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GBV Case Management System (CMS) Consultant

International Development Law Organization

IDLO, in close collaboration with the Federal Government of Somalia, is implementing a programme called ADR Centre Phase 2. This programme seeks to improve access to formal as well as customary and informal justice (CIJ) for all Somalis, especially women and vulnerable groups, in the targeted areas. The overall goal will be achieved through the following mutually reinforcing Intermediate Outcomes: (i) improved processes for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms in the targeted areas (Intermediate Outcome 1); and (ii) improved processes for the referral of gender-based violence (GBV) survivors and affected communities (Intermediate Outcome 2).

The Assignment

IDLO seeks a short-term Case Management Consultant with relevant qualifications and experience to review and implement an efficient ADR case management system for GBV victims and survivors to ensure accurate case registration, referral, management, and reporting among the ADR Centres in Somalia.

Period of Consultancy

The Consultant will be based in Somalia and is expected to work for 40 days.

Scope of financial Proposal and Schedule of Payments

The Consultant will be offered a lump sum fee inclusive of travel costs, accommodation and subsistence allowance during work assignment (where applicable)

Functions / Key Results Expected

Under the overall supervision of the IDLO Programme Manager and through comprehensive consultations with all relevant sectors and stakeholders, the Consultant is expected to undertake the following: –

  • Desk review of existing ADR Centres case management tools for GBV cases and referrals.
  • Interview ADR staff and relevant stakeholders (including support services currently engaged with the ADR centers) to understand the current workflow, gaps, and opportunities
  • Based on the information collected, design the structure and workflow of the case management with reference to cases concerning S/GBV and cases involving children that require referral to the formal justice system or support services:

These tools include

  1. Review and revise the GBV Referral protocols
  2. Leverage on the provisions of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for ADR Centres and the existing GBV Referral, develop a workflow applicable in the ADR Centres, including referral guidelines/forms, referral tracking system, within the case management system
  3. Develop TOR and Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) regulating the collaboration between the ADR Centres and formal institutions, as well as between the ADR Centres and relevant support services involved in the referral mechanisms defining mutual responsibilities and tasks to ensure the regular and coordinated provisions of holistic services to survivors.
  • Design and implement GBV Case Management training for ADR centers staff, covering on-the-job assessment of knowledge/practice and Case management training resources

List Deliverables

The Consultant is expected to perform all the following deliverables: The consultant is expected to prepare and submit the following:

  • Inception report within 10 days after signing the contract agreement;
  • GBV Case Management Package SOPs, tools, forms, referral SOPs, referral guidelines, draft MOUs
  • Case Management Training Toolkit contextualized training tools including tools, forms, do no harm principles, referrals guidelines/forms/). Training deliverables should cover the following:
  1. Detailed training plan (including objectives, methodology to be adopted, training modules, and schedule), to be sent in Microsoft Word format via electronic submission to the PM within five days after the signature of the agreement. The training plan should be a minimum of 3 pages max.
  2. PowerPoint presentations and training approaches for participants (i.e., case studies, group work, brainstorming, discussions, etc.) will be sent via electronic submission to the PM for review and input.
  3. Pre-/post-test evaluation form to be utilized for each training session, as well as completed pre-/post-test evaluation sheets. Completed forms are to be sent via electronic submission to the PM.
  • Weekly reports providing updates from training (such as the composition of attendees, notable discussions, or reflections) to be submitted to the PM every Monday morning. Reports will be a minimum of 2 pages and will be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word format. A sample template will be provided.
  • Report on assignment, including an analysis of consultancy achievements, pre/post evaluation results, challenges, lessons learned, and recommendations for the future. The report should be at least 20 pages long and will be submitted electronically within 15 days of the completion of activities to the PM in Microsoft Word format.

Job Requirements


To deliver these above-mentioned objectives and the associated scope of work, IDLO is searching for a candidate with the following skills and experience:

  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of Justice, Policy, and Legal Issues in Somalia IDLO and FMS MOJ operate in complex environments and deliver a diverse portfolio of projects. To deliver long-term outcomes (scale-up, replication, sustainability, etc.) and help the program develop a reputation for excellence (responsive, pioneering, professional, etc.), the successful candidate will need to demonstrate a deep conceptual understanding of Justice, Policy, and Legal Issues in Somalia.
  • Extensive experience and knowledge in policy/legal reforms. The programme closely works with the Somalia Federal government to ensure that the policy framework is conducive to the protection of the rights of vulnerable groups. The programme will also support the relevant process of policy building. The successful candidate will need to demonstrate extensive understanding, knowledge, and experience in the development/reform of legal and policy frameworks.

Candidate profile

Education and work experience

  • A degree in international development, Gender Studies, Law, social sciences or a relevant discipline.
  • At least five (5) years of relevant professional experience working in the justice sector, particularly on customary justice and/or gender
  • Experience in developing and/or managing Case Management Systems
  • Strong experience in referral systems set-up and follow-up
  • Experience working in complex and volatile contexts
  • Knowledge about own leadership skills/profile

Language Skills

  • Fluent oral and writing in English and Somali.

Specific Technical Skills and competencies

  • Excellent writing skills in English and Somali
  • Excellent knowledge of the Somali traditional justice system and ability to interact with government officials, justice stakeholders, elders, scholars, and sharia leaders.
  • Demonstrated experience in conducting pieces of training.
  • Ability to work under pressure with tight deadlines and flexibility.
  • Highly organized with the ability to work under pressure.

Terms & Conditions

All interested applicants are encouraged to apply via this website and submit a resume and cover letter. IDLO is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values diversity in all areas of its operations. We welcome and strongly encourage qualified female and diverse applicants to our positions.

Applications will be screened on a regular basis; a qualified applicant might be recruited before the deadline. In the interest of making the most effective use of resources, only the short-listed candidates will be contacted during the selection process.

How to apply

Please make sure your application is completed online on the following link to be considered for the role:

GBV Case Management System (CMS) Consultant (