives through the implementation of activities: (i) Strengthen regional coordination and legislative frameworks for disaster management; (ii) Prepare for, anticipate, and respond to disasters and crises with greener preparedness measures. (iii) Improving public information, awareness, and preparedness for disasters and crises; (iv) Developing technical studies and research on disaster management with experts and academics.

The READY 360 project aims at building a global and greener resilience of Caribbean territories by strengthening disaster preparedness and response capacities at all levels: from the individual and family level, the organizations and businesses level, to the regional institutional disaster risk management level. While the READY Together project led to a major enhancement in disaster preparedness of Caribbean national and regional organizations, the READY 360 project will expand this approach by positioning citizens as the first essential proximity actors for emergency response: a 360° preparation for enhanced resilience. The mechanisms of joint preparation and coordination will be amplified alongside major resilience partners in the Caribbean: French local authorities, CDEMA, OECS, the Red Cross Movement, etc. Emergency professionals, business holders, and youth will be the main targets of the project through actions of structuring regional technical cooperation, emergency pre-positioning, training, and the development of innovative educational tools. The fundamental principle of this new approach is to reduce the environmental impact of risk management practices. 6 Caribbean National Societies are involved: Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada,St-Kitts and Nevis, Ste-Lucia, St-Vincent-and-the-Grenadines.

First aid within the project READY 360°

Citizens: first actors in the response to emergencies!

The knowledge and skills in first aid are still not widely spread among the Caribbean populations. However, in case of disaster, they are on the front line to provide rescue and first aid. In this regional context where major disaster risks are high, numerous, and permanent, all Caribbean people must be trained in first aid. First aid saves lives: let’s get ready! Promoting first aid on a large scale requires an organized and innovative system adapted to the specificities of the Caribbean. Thus, a team of the IFRC Global First Aid Reference Centre dedicated to America will be based in Guadeloupe to guarantee a high quality of service and the system’s long-term sustainability. From phase 1 of the READY 360° project, a set of first aid materials will be produced.

Description of the mission

Main objective

The main purpose of the mission for the consultant will be to produce, with the Red Cross National Societies involved in the project, a set of first aid materials taking into account the Caribbean environment and including the Red Cross National Societies.

Target groups

  • Volunteers,
  • Citizens
  • Staff in companies

In summary, everyone who will be taught first aid

Expected deliverables (in English)

  • Set up an education team involving the Red Cross National Societies of the project (one or two people for each NS) with the support of the GFARC team and the PIRAC;
  • Co-management of the education team;
  • Content of the training (complete program) and manual for the public (cf. target groups mentioned above) with 15 modules;
  • The specific module of the basic first aid course needs to be defined (eg: first aid and disaster risk introduction or first aid for disabled people or water safety).

Setup of the mission

The expected consultancy work will concern the territories covered by the READY 360° project, i.e. the following 6 territories in the Caribbean zone: Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Antigua & Barbuda, Saint Vincent-&-the-Grenadines, Barbados and Grenada. However, the consultant will work remotely.


The consultant will be supported by:

  • The staff of the IFRC Global First Aid Reference Centre
  • The staff of the PIRAC

The consultant will work closely with the National Societies part of the project, the IFRC regional delegation.


The deliverables should be produced by the end of November 2023.

According to the consultant’s availability, the work can be done either full-time for a few weeks or part-time until 31st December 2023, up to 815h in total if the contract starts on June 1st until 31st December in a full-time capacity.

Responsibilities and Duties

The GFARC will

  • Provide the consultant with the necessary information and document to properly fulfill his/her missions
  • Set up different briefings and follow-up
  • Provide access to existent documents and relevant contacts within the NS

The consultant

He/she will:

  • Ensure the fulfillment of all the consultancy’s deliverables outlined in this Terms of Referby within the agreed timeframe.
  • Identify needs and gaps in the current materials for the Caribbean
  • Develop clear, easy-to-understand, and attractive headlines and body for the first aid market up
  • Set-up the education team for the Caribbean with the NS involved
  • Write the terms of reference for NS to choose their experts for the education team;
  • Brainstorm with the education team to come up with engaging ideas
  • Create, draft, and produce original content after doing a Guidelines analysis
  • Research first aid-related topics (combining online sources, interviews, and studies)
  • Check content to ensure it is free of grammatical or factual errors and follows all brand editorial guidelines for consistency
  • Proofread and edit content before publication
  • Submit work to the team in an easy-to-use manner for input and approval
  • Write clear specifications for inclusive illustrations aimed at the design company
  • Provide editorial, creative, and technical support to team members if needed
  • Prepare reports on project performance
  • Ability to travel to the Caribbean: costs for food, accommodation, and flights are at the consultancy’s expense which cost must be included in the financial proposition:

– The consultant is solely responsible for providing the material and human resources required to accomplish its mission (plane tickets, computer, insurance).

– The consultant may delegate part of the mission within his team or to an employee of his choice, but he remains the sole hierarchical and disciplinary authority over his employees.

Quality and ethical standards

The consultant should take all reasonable steps to ensure that the assignment is designed and conducted to respect and protect the rights and welfare of people and the communities of which they are members, and to ensure that the analysis is technically accurate, reliable, and legitimate. The collected data has to be safeguarded, respecting existing data security rules, to protect the rights of the individual.

Consultant Profile


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred in education sciences, teaching, public health, or related field.
  • Trainer of trainer in first aid preferred or experienced first aid trainer.
  • C1 certification completed in English
  • Additional following languages are a plus: French, and Spanish.

Required experience

  • Proven work experience as a Content Writer, Copywriter, or similar role
  • Experience doing research using multiple sources
  • Creativity and the ability to develop original content for first-aid training
  • Ability to develop content that provokes engagement and enhances learning for first aid
  • Excellent writing and editing skills in English
  • Proficient in all Microsoft Office applications
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability from July to December
  • Knowledge of the caribbean zone and the red cross movement
  • Strong leadership qualities
  • Effective communication skills

NECESSARY: The consultant shall be entitled to a legal company on its own or collective one, thus, he or she shall be able to produce a legal bill and invoice so that the French Red Cross can pay him or her. Bank transfers to personal accounts cannot be accepted.

Selection will also take into account the following application materials, as well as the immediate availability and commitment to a full-time role as a consultant.

Selection criteria

The Consultant is required to submit a technical and financial proposal which should include a detailed research methodology that proposes an action plan to achieve the Project Objectives and the Consultancy’s deliverables in accordance with the Terms of Reference.

– Quality/cost evaluation: weighting of technical score/financial score

– Suitability of the technical propose about to the terms of reference

– Quality and relevance of the portfolio to the terms of reference

– Provider’s references and professional experience in the sector and region concerned

– provider’s availability over the proposed duration

– Financial offer (calculation of the financial score in proportion to the respective amounts of the offers received)

How to apply

Interested and suitable candidates should submit an application package in English, which includes the following. Please note that any proposal, which does not contain all items, will be rejected.

  1. CV including a summary of your Experience about to the role
  2. Technical offer with a detailed description of the methodology and timetable
  3. Financial proposal, including cost breakdowns per major activity/deliverable
  4. Professional references: please provide two references from your previous clients.
  5. Signed annexes: Statement of integrity and ethic clause


Applications should be submitted to the IFRC Global First Aid Reference Centre First Aid to [email protected] CMRPS Coordinator AND [email protected] procurement officer of the PIRAC, signed and dated, with the following indication: PF267_ABY_ABY_2023_0177

Technical and financial offers must be submitted separately in protected PDF format maximum size 25Mb. Incomplete applications or those received after the above deadline will not be considered. You can combine all application materials into a single file in PDF format if you like.

TdR Consultancy and annexes

The files must be submitted to the French Red Cross before 13/07/2023 – 16:00 – Pointe à Pitre time:

To apply for this job please visit